False Power

That moment you feel powerless, angry, upset. It’s in that moment we decide to step into our power through reaction. I ask you though, do not step into your power. Do not “DO” anything. Instead, lean back into your power. It’s behind you – not in front of you. You don’t have to forcefully step into it. You just lean back and its been there all along, just waiting. When we step forward and try to do something, its coming from reaction. True power doesn’t derive itself from anger, hate, fury or retaliation. Blame again is a lack of power and a projection whether onto yourself or another due to a feeling of powerlessness.  If you lean back you will first feel the powerlessness, which can feel like hurt and sadness. This is the true feeling. Next you will flow right into that true power and notice a calm and stability rise up within you.

When you embody that true power, the thing that happened that makes you want to react – well most likely it will cease to exist. This is good prevention and a way to completely transmute the situation you’re in. Yes, you may want to react and retaliate or get angry because that is a better feeling than powerlessness or feeling that hurt. However, that cannot be sustained. In the end the rush will fade. You may then notice the universe brings you another situation, and another and another until you know that the lesson is to embody your true power. When you are ready to break the cycle you will relax into the true feelings, then flow into the true power. You will feel strong, yet neutral about the situation. You may feel like it doesn’t even bother you and you may not even think about it. If it involves another person, you may notice their response to you is different as well. When we have triggers, well – we’ll always find someone to push them. If you use it as an opportunity to be free, you will change your entire existence and relationships with people.

Love to you,

The True Self

There’s a place within you

It cannot be harmed, fooled, or broken

Its the part of you that rises up

as the God/Goddess

Find that place

And you’ve found Heaven.


The Calling Within

I feel there’s been a distortion in the information about the masculine and the feminine.  Many years ago we were told to balance the masculine and the feminine energies within and that it was time to bring these things back into balance so that both were equally important. I always felt very resistant about doing that, and to be honest I skipped that part in all the classes and meditations I sat in, instructing me how to balance these with each other.  I knew I wanted to bring my lost femininity out since as an engineer I lived in my masculine primarily, but I didn’t know how, and this just didn’t feel right to me. What I’ve come to know now is that its about being who you truly are that will bring the entire world into balance.

If everyone that was truly masculine could feel comfortable to be that masculine and everyone that was truly feminine could feel comfortable to be that feminine and let it shine, the world would come into balance with these energies, and the feminine that has been long buried would rise up and these energies would be in harmony. This is what we are being called to do at this time. I’ve noticed a trend with clients that have worked on equalizing their masculine and feminine within. It appears like they have become neutralized and have a tough time attracting in a partner that is to their liking and the more feminine clients feel like that part of them is lost. They miss that spice and sensuality and fire of the feminine. I say let’s toss that concept of equalizing within ourselves out the window.

Do you feel like your true nature is more masculine or feminine? Work on bringing that out. Of course we are both of these and have both already working within, but you will notice that as you allow your feminine to rise again, your masculine side will be more focused as how to operate and help you, and even the masculine ones in your life will respond to you differently, perhaps in a way that you have longed for.  Have you ever been around a man that was so masculine you instantly felt more feminine and soft?

As you embrace your true nature, you will help to allow others to embrace theirs.

If you are more masculine deep down, allow that to shine forth and step into it. This is what we are being called to do. As you step into that, you will find that you feel calm and comfortable with your femininity and that people instantly and naturally look to you for leadership and direction. I believe this is the true and natural balance our souls have been longing for.

Of course this might be easier said than done, so I have some tips coming up for you soon on how to actually do this!

Lots of Love & Blessings,



Twin Flames ~ Soul Pairs

We are coming into a new era with Twin Flames or Soul Pairs. When you think or feel into the words twin flames, there is such a charge to it and will be used less and less over the next few years. As we vibrate higher and higher in 5th dimensional consciousness, or closer to the vibration of unconditional love, the terminology twin flames will fall away and will be referred to as Soul Pairs. This holds a much softer energy and more accurately represents how it feels once you’ve been connected with your twin, after the struggles that many Lightworkers face when connecting with their  twins.

For those that are unfamiliar, a twin flame is part of your soul that was split from you as you decided to incarnate here on Earth. It is your other half, yet you are whole, just as one drop of the ocean is whole unto itself.

To be very clear, this is not a soulmate. A soulmate is someone that is a true match for you right now. This is someone you may have learned many lessons with, a relationship you’ve done a lot of growth from, and you can have many soulmates.  They may not always be lovers, but can be close friends, family, co-workers, etc. They may not stay in your life the entire time, but you tend to have a bond like no other. Many people encounter soulmates but you may not end up growing together, or at the same speed. You may feel a longing for something more, something much deeper within you. That is your longing for your twin flame. Not just anyone can fulfill that for you. You may try to find others to be with, go back to a soulmate, or find another soulmate relationship, but that emptiness tends to be still there. This is a sign you are longing for your twin. This is wonderful because you wouldn’t feel that longing unless your twin flame was out there waiting to be found or feeling something similar. However, since twin flame relationships are so much more profound and based on unconditional love, and a new way to be in relationship, its often a journey in itself to connect with your twin.

