Betrayal. This has been the theme for last week and coming into this week of Nov 21st, 2016. The energy of betrayal rose up last week after 11/11 and just before the Supermoon on Monday night. This is what we are healing on a mass consciousness level for us as a collective right now. These feelings and patterns of hurt and betrayal are coming up to heal through interaction with others, or its come up in your awareness and consciousness to let go of.
Whether its something new that happened that triggered old feelings, or whether its being brought to light because the truth of a situation is being shown to you and you feel betrayed, the best thing you can do is forgive. Forgive yourself. Forgive the other person. Forgive Source/God/Goddess/Universe. This sets everyone free and the energy can move up and out from your life and no longer be a recurrent theme.
We are shifting this as whole. So its not come up to thrust that knife in you again or for you to get stuck in the feelings, but its here for you to rise up and release a very old stuck energy that has been with you for eons, lifetime after lifetime. Release, let go. Forgive. When you are free of this, you have your power back, your soul back, and you can see things from clear eyes. It is then you can ask, what do you want to create in your life? What do you want to settle for and not settle for? How do you want to move forward? With clear eyes you can feel powerful as you make your choices. Feel the freedom that comes with these intense healings of mass consciousness because it also contains all the correct ingredients for a speedy recovery of things that have plauged us for thousands of years.
Love & Blessings,

Being Intuitive

Being intuitive requires the deepest surrender. You lean back into the void, into the place between worlds and words. Ecstasy and bliss arises, flooding through your being and you know there is only Oneness in Eternity.

Being intuitive requires the deepest courage. To leave that behind and come back to the here and now and experience what is separation. To put words to what you knew and felt, to make the unconscious -conscious.

Being intuitive requires love. To know more than you can ever be able to explain.

Being intuitive requires trust. To trust your words are misunderstood and resisted. And to be okay still. That’s all part of the plan.

Much Love,


True Love

Are you looking for romantic love?

Has the love left the relationship and you feel more like friends?

Do you dream of a deep soulmate connection or a twin flame union with another?

If that’s a yes, I have one more question for you.

Do you believe in true love? Romantic love.

Most people give a resounding yes here. We’ve all been exposed to fairy tales and may even know that special couple that has that type of love we yearn for. So in our heads we know that love exists and maybe we believe that anything is possible. Let’s go deeper with this though. Really feel into your body. Drop down to your stomach or pelvis area, that part of you that has a gut feeling. Let your body answer this. Do you believe true love can happen to you? See how that feels. Did you your body move forward or nod yes, or did you move backwards and shake your head no. Did it feel like your stomach was turning, tight, or you held your breath? Or maybe you felt light and you know with all of your being that yes true love can happen to you.

It’s amazing how many people say yes and then realize its a no. There’s a lot of things we know in our heads to be true, but our bodies tell a different story about what we are creating and why we are not manifesting the things we so desire. If we truly don’t think true love can happen for us then you probably have a lot of frustration with relationships, or maybe you are not getting that romance or passion out of a current relationship.

Look at your beliefs here, then begin to let go of the ones that no longer serves you. Maybe a lot of pain came up in this process for you. Be with those emotions, feel them all until it passes. Clear the way until you get a resounding YES! that true love is possible for you. It is possible for you.


Vanessa xo

Twin Flames: Stage 1

The first stage in meeting your twin flame is the meeting.

This initial connection with your twin is usually a synchronous event or surrounded by some sort of unusual or interesting synchronicity! Both of you have a recognition of each other. Now, this may not be an “I’ve known you forever feeling” as usually happens with soulmates, but there’s definitely something that stands out about them.

The meeting can even feel surreal.

You know that the person you are with is different or maybe completely unlike anyone you have met before. They seem to get you without much effort and there’s an ease to being with them. It’s at this stage that both of your heart chakras begin to open and the awakening starts to happen. You feel comfortable around them or able to open up more and be more of yourself without much effort.

If you haven’t met your twin in person its still considered Stage 1 if your twin has come to you in dreams or if you are intuitive and can sense that type of soul trying to connect with you energetically. Everyone is unique and there are lots of ways to meet your twin, so while is the norm, it doesn’t fit every single case.

Many twins that are at stage 1 may not even be aware of something called “Twin Flame Reconnection” at this point.

Stage 2 — coming soon!