Sea Salt

Protection Rituals: Day 5

Phew! We made it to the last day of our clearing! Wondering how you can stay clear of negativity and entities and everything else unwanted as you walk through the world and immerse yourself in all kinds of energy? Ah, super simple super easy here we come!

Take a little baggie and fill it with sea salt. Carry it with you in your pocket. Empty every 24 hours and replace salt. There you go, 24 hours of protection!

You can also take some sea salt with a little bit of water and place it in a bowl by your front door. This helps absorb energies upon arriving home.

And one last trick…You can do the same thing, sea salt and some water in a bowl near your bed or under your bed. Make sure you replace this every 24 hours as well. Also, if you tend to leave water by your bed or on your nightstand please don’t drink it in the morning, it will have absorbed all the energies floating around and cleansing from you while you sleep, and same goes if it is near your bowl of sea salt and water. Discard everything in the morning.

Hope you enjoyed the 5 Day Power Cleanse!

Love & Blessings,


Protection Rituals: Day 4

Hi! Welcome to our fourth day of cleansing. Hopefully you are already starting to feel relief, clearer and less tired. I know after that foot bath yesterday I felt so energized and sharper. Today is super simple and super easy. Take a bath with your sea salts or take a shower with your sea salt scrub. Its your choice. We are onto the maintenance portion of our cleansing and setting up a daily or weekly routine to not allow any build up of negativity in our energy. We wash away our cares, our worries and our negativity with some water and salt and feel refreshed and brand-new everyday, which is how we were truly meant to feel.

Sometimes maintenance can be difficult for us absent-minded ones. I’ve tried sea salt scrubs once a  week, but I found that I kept forgetting to use it. To combat my forgetfulness, (let’s call it “being in the moment!”), instead I got this daily exfoliating scrub with sea salts in it, but I found that yes it does take the edge off and I feel my energy is much clearer, yet I really felt like it could be better. Call me crazy for demanding my cake and eating it too, but I wanted something so easy and quick as well as the feeling of sparkling clean and clear energy too! I know I know, I’m a glutton! I work with people all day and I’m all up in their energy and things could get hairy for me in that sense. I could walk away from a session feeling totally drained or slimed. At the end of the day I want to wash it all away without having to burn sage, or use my singing bowl all the time. Sometimes I’m just lazy. There I’ve said it. I’m lazy about clearing my own energy after I’ve done it for others all day. So although these methods were working, I deeply longed for a lazy girls answer to this. Then one day, actually recently, the universe answered my silent prayers.

I actually happened across something even better (than some of my tools eeek!) that takes the slime off, the edge off, and cleanses very deeply very quickly.  All in a bar of soap. There is this Dead Sea Soap I found one day while lurking at the Vitamin Shoppe. As soon as I opened it and held it in my hand I could feel an intense clearing taking place, which totally shocked me since it seemed to work faster and better than some other things I had been using. Plus, this soap is so soft on your skin. It has all these oils in it, you wouldn’t even know you were using sea salt.  The first day I used it I could feel my inner light shining again. The second day I used it I felt totally clear on such a deep level. Now I use this every day. Sometimes I use my sea salt scrub then use this soap! If you go out and get the soap please know not its very exfoliating like sea salts normally feel, its more of a soft-clean feeling on your skin, but sparkles you up on the inside so everybody knows you’re really a glittery and magical person.  Ok I’m done raving about this soap. Wait one more. It lasts a long time too!



Protection Rituals: Day 3

Okay, you’ve made it to Day 3 when we shift our focus onto your body, your energy, your thoughts and your emotions. Did you know that entities can affect how you think and feel about yourself? They can affect your energy level and if you feel ready to get out of bed or feel suddenly in a state of lethargy.

How do you know if a negative or “dark” being is attached to you? Well, if you were feeling or doing pretty great, then suddenly  you feel very tired, lethargic, overwhelmed, foggy-headed, have a string of bad luck, you have anger or some other form of extreme emotion, or some type of physical issue has manifested. Of course this could all be related to other things, sometimes a medical issue, and this definitely isn’t a complete list of symptoms. What I’ve noticed is that during a healing session if I clear the being that is attached or following someone around these symptoms will fade or go away completely. If there is a physical concern, clearing the being will help that person heal faster whether they are using medication or some other means to help heal the physical form simultaneously.

Whether you have a concern or not, this is still a great cleanse to do regularly for preventative purposes or clear any energies around you that may be just starting to affect you. Low vibrational beings are usually around people that have emotional upsets or low energy or have spots of negativity already. This process keeps your energy strong and clear and is very simple and easy.

In this process you will be soaking your feet. You will a need a bucket filled with enough water to cover your ankles and some rock salt thrown in. If you don’t have that, sea salts are good to use, or even epsom salts will help although it may take a bit longer to clear, or you may need to repeat this process a few times.

You will need to relax, take some deep cleansing breaths and soak your feet for 15 mins. If its difficult for you to sit still, then you may want to wait to 10 mins, or if you can go longer 20 mins is great. As you are relaxing send your focus through your body and see or feel everything that is dark or negative leaving you and going into the water. Take slow relaxing breaths and then see yourself filled with light. Focus on your heart area and feel love and gratitude for the process that is taking place. You can also see or feel your aura cleansing. If you would like to meditate or have a prayer you would like to chant that would totally appropriate for this. Its up to you. The main goal is to not focus on negative thoughts, worries, concerns or be stressed during this process. The lighter and more open you are, the more negativity that can release and cleanse away with ease for you.

