Being Intuitive

Being intuitive requires the deepest surrender. You lean back into the void, into the place between worlds and words. Ecstasy and bliss arises, flooding through your being and you know there is only Oneness in Eternity.

Being intuitive requires the deepest courage. To leave that behind and come back to the here and now and experience what is separation. To put words to what you knew and felt, to make the unconscious -conscious.

Being intuitive requires love. To know more than you can ever be able to explain.

Being intuitive requires trust. To trust your words are misunderstood and resisted. And to be okay still. That’s all part of the plan.

Much Love,


Energy Report for May 21, 2016

Tune into your abundance today! This day could be full of miracles and manifestation. Allow. Receive. Believe.

Twin Flames: Stage 1

The first stage in meeting your twin flame is the meeting.

This initial connection with your twin is usually a synchronous event or surrounded by some sort of unusual or interesting synchronicity! Both of you have a recognition of each other. Now, this may not be an “I’ve known you forever feeling” as usually happens with soulmates, but there’s definitely something that stands out about them.

The meeting can even feel surreal.

You know that the person you are with is different or maybe completely unlike anyone you have met before. They seem to get you without much effort and there’s an ease to being with them. It’s at this stage that both of your heart chakras begin to open and the awakening starts to happen. You feel comfortable around them or able to open up more and be more of yourself without much effort.

If you haven’t met your twin in person its still considered Stage 1 if your twin has come to you in dreams or if you are intuitive and can sense that type of soul trying to connect with you energetically. Everyone is unique and there are lots of ways to meet your twin, so while is the norm, it doesn’t fit every single case.

Many twins that are at stage 1 may not even be aware of something called “Twin Flame Reconnection” at this point.

Stage 2 — coming soon!



Today’s Thought

A Healing Mantra:

I love all the loved and unloved parts of myself.

I accept all the accepted and unaccepted parts of myself.

I approve of all unapproved and rejected parts of myself.

Speak this mantra throughout your day and watch your energy shift. The more you feel it as you say it, the better.

This is a simple step to begin self-healing, deepen it, and refocus your energy and thoughts on yourself. These statements are especially helpful if you find that you are outwardly focused on others, or find that you look for love, approval and acceptance outside of yourself. The more you can find it within, the easier your life will flow.

Love to you always,


Messages from the Other Dimension

In case you wanted to know what being me for 5 minutes is like.

As I lay there relaxed I could feel my eyes wanting to see further. I knew that if I just let myself go there, and see things inside out, then I would see again. I relaxed and dimmed my eyes a little, testing it out. If I would let myself see things as inverted I would see what I had been avoiding for all this time. It was in that moment that I felt and saw in my mind this fine line of real and unreal. I let myself see what was real, but now I could see the line and all that was beneath it. So I let go and held on to the calm place of certainty that this is a gift. I stared straight ahead and immediately saw 3 spirits of women where my fan was. They were dressed in gray tattered clothes and their cheeks plumped with delight as I looked at them. “Oh, she sees us!”, one exclaimed to the others. Another one looked directly at me and said “We’ve been with you since the 18th century.” Before I could ask them anything more, I was startled by the noise in the house and brought back abruptly to where I began. It became too difficult to communicate with them from this place, so I relaxed a bit. As I scanned the house I suddenly realized I was surrounded by spirits watching me as they encircled the outer edges of the room, yet the rest of the house was empty. “Have they always been here?”, I wondered. I knew I must be doing something of importance to generate this much attention. I turn back to my book about a writer that becomes a Vodou priest in order to create his book, but he must undergo days of darkness and being blindfolded as the spirits communicate with or possibly possess him. “We know its hard for you, you just want a normal life, but it has never been.” One of the women spoke gently. I looked at her puzzled. “We remember you. You don’t remember us.” They moved closer and one stroked my hair and their presence felt very nurturing in that moment. I appreciated their attentiveness and compassion. Just as I started to find comfort in their presence the metaphorical light bulb went off. Oh. “You guys want to go to the light? That’s why you’ve been here all this time?” Time to send them off I guess. “Yes, but when you have a moment.” I thought of how gracious they were even though they had waited since the 18th century and I laughed to myself. I blessed them and sent them off. I turned back to my book finishing the first chapter quickly. I felt something else tugging at me, wanting my attention. I put down the book and someone from the circle speaks. “You finished the entire chapter on darkness and you didn’t get scared.”, one being spoke.  “What do you mean, why would I be scared? I’m fine”, I said abruptly. Suddenly there was a momentary flash of everything I would be afraid of if I was blindfolded in the dark in a cave for days. I laughed out loud from the image and the fact that he so eagerly and quickly shot back to me refuting what I said. I pondered the image for a moment. Strange animals touching me, bugs crawling on me, something eating me perhaps. It was in that moment I wondered if we are born fearing things or if we have learned to fear them. I quickly cleared all the energy that those things brought up until I could see the image and imagine myself being naturally calm. “Thank you.” I said. “You better write this down now.” he said.