I know the term unconditional love tends to be thrown around a lot, but I want to be clear. It actually means you are vibrating at the frequency of love. A twin flame relationship will be unique and most likely will not fit into your standard relationship category. It tends not to be as easy as 1,2,3 we meet and we’re instantly together in a long-term relationship, as is the tendency with soulmate relationships in the beginning. There are actually stages and steps to go through, but I will write more about those in the future.

Since there’s a lot of confusion around this topic, as many Lightworkers know twins have been reuniting, especially these last few years, but feel like they are losing hope that it will ever happen, I’ve been compelled to share with you a few things.

95% of Lightworkers still have not fully connected with their twin nor have completed all of the stages. Many of you are still connected with soulmates, or find that you are not dating anyone as no one can really fill that void and longing that a twin flame brings up within you. While the rest of you are in the stage where one twin is “the runner”. If you are in the runner-stage and are certain this is your twin, know that you are about half-way through the process of connecting with your other half. In order for you both to fully come together and be together as twin flames there are certain things that have to be in place. Both of you need to be fully healed, fully self-loved and feel whole unto yourself, and vibrating mostly if not fully at 5th dimensional consciousness or the frequency of true unconditional love, and requires a fully healed masculine and feminine energy.

If you are one of the Lightworkers right now that have met their twins and are in the runner stage, its cause for celebration since you are vibrating mostly in the 5th dimensional frequency, as this is a process that has taken years to get to with much healing. I don’t need to tell you that, if you are a Lightworker you know how much work you’ve done to get to this place!

So what’s next?

I’m told that the area where many of us may need to look right now is at being fully self-loved and healed, as well as balancing the masculine and the feminine. This requires a different type of work and healing than most have been doing as it requires embodiment in a different way. Many of us have learned to heal through masculine energy or methods and from the mind and by changing beliefs or thoughts. The feminine way to heal is through receiving, surrender and feelings and is less action-oriented. So if you are having a desire to do so, working through these areas may help you advance to the next stage.  It’s sort of a 90 degree turn that we are asked to make at this time when I look at the shift. It’s hard to see and define since its a more feminine energy and why I’m sharing this at this time. We can only go so far with what we’ve been doing and many of us have completed our lessons and our ascension to a higher frequency through the more masculine means and methods we have learned. This is the next step and will lead you into the next stage, which allows us to let go and work through these parts that are still unhealed while giving the runner the room or space he/she needs. Following that stage is when all of this is healed and you have an outpouring of unconditional love as the ego gets dissolved. You no longer desire romantic love, you are love, followed by the last stage which is the actual reuniting of the pairs in relationship. Much love to you and your Soul Pairs!



Lemons or a phenomenal life? Nah – Something Better

What do you want your life to be like? List 10 adjectives, GO!

I did this yesterday and I could feel the energy of my life and my future instantly change. I always had a mental picture of what I’d like my life to be like, or a feeling of happiness and peace. Each day I would wait until that showed up. Would this be the day? NO. Over and over again. Then I started to look into all these different things I could do to make my life better. Meditation for inner peace. Heal my life and adjust my relationships for joy and happiness. However, these things only gave me this feeling in spurts. This is what I call the Santa Claus Syndrome (which I explain more in another post soon), which is basically when you are waiting for something you have been dreaming about show up. Its when either you are waiting for it to show up, or you are asking nicely, or even doing what you think you need to be doing for this dream to appear in your life brought to you straight from the magical universe.

One day I got sick of waiting. I started to look for other ways since the “law of attraction” or “the secret” didn’t seem to work for me and I could not figure out what I was doing wrong.

Did you know it was as easy as truly really declaring what you’d like your life to be like? I wish someone told me this years ago. I mean really being in your power and declaring what it is you will have.

At first I asked for a phenomenal life! But then I realized that the word phenomenal really had no meaning to me, it felt too light and airy and undefined. At that point I really thought about what type of life I’d like to have. Have you ever done this? Exactly what type of life would you like to have? Well the first thing I said was, I’d like an EASY life! I could feel my entire energy shift and I started to get happy – that feeling that I had been waiting for forever. I also found myself saying adventurous, amazing, fun, and so on. Try this out and see for yourself. Take the bull by the horns here!

So what’s next? Well the next thing I did was clear the energy blocking me from having this type of life. You too can ask for all the obstacles to you having that type of life to be removed for you, or you can call me and we can do a  quick 15 minute clearing.

And finally what happens is that things start to change. Yep, that easy. After I did this yesterday I felt like I “woke up”. A deeper fog had lifted. Awareness about what I needed to add to my life started to flood in, as well as I what I needed to let go of. Things changed immediately.

Its amazing how we tend to live with what life gives us, be they lemons or not. If they are lemons at best we make lemonade. Are you tired of making lemonade? Making a bad situation into a good one and learning from your lessons, or would you like to start out with something much better than life’s “lemons”?



Goddess Sojourn: Meet Your Goddess Guardian & Guide

Hi Everybody! I just wrote a guided meditation and thought I’d do a visual journey for you all. Check out my video below.