Magic Powers?

“I am ready to levitate now. What’s it gonna take to get that off the ground?” That’s the thought I pondered for almost 20 mins this morning over a cup of pumpkin coffee. I’m sure there’s more important stuff to think about in the morning, but this IS important to me and definitely the kind of stuff I think about regularly. This is how I dream up new healing services and how I figure out what’s next in the world  of energy. I think about random stuff and see if there’s a way to make it happen. I’ve been dreaming about levitation most of my life. Since I was a little girl I would have these dreams where I would float around, while everyone else was walking. Most times I was floating only a few inches off the ground as someone was alongside me walking (SUCKER!) lol, and they didn’t even notice I was floating. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy moving my legs from time to time, especially now that I am FL and there are no crazy hills to contend with. The best times though was when I floated down and up flights and flights of stairs leaving people in my dust. Ahhhh yes, I would love to levitate and float away!

What magical ability would you have first if you could have your pick?

Let’s make this happen! Ok step 1. Really know this is possible. Somewhere somehow. Even if its not in this dimension. You just need to really know its possible somewhere.

Step 2: Truth, have you done this before in some lifetime, past, present or a future one? Whatever comes into your mind first is appropriate here, even if it doesn’t make sense. In all honesty, how much sense is there in magic powers? Ok, so let’s not worry about sense for right now. If you get a yes here, wow, congratulations! You have already mastered this at some point!

Step 3: What’s one thing you can do this week to take a step forward toward having your magical ability? Let’s keep it simple to not harm yourself or anyone, like say if you want to fly I would not suggest leaping off a building! Let’s plan on keeping this to, “I am ready and own this ability” and see what shows up for you this week. This might just come as more fun dreams where you get to fly for instance! I’m not suggesting this will even show up in this reality, but maybe some part of you in some dimension can have some fun, hey why not?!

For me, this week I have a plan:

1. I will ask to levitate and float  more in my dreams.

2. Upon opening my eyes and before I am totally alert (meaning before Starbucks kicks in), I will say “Vanessa you can totally levitate. You do it all the time.”

3. I will ask to go easy so as to not freak out the mind! Maybe ask my levitation power to slowly raise me a tiny bit off the bed after laying down and going into a deep meditation. If I don’t freak out I may ask for a little more next time.

4. I won’t do anything stupid like stand on the top of a flight of stairs and expect levitation to kick in. I may however stand on the bottom of a flight of stairs and wait for it to kick in, or better yet, take the elevator.


Thanks for reading my silly blog post today! Not meant to be taken seriously, just wanted to expand your imaginations a little more!

Kisses V


Where’d the creativity go? Somewhere weird.

Two days ago I was on the phone with a friend and we were going through our usual rhetoric, laugh, talk, be amazed at the each others psychic hits, spend a moment in shock, and laugh some more. Normal right? WRONG. This time my friend dropped the bomb on me.

“Vanessa, you’re really weird”. Say WHAT? Who’s weird? Apparently my friend thinks I’m weird. Now granted, I’ve been called weird before, actually all the time, but in those times there is usually so much judgment about it attached to what I’m doing, thereby making it a horrible accusation to be weird, that I totally disregard the entire thing – the judgement & the accusation. However, this time was different. This time there was no judgment, and was not in context or attached to something I was doing. I was just being.

A few hours later this came into my mind again. Am I really weird? It was said in such pure awareness with no judgement, that it felt true. It can’t be I said to myself, as I lay pondering this I thought I better text my friend to say “hey and I’m not weird”. However, before I could send the text I got very distracted and I realized I was in the middle of doing something very weird, followed by another weird thing and then another! OMG when is it going to end? I AM weird! There I said it!

And there it was. Out in the open. In that one moment of acknowledgement, all of a sudden a huge burst of energy came rushing up from somewhere very far away, yet deep within at the same time. Within moments I realized I could think more clearly, I felt more alive, I felt more creative, I felt like I was free to do anything I wanted, I felt very light, happy and was giggling like I was a 5-year old getting tickled! What’s even stranger is that I got right up and started to work on the book I started writing years ago but have been putting off because I felt un-creative and blocked and would just stare at the blank screen. The words just flowed on the page, I barely had to think.

Looking back at this, I had been refusing to be weird since there was so much judgement attached, and I was refusing my true creativity, for not just art or writing, but for life. What if everything you do or choose is creative? From the time you choose to wake up in the morning, how you style your hair,  your clothes you put together, to the people you choose to connect to – what if everything you do and choose are all the creative choices of life? How much more creative and fun can it get by acknowledging this and choosing more creatively with what seems like even simple choices?

I know that some people may look at what I write, choose, or do as weird in a judgmental way still. But so what? Its creative and fun and the joy of living has come back to me in the most unexpected way. Where’d you put your creativity? Would you be willing to have it back no matter what? No matter who judged you for it? I think I hear a YES?! 🙂