Protection Rituals: Day 3

Okay, you’ve made it to Day 3 when we shift our focus onto your body, your energy, your thoughts and your emotions. Did you know that entities can affect how you think and feel about yourself? They can affect your energy level and if you feel ready to get out of bed or feel suddenly in a state of lethargy.

How do you know if a negative or “dark” being is attached to you? Well, if you were feeling or doing pretty great, then suddenly  you feel very tired, lethargic, overwhelmed, foggy-headed, have a string of bad luck, you have anger or some other form of extreme emotion, or some type of physical issue has manifested. Of course this could all be related to other things, sometimes a medical issue, and this definitely isn’t a complete list of symptoms. What I’ve noticed is that during a healing session if I clear the being that is attached or following someone around these symptoms will fade or go away completely. If there is a physical concern, clearing the being will help that person heal faster whether they are using medication or some other means to help heal the physical form simultaneously.

Whether you have a concern or not, this is still a great cleanse to do regularly for preventative purposes or clear any energies around you that may be just starting to affect you. Low vibrational beings are usually around people that have emotional upsets or low energy or have spots of negativity already. This process keeps your energy strong and clear and is very simple and easy.

In this process you will be soaking your feet. You will a need a bucket filled with enough water to cover your ankles and some rock salt thrown in. If you don’t have that, sea salts are good to use, or even epsom salts will help although it may take a bit longer to clear, or you may need to repeat this process a few times.

You will need to relax, take some deep cleansing breaths and soak your feet for 15 mins. If its difficult for you to sit still, then you may want to wait to 10 mins, or if you can go longer 20 mins is great. As you are relaxing send your focus through your body and see or feel everything that is dark or negative leaving you and going into the water. Take slow relaxing breaths and then see yourself filled with light. Focus on your heart area and feel love and gratitude for the process that is taking place. You can also see or feel your aura cleansing. If you would like to meditate or have a prayer you would like to chant that would totally appropriate for this. Its up to you. The main goal is to not focus on negative thoughts, worries, concerns or be stressed during this process. The lighter and more open you are, the more negativity that can release and cleanse away with ease for you.

Oh, and you may need a nap after this. Some people spring up full of energy, others need a nap to help process the energy shift. Be gentle with yourself.

And there you have it, Day 3! Enjoy your cleansing!




Protection Rituals: Day 2

Welcome to Day 2 of our 5-Day cleanse! In Day 1 we spread an unbroken line of salt around the house. If you are in an apartment you may want to just spread a line of salt around your front door area instead.  Today we are going inside of the home and cleansing all the energy we have been absorbing in our living space. Have you ever just walked into a room and felt your mood change, or just get suddenly tired? Do some rooms feel more closed off, dark or uninviting? Are there spaces in your own home you find you avoid? These are all signs that it is in desperate need of a cleansing!

For this you will need sea salt, water and fine mist sprayer bottle.

Fill your spray bottle up with water. If you’d like to get some purified water that would be better, but not required. Throw in a handful of sea salt and shake until mixed or salts are pretty much dissolved. How little or how much sea salt depends on the size of the crystals and the brand. You don’t need much though, the goal is to get some salts dissolved without clogging the spray nozzle.

