Why Visualization Doesn’t Work

Well, maybe doesn’t work is a little harsh. Why is visualization hit or miss at best? First a disclaimer: If it works for you, read no further – you are doing it in a way that works for you – feel free to email me and let me know! Okay! I’m not talking about the creative visualization we all do when we put together outfits in our minds, or figure out how to work on a project, or even when we visualize how our day is going to go. These are really task oriented and is normal and natural to visualize. What I’m talking about here is the visualization to manifest something – whether it be more money, a car, a lover, a home, etc.

A friend of mine (no its not me!) has been visualizing her future husband coming  to her for at least 7 years, perhaps more, but these are  the painful, lonely, and sometimes empowering years of single life that I can attest to. Let’s call her “Gloria” so she doesn’t kill me right after this is posted.  Lovely Gloria has been doing everything right, by the book. Visualize before bed and when you wake up, that’s when you are already in a meditative state. See him coming to you. Write down what you want in a man. Be specific, but not too specific – ever heard that one before? LOL Think about him all the time. Make space in your closet and bathroom. Wear gorgeous underwear in case you meet him on the street. Um, this last one might be from a “different” book I read. Anyway, she is doing all these things and reading the countless books to back this up. Yet, nothing, nada. She finally asked me a question one day, “Vanessa, what am I doing wrong?”. See, even though we knew each other she was really busy being hopeful and following the guidance and being virtuous and full of patience and trying to stay positive. Sound familiar?

When I began to really look at her situation, I could see each time she went in to visualize she was being an energy of “hopeful” and “eeek…maybe one day!” and “staying positive”. She was being all the wrong energies. Those are all energies of lacking. So each time she went in to visualize it was a lacking energy, and that is what she kept reaffirming. You’ve probably heard that you need to be the energy of “already having it”. So if you are already doing that, you are one step up!

Where a lot of people really get stuck with all of this though is the visualization part. See, the other twist here was she was visualizing specific scenarios happening – when that is not how this guy is going to come into her life.  What is going to work a lot better here is to “FEEL” how you will feel when this person is in your life. This feeling makes the energy more solid and then hands it off to the universe to fulfill for you, and then you can take the next steps in the physical world – such as going out more, using a dating site, etc. You are also being a strong enough vibration to attract this person, especially if you practice feeling like this more often than not. You don’t want to be worried about the how, its more about how you feel. The universe takes care of the how.

See, my friend Gloria was using more imagination and fantasy of how her partner will be and what that would be like – so it was keeping it in the energetic realm. When she brings down the feeling of actually having him it becomes more solid and real.

The other key here is that things never show up as you expect them to. They never usually look like what you had pictured in your mind. WHY? Well – if you could picture how something will show up or what they look like then you are using your psychic senses and having a psychic vision. Otherwise, you are basing it off of what you already know, which is an image of lacking that thing that you so desire. So unless its a psychic vision, the image is coming from a fantasy or an energy of lack. Neither of those two are going to help you create what you want.

So what to do? Well, go into what you want to feel like. Then if an image comes, yay! If not, continue with the feeling until its a normal part of your life. You will be surprised how the universe intends to fulfill these feelings/vibrations you are putting out there.

That’s it for now!





So here’s a little secret I’ve told no one about, not even my best friend. Every night while putting on my PJs for bed I have this little ritual. I say, “All the money that I gave out today, I call back to me 10 fold! Thank you.”

What this does energetically, aside from calling back 10x the money you gave out, is put you into a space of gratitude with the money that you spent for the day. Ever spend in one day more than than you make in a week? Know that feeling at the end of the day when you start to add up what you spent? Not good, right? This usually will put you into a space of peace and gratitude, knowing the money you gave out is going to circulate, as money was meant to do, and then make its way back to you in a greater capacity. How does it get any better than that?

When you are at peace and gratitude with money, it allows more of it to show up for you. You can think about it this way too: Would you rather go over to a friends house that had peace and gratitude for having you in their life? Or would you rather go over and spend time with the person freaking out and fixated on not having enough of you? Eeeek! Most likely the first one right?

So there you go, there’s my little nightime secret ritual. If that’s way too easy for you and you are someone that is willing to work just a bit harder for their money, there’s more you can do. You can visualize your walls, barriers, shields, moats, etc. dissolving from all around you, then visualize the energy of money (get creative here – it doesn’t have to be dollar bills – it can be a new car, a house, gold, a buried treasure! etc. anything that you consider the energy of money to be and you can change it every night) coming from the universe and into your energy, flowing to you, then through you, through every molecule, fiber and cell of your being, for a few minutes.

Super Simple. Super Easy. So DEFINITELY DON”T use this because it might work. 🙂

With Love & Gratitude,