Well hurry up and love me back already!

So what does love mean to YOU? Love is a word that can mean multiple things to each person and two people can have totally different definitions or expressions of their love for one another. Love is wonderful, love is amazing, but do you also have some blocks around love and really receiving love from another person? Check out this video I created today and maybe it can clear up a few of those love blocks!

Enjoy amazing beings!



When No Means YES: How to be the magic and have it anyway

Last night while talking to a friend on the phone I found that I kept saying No, when I really meant Yes. Well it started with him asking to call me, to which I said No, and then another text that said “obviously my No means Yes” sheesh! See, I was in a sucky place, (yes this happens to psychics even with all of the help from the spirit world too from time to time) and desired to push everyone away first so that I could have my righteousness and prove that nobody loved me and I had to do it all on my own as usual. LOL So that lasted about 3 minutes before I wised up!

Through my tears that seemingly came out of nowhere last night, I realized there was an awareness here. I wanted my friend to see another possibility and push past my walls and boundaries. Have you ever felt like you thought up a phenomenal idea that included someone or something else and the energy of it felt so light and wonderful and that so much could be awakened or opened up, just to get turned down in the nicest or not so nicest of ways? Most likely right? Its happened to most of us from time to time. Do you let it stop you? What in your life have you declared that from now on I will never ask this again? I had a friend in middle school that asked 3 or 4 different girls out to an upcoming dance and they all said no in various ways, and he gave up and said he’s not going to that dance or any in the future. I didn’t see him after that but I wonder how difficult this made his high school years and after – taking all of that as rejection and carrying it forward as a foundation with women. What else is possible here?

At the place just where you want to be emotional and go into feeling rejection, what if there is magic there for you if you can look further, past the feelings? See, you wouldn’t have thought up the idea unless there was something there for you to begin with, so this is how to get that anyway. There is an energy in the possibility of what you are asking for, that you would like to be gifted with in your life, but most of us have concluded that in order to have that energy we need x,y, and z to happen – or that person to agree and say yes etc.

If you’ve read the previous posts on The Mayan Calendar and The Time After No Time I talk about how we don’t really have any timelines anymore that bind us or keep us from having anything we would like. What you can do is this:

Allow yourself to drift back into the space when you first thought up the idea, go to the energy of it, how you felt  when you thought it up. From this place, allow that energy and those feelings to expand, bigger and bigger until it feels larger than the room you are in. You can make it as big as the universe if you’d like. Now connect in that person, place or thing you wanted to include – don’t go to the feelings about that situation, just imagine how you felt about it just before you got the No answer. Hold that for a second, now go a bit deeper – to the possibility of a Yes, allow yourself to really go there, to that place that the other person place or thing didn’t go that seemed closed off. The key here is to allow yourself to access that place anyway, even though it feels like a NO. Awesome, now pull that energy towards you, make it bigger and bigger and bigger, allow it to fill up the space you are in, the entire room, and flood through every molecule of your body and being. When you feel like you have received the energy, you can ask “What can I now create with this?”, and yep its that easy. No need to wait for answer, as what you can now create will show up in your life.

This doesn’t need to be a long exercise, if you are willing to have that energy it can take under a minute. And guess what? You just gifted yourself what you were asking for to begin with. Taking the story of my friend that got turned down about the dance, if he did this after his first No, he would have the energy of a Yes in his universe/energy field. Then perhaps asking the 2nd girl, it may have been a yes, or the first one may have changed her mind, or maybe all 3 would have still said no, but he would’ve chosen to go anyway because he didn’t feel badly about himself and who knows what would’ve happened and showed up for him if he didn’t feel badly about himself. When you are not carrying around that rejection there is so much more available and possible that the universe can gift to you.

Also, its not too late! Recall how there are no more timelines? You can go back and do this exercise for everything in your life that stuck you when someone or something said NO! And how much can that now open up for you, how much more can you now receive, and how much more is possible now if you had no rejection or doubts and let yourself have it anyway? For me, this has allowed me to be bolder, go further, ask for things I would never have even considered for fear of rejection. More awesome people have come into my life, as well as more possibilities for a life I’d love to live. I wonder how much more you will let yourself have?