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Happy Holidays & What’s coming in 2014?

Family Members in the After-Life: Can they be your spirit guide?

Hi everyone!

I did a video on a common question I get asked a lot. Check it out!

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The Golden Mesh: Energy Tip

Hi everyone,

Check out this video I did on a quick and easy tip to clear your energy at the end of the day, or just whenever you feel you need it!

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Inspired by a Secret Fantasy

Hi Everybody, I’ve been really using this simple trick to inspire me lately and wanted to share with you all!

I hope you enjoy!

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The Soul Crystalized

Hi Everyone! This is actually a huge topic – bringing your body into an ascended state, but in this video I cover 3 quick things you can do right away to take your body along with you on your spiritual journey.

1. Don’t see the body as separate from the soul. See yourself as melded into one with your body.

2. You are infinite being, a soul as vast as all the universe. One part of your soul is crystallized into a physical structure made up of Earthly materials into this location you call your body.

3. Take ownership of your body. You can’t change what is not yours. Don’t like a body part? Claim and own it if you have disowned it and it can help your body shift faster.

I could write books on each one of these, and I may, but here’s what I have for you right now. Enjoy!