Lemons or a phenomenal life? Nah – Something Better

What do you want your life to be like? List 10 adjectives, GO!

I did this yesterday and I could feel the energy of my life and my future instantly change. I always had a mental picture of what I’d like my life to be like, or a feeling of happiness and peace. Each day I would wait until that showed up. Would this be the day? NO. Over and over again. Then I started to look into all these different things I could do to make my life better. Meditation for inner peace. Heal my life and adjust my relationships for joy and happiness. However, these things only gave me this feeling in spurts. This is what I call the Santa Claus Syndrome (which I explain more in another post soon), which is basically when you are waiting for something you have been dreaming about show up. Its when either you are waiting for it to show up, or you are asking nicely, or even doing what you think you need to be doing for this dream to appear in your life brought to you straight from the magical universe.

One day I got sick of waiting. I started to look for other ways since the “law of attraction” or “the secret” didn’t seem to work for me and I could not figure out what I was doing wrong.

Did you know it was as easy as truly really declaring what you’d like your life to be like? I wish someone told me this years ago. I mean really being in your power and declaring what it is you will have.

At first I asked for a phenomenal life! But then I realized that the word phenomenal really had no meaning to me, it felt too light and airy and undefined. At that point I really thought about what type of life I’d like to have. Have you ever done this? Exactly what type of life would you like to have? Well the first thing I said was, I’d like an EASY life! I could feel my entire energy shift and I started to get happy – that feeling that I had been waiting for forever. I also found myself saying adventurous, amazing, fun, and so on. Try this out and see for yourself. Take the bull by the horns here!

So what’s next? Well the next thing I did was clear the energy blocking me from having this type of life. You too can ask for all the obstacles to you having that type of life to be removed for you, or you can call me and we can do a  quick 15 minute clearing.

And finally what happens is that things start to change. Yep, that easy. After I did this yesterday I felt like I “woke up”. A deeper fog had lifted. Awareness about what I needed to add to my life started to flood in, as well as I what I needed to let go of. Things changed immediately.

Its amazing how we tend to live with what life gives us, be they lemons or not. If they are lemons at best we make lemonade. Are you tired of making lemonade? Making a bad situation into a good one and learning from your lessons, or would you like to start out with something much better than life’s “lemons”?



Sweet Delectable You!

Laying in bed under a pile of Rice Krispie treat wrappers I have to wonder what this is all about. Only a few minutes before I had high hopes of actually preparing something for dinner at home, so I could get some work done instead of going out to get something. Looking through my very empty pantry, I see a packet of tuna fish and I find bread. Okay I think, tuna fish and bread for dinner! Hey, not the greatest, but I’m overjoyed that I actually found some food in the house! After doing some prep work I soon realize there is no mayo and that my taste buds vehemently disagree that plain tuna is whats for dinner. In the trash that goes. Next up, almond butter and jelly! Yes, yummy sweetness! Upon spreading the almond butter I soon realize its not the delicious almond butter I had grown to love, its a crushed up hot pepper sauce concoction. Ummm, nope, that’s not going to work. (Apparently labels on reused jars are prohibited in this house.) Almost fearfully and cautiously I think, how about buttered toast on my last two pieces of bread, yes that’s what is going to work this time! Hmm, this butter is looking very whipped, I think to myself as I carefully spread it upon my toast. Upon closer inspection, unfortunately I find that I have now located the mayo.

Ever have one of those days, weeks, months, years, decades…?

WHY? As I stare at the now empty family-pack box of treats its becomes blindingly obvious – I have been going, going and going, on full speed.  Most of the day I had felt pretty tired and wanted to lie down, but I had so much to do and was pushing through. I had never really stopped to enjoy the sweetness of life today, the sweetness of being in gratitude for waking up to another delicious day, and the sweetness of juuuuust being. It took a triple food calamity to slow me down. Anytime something happens in threes – its usually a message we have missed the first two times. I noticed that everything I was trying to make sweeter- turned out bitter – the plain tuna fish with no mayo, the pepper sauce and peanut butter switcharoo, and the lack of sweet butter for my dry toast. The universe was showing me first hand at what I was doing with my life today.

Would you be willing to take a few deep breaths throughout the day and fill up on sweetness? I see sweetness as a gratitude and playfulness for life. A feeling that life can be enjoyable and delicious. The energy of sweetness is all around us. Its the molecules in the air and the space between the molecules that we don’t see or take the time to notice. What if you were willing to breathe in the sweet energy of life all around you a little bit every day? Would life show up as sweeter for you? Would your food taste a little bit more delicious? Would more sweet people show up in your life? Would that normal goodnight kiss taste like a delicious Rice Krispie treat? Hmmm..I won’t tell. You will have to play and see for yourself! I would love to hear how this shows up for you.

Gratitude, Love, & Sweet Rice Krispie Treat Kisses,