You are going to go from room to room and cleanse the entire house. If you are short on time you can start with the most used rooms, like bedroom, living room, kitchen areas. Enter a room and start from your left and make a clockwise circle around the room as you spray the mixture into the air. Most rooms require about 3 or 4 sprays for each length of wall you pass by. As you make your way back to your starting point, head closer to the center of the room spraying the mixture, as if to make a spiral. On your way out, spray the center of the room a couple times. This should be enough to cleanse a normal sized room. However, if a room has seen a lot of arguments, pain, sickness, negativity, fear, depression, or is used as a healing room, you may want to spray more of the mixture, or go into the other rooms and complete the process and then come back to the room and see how it feels to you.

Complete this process for every room. Just this alone will have your home feeling more peaceful, open and refreshed. Keep the spray bottle and mixture around to cleanse the rooms every so often you feel its in need of a cleansing. If there has been any sickness in the house, or if there was an argument – pull out the spray bottle and cleanse that area. I’ve once been in a room that had so many arguments that as soon as you walked in with someone else it was almost impossible to not get angry, or even have an argument.

For extra credit you can spray yourself with the salt mixture. You’d want to spray your aura to cleanse it, so that would be the space in-between your skin and about a foot out from your body. Take a deep breath and give yourself a few sprays then breathe out and relax.

Also, if you would like you can throw a little bit of dry sea salts on your carpets, leave for 15/20 mins then vacuum up. You can also toss some sea salt into a mixture to wash your floors with. Be careful with the carpets though so as to not cause any staining or damage. You may want to test a small area first.

*If your house has a lot of ghost activity, you have nightmares regularly, or if you feel you need a more intense form of clearing there is more you can do. Just as you did outside, go from room to room and throw the salt inside creating an unbroken line along the walls of each room, or if you have a room in particular you are concerned about. Again be careful with the salt on wood floors or on your carpet, but if you have a serious haunting going on I’m sure that is the last thing you care about.

And there you have it, day 2. Enjoy your refreshed and newly cleansed space! Tomorrow we will begin to clear entities, demons and curses from our bodies and around us. Don’t worry, its super simple and easier than today’s cleansing!

Until then, kisses



The Red Tent Revival!

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I attended this last year and it was absolutely amazing. I learned tons of new stuff that I didn’t even know was out there and it helped me to ground into my femininity more. This is why I’ve decided to take part in supporting this event this year. I hope you check it out. 🙂


Kristin Sweeting Morelli, is the red hot woman who is pioneering this movement. She seriously likes to shake things up and break down barriers for women around the world…

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Why Everyone Needs a Clear Quartz Crystal

I collect crystals like I collect shoes…and purses and coffee mugs.  Its true, when I moved I gave away over 50 pairs of shoes. Why? Well perhaps to make room for all my crystals. If you’ve had a healing session with me you know I will put different crystals over different parts of your body, and if you’ve ever opened your eyes during a session you may have thought I looked like a lunatic as I waved my double terminated clear quartz over certain parts of your body and auric field as I pulled random things that definitely should not be there from your energy. I make faces too as I see what is coming out of your body, so hopefully you kept your eyes closed!

Why do I always use crystals? Well they make life easier and it can take the healing deeper. I’m all about getting more out of one session and clearing and re-energizing your body to the maximum in a session. For example, I can just put a rose quartz on your heart chakra or in your hands, do a couple things to awaken the energy, and the healing begins on its own. If you love the glorious nature of crystals I’m sure you’ve tried this yourself too, and know what a powerful healing tool they can be.

Why do you need your very own quartz crystal? So many reasons, its aesthetically pleasing, healing and protective, and a powerful transmitter of energy, but the main one is that it is like this amazing little helper carrying out your wishes even when you are not focused on it. You just give it a job and it does it, all day, every day. How awesome is that? All you have to do is program it, clear it every so often, then re-strengthen its program every so often. Pretty easy right? You can have it do all kinds of things such as, asking for protection, healing your body, helping you with confidence, clearing up trapped emotions, losing weight, building strength, finding a relationship, helping your current relationship – pretty much anything you can think up it’ll help you do.

