The time after No-Time

Ok, as promised here’s some little known magical info about YOU in 2013!

Once upon a time, aka August 2010, a guide came in and told me I was the Divine Timekeeper. Before I could ask further questions he was gone in the blink of an eye, of course! This is usual for me and what I call, “drive-by guides”.  Apparently I’m also a divine riddlesolver, but anyway, back to the story at hand.

So what is time? Time is essentially a construct of this reality, something agreed upon and lived by everyone that keeps it in existence.  However, the solstice of 2012 marked the end of time as we know it, and that was one reason why the Mayan calendar ended, not necessarily because it was supposed to be the end of the world, but the end of a sense of time being captured and felt in the same way. In 2013, we have an ability to play with time beyond what we were capable of just a few months ago. Each day forward there will be less and less of a sense of time and it may start to feel very different to you.

Before I really got what that guide meant about being a Divine Timekeeper, I thought it had something to do with how I was always very strict with time and would add up and subtract backwards & reverse-time my life just to make sure I arrived at places on time and was living my entire life based around time and lack there-of. Well come to find out, it did have something to do with that. It meant that I was going against my natural capacities with time and making it very solid and going into the form and structure of it, when I most likely had capacities beyond it. Yep! Could this be you too? What capacities with time do you have?

One morning after my visitation by the guide I could perceive my bedroom getting filled up with what seemed like a light fog and with the sun shining in my vision became very blurry. It was in that moment that I got an energy download that showed me a little bit about my capacities with time. I could see that through my healing work I could make things age more slowly or move the molecules further apart and slow things down, aging and a few other things, I could go back and clear past lives with total ease, look at future lives and clear blocks with those too, also there was some info about traveling through time and dimensions – but I will have to save that for another post! Anyway, I also saw something else. Something very curious.

Looking into the future I usually see one main timeline of what someone is most likely going to choose. However, for people that were more conscious, awakened, or aware I could see several timelines with possible futures and found I could help people switch into one that was going to give them more of what they desired in life. However, there were others that I would read for, that when I looked at the future I saw only a few things, but not a timeline. This was shocking and so different from what I had been seeing my entire life when I looked at people’s futures. I found that these people have chosen consciousness, awareness and have gone through an awakening and were totally consciously creating their future! Amazing! They just needed a little guidance on how to do that more easily and the awareness that in fact that is what they are doing.

Getting to the point now! Its 2013, when I look at people’s futures now – I see mostly the latter – an open space of possibility or a few timelines that can be easily switched or opened up and expanded so that they can have more than they ever dreamed of. This becomes very difficult when trying to give someone their future, so now I mostly work with assisting someone to create whatever it is they want because there is so much that is possible, really anything is possible. I also can tell they are creating what we have opened up because it starts to show up in the space that I would normally call the “future space” when reading.

What does this mean for you? You can create anything you desire to have. You are no longer bound by destiny, or some block  in your chart or have a destiny to suffer through before you can get what you want. The timelines are going away, they are disappearing fast. The future is all yours to create any which way you’d like. Its kind of like a blank slate. This is what the solstice of 2012 is all about, the end of time as we know it and a new world opening up, a clearing away of the old. You are no longer creating in cycles of time or rather, bound by time. You are free and clear to create anything you’d like!

I will do some posts on creating from this space coming soon! But in the meantime, how does one create from space? You are already doing it in a way through your thoughts. What you focus on and think about the most is what is going to show up for you. A more conscious way to do this, to create a life that you’d love to live, is to be aware of your thoughts and to ask questions – like I would really like a new car to show up with ease for me, or I desire a new job, or I would like someone sweet to enter to my life! I did that last one and that person showed up in under an hour. If you find that you are thinking I would like a new car, but then your next thought is, but that’s never going to happen – you’ve just cancelled out the car. DON”T CANCEL THE CAR! Lol! Seriously, be aware of the very next few thoughts after you ask for what you desire, those are the thoughts we push away or don’t pay attention to, but those are the ones that stop us from having anything we would like. If you come across those desire-cancelling thoughts – tell it to be gone, get lost, return to sender, anything just use your own magic and clear it away.

With no timeline to bind you, slow you down, trip you up, what are going to create this year and beyond?