Oh, and you may need a nap after this. Some people spring up full of energy, others need a nap to help process the energy shift. Be gentle with yourself.

And there you have it, Day 3! Enjoy your cleansing!




Protection Rituals: Day 2

Welcome to Day 2 of our 5-Day cleanse! In Day 1 we spread an unbroken line of salt around the house. If you are in an apartment you may want to just spread a line of salt around your front door area instead.  Today we are going inside of the home and cleansing all the energy we have been absorbing in our living space. Have you ever just walked into a room and felt your mood change, or just get suddenly tired? Do some rooms feel more closed off, dark or uninviting? Are there spaces in your own home you find you avoid? These are all signs that it is in desperate need of a cleansing!

For this you will need sea salt, water and fine mist sprayer bottle.

Fill your spray bottle up with water. If you’d like to get some purified water that would be better, but not required. Throw in a handful of sea salt and shake until mixed or salts are pretty much dissolved. How little or how much sea salt depends on the size of the crystals and the brand. You don’t need much though, the goal is to get some salts dissolved without clogging the spray nozzle.

You are going to go from room to room and cleanse the entire house. If you are short on time you can start with the most used rooms, like bedroom, living room, kitchen areas. Enter a room and start from your left and make a clockwise circle around the room as you spray the mixture into the air. Most rooms require about 3 or 4 sprays for each length of wall you pass by. As you make your way back to your starting point, head closer to the center of the room spraying the mixture, as if to make a spiral. On your way out, spray the center of the room a couple times. This should be enough to cleanse a normal sized room. However, if a room has seen a lot of arguments, pain, sickness, negativity, fear, depression, or is used as a healing room, you may want to spray more of the mixture, or go into the other rooms and complete the process and then come back to the room and see how it feels to you.

Complete this process for every room. Just this alone will have your home feeling more peaceful, open and refreshed. Keep the spray bottle and mixture around to cleanse the rooms every so often you feel its in need of a cleansing. If there has been any sickness in the house, or if there was an argument – pull out the spray bottle and cleanse that area. I’ve once been in a room that had so many arguments that as soon as you walked in with someone else it was almost impossible to not get angry, or even have an argument.

For extra credit you can spray yourself with the salt mixture. You’d want to spray your aura to cleanse it, so that would be the space in-between your skin and about a foot out from your body. Take a deep breath and give yourself a few sprays then breathe out and relax.

Also, if you would like you can throw a little bit of dry sea salts on your carpets, leave for 15/20 mins then vacuum up. You can also toss some sea salt into a mixture to wash your floors with. Be careful with the carpets though so as to not cause any staining or damage. You may want to test a small area first.

*If your house has a lot of ghost activity, you have nightmares regularly, or if you feel you need a more intense form of clearing there is more you can do. Just as you did outside, go from room to room and throw the salt inside creating an unbroken line along the walls of each room, or if you have a room in particular you are concerned about. Again be careful with the salt on wood floors or on your carpet, but if you have a serious haunting going on I’m sure that is the last thing you care about.

And there you have it, day 2. Enjoy your refreshed and newly cleansed space! Tomorrow we will begin to clear entities, demons and curses from our bodies and around us. Don’t worry, its super simple and easier than today’s cleansing!

Until then, kisses



Protection Rituals: Day 1

Got bad luck? Stressful days? Things seem okay, but could be better? Ah! You may be in need of this 5 day energetic cleanse. Really. Protection can be made easy in 5 days!

I’m a girl with no time to waste nor do I like things that have more than a few steps. This goes for cooking too 😉 Here’s a simple and easy recipe to protect yourself that doesn’t involve all-nighters while praying into a candle or having to spend money on a professional. It just takes a few minutes a day to get everything in order and have a full on cleansing of your mind, body, energy and home.

You need only one ingredient: sea salt.

For Day 1 let’s start simple. Get some sea salt. I prefer the Dead Sea varieties  since they seem to work faster or are much more potent, but really any sea salts will do.

Take that sea salt and spread it in an unbroken line around the foundation of your home. From corner to corner, end to end. Don’t skip the front door area. Remember an unbroken line.

This method is very effective at keeping away the following:

  • Malevolent Spirits
  • Ghosts
  • Demons
  • Negative energy
  • Psychic Attacks
  • Curses (and their varieties)
  • Negative People – If these people live with you or just visit it will take some negativity off as they enter the home.

If you already have this stuff going on, the sea salt will work immediately to begin to cleanse and rid your space of these energies. This is a great process to use on a new home you are moving into, if you want to cleanse a home in order to sell it faster, when you feel you want a full on cleanse, you have been having a string of bad luck, sicknesses, or have had a lot of negativity in your life at this residence.

Why does this work? Well in most every religion salt is known to be good luck, a purifier, and a sacred part of ritual. Salt means you are connected to God/The Universe and have that Divine Protection. Spirits and negativity attach to doubt and lower vibrations and other negativity that is already present. In this case you are purifying the pre-existing negativity while calling upon Divine Protection.

For Day 2 we will move inside the house, then we will move on with how to cleanse yourself and then have total protection.