  • Get yourself a beautiful piece of clear quartz. You can get smokey quartz or rose quartz or other types, but I suggest clear quartz for this since they are clear and don’t necessarily have too much specific properties on their own. For example, smokey quartz is great for clearing away energy. I tend to use this in a finely pointed version to do psychic surgeries and clear away negative energy at the same time. So choose one that meets the needs of what you want it to do for you.
  • Cleanse your crystal. You can use Reiki symbols to clear it, bury it in a dry bowl of sea salt,  put it in a bag and bury it in the sand or soil for a few days, leave it to cleanse under the sunlight or moonlight, or clear it with your mind or your own healing abilities.
  • Sit with your crystal, clear your mind and meditate for a few minutes so you are in a scared space and very present with your crystal. Ask it to carry out your wishes for you. Talk to it as if you know its hearing you and there for you. Send it love and gratitude. Close the session and put it in a space where you can see it everyday.

That’s it, really easy right? Every so often, give the crystal thanks, give it a clearing, and ask it to carry out its function again or give it a little reminder. Now you have this amazing little helper that is there for you 24/7 and assisting you along your path.

A couple side notes – if your crystal chips or breaks, that is the intensity of the negative energy it absorbed for you. Also, its important to keep it clear so that it can do its job effectively. If you already have a quartz and its not programmed to do a job, it could just be absorbing negative energies or may have already been programmed along the way, meaning before you got your hands on it. If this is the case its important to at least clear it since its been long overdue!

Enjoy your Quartz!

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Why Visualization Doesn’t Work

Well, maybe doesn’t work is a little harsh. Why is visualization hit or miss at best? First a disclaimer: If it works for you, read no further – you are doing it in a way that works for you – feel free to email me and let me know! Okay! I’m not talking about the creative visualization we all do when we put together outfits in our minds, or figure out how to work on a project, or even when we visualize how our day is going to go. These are really task oriented and is normal and natural to visualize. What I’m talking about here is the visualization to manifest something – whether it be more money, a car, a lover, a home, etc.

A friend of mine (no its not me!) has been visualizing her future husband coming  to her for at least 7 years, perhaps more, but these are  the painful, lonely, and sometimes empowering years of single life that I can attest to. Let’s call her “Gloria” so she doesn’t kill me right after this is posted.  Lovely Gloria has been doing everything right, by the book. Visualize before bed and when you wake up, that’s when you are already in a meditative state. See him coming to you. Write down what you want in a man. Be specific, but not too specific – ever heard that one before? LOL Think about him all the time. Make space in your closet and bathroom. Wear gorgeous underwear in case you meet him on the street. Um, this last one might be from a “different” book I read. Anyway, she is doing all these things and reading the countless books to back this up. Yet, nothing, nada. She finally asked me a question one day, “Vanessa, what am I doing wrong?”. See, even though we knew each other she was really busy being hopeful and following the guidance and being virtuous and full of patience and trying to stay positive. Sound familiar?

When I began to really look at her situation, I could see each time she went in to visualize she was being an energy of “hopeful” and “eeek…maybe one day!” and “staying positive”. She was being all the wrong energies. Those are all energies of lacking. So each time she went in to visualize it was a lacking energy, and that is what she kept reaffirming. You’ve probably heard that you need to be the energy of “already having it”. So if you are already doing that, you are one step up!

Where a lot of people really get stuck with all of this though is the visualization part. See, the other twist here was she was visualizing specific scenarios happening – when that is not how this guy is going to come into her life.  What is going to work a lot better here is to “FEEL” how you will feel when this person is in your life. This feeling makes the energy more solid and then hands it off to the universe to fulfill for you, and then you can take the next steps in the physical world – such as going out more, using a dating site, etc. You are also being a strong enough vibration to attract this person, especially if you practice feeling like this more often than not. You don’t want to be worried about the how, its more about how you feel. The universe takes care of the how.

See, my friend Gloria was using more imagination and fantasy of how her partner will be and what that would be like – so it was keeping it in the energetic realm. When she brings down the feeling of actually having him it becomes more solid and real.

The other key here is that things never show up as you expect them to. They never usually look like what you had pictured in your mind. WHY? Well – if you could picture how something will show up or what they look like then you are using your psychic senses and having a psychic vision. Otherwise, you are basing it off of what you already know, which is an image of lacking that thing that you so desire. So unless its a psychic vision, the image is coming from a fantasy or an energy of lack. Neither of those two are going to help you create what you want.

So what to do? Well, go into what you want to feel like. Then if an image comes, yay! If not, continue with the feeling until its a normal part of your life. You will be surprised how the universe intends to fulfill these feelings/vibrations you are putting out there.

That’s it for now!