Curses and Psychic Protection Tip #1

In the spirit of Halloween, I thought it’d be fun to do some posts on curses and psychic protection this week. I have a few tips on how to know if you are being cursed or already have been that I’ll be sharing in several posts.

Tip #1 : If you listen carefully to how people say things you can tell if the energy being directed at you is light, or if they are attempting unconsciously or not, to push an energy at you to lock you up, to have you feel less than, or stick and block up some area of your life. Sometimes you can just hear the jealousy, hate or control in someone’s voice. However, other times their voice will be light and even soft, but notice how you feel. Do you feel better, lighter, happy after what was said? Even if it was something harsh, but they told you the truth, there’s a feeling of freedom and alignment with your true and higher self in that. If not, it could be curse energy or some subtle psychic attack being sent towards you.

Yesterday I was out and a female said to me, “Look at you sexy!” in a sweet thoughtful voice. Yet I immediately felt like covering up, even with jeans and a sweater on, I became uncomfortable and wanted cover. The true energy she was sending was jealousy and it reads in the energy as black magic curses and evil eye curses. We’ll get more into that later this week as well as how people can do this to each other and some ideas on nipping it in the bud. Hope you enjoyed this for now! Awareness is key to prevention.

Surviving with Money to Thriving with Money!

Energy Update

The energy last night and today have been pretty intense. As I have been more embodied and in-tune with myself some of these shifts in energy float right by me almost as if I’ve been cocooned from the light show raging outside, that is until I decided to poke my head out and see what was going on in  the ethers. A storm was raging last night. What did I see? The old matrix reality is being disassembled, the grid lines are disappearing and the 3D polarized reality being dismantled and transmuted. What does this mean and what does this feel like for us?

Friendships are ending, even long-term ones, you may feel easily annoyed and irritated, negativity emerges right in the midst of you feeling high vibrational and elated, you may feel like some people are up to their old tricks, feeling dreamy and spacey or disembodied to a certain extent, and the one that comes along with usually every event in the ethers – sleepiness, lethargy, and emotional tiredness. Usually when there are huge shifts like this, you may become aware of psychic attacks, energy interference, blocks, or feeling like you’re in a bubble where no one can see you, which can protect you but then can block your receiving. What do we do?

The time we are in now calls for letting go. We tend to want to jump right into “cleansing negative energies” – mode, however, letting go, surrendering and receiving change are super critical right now.  The changes you have been asking for are coming. It’s when we truly let go that the forces can come and sweep  through and change our lives, creating the change we are asking for. Included in letting go is the innate belief that all is working out as you’ve asked and in your best interest. The universe is conspiring in your favor, even though it may not feel like it.

So this isn’t “do nothing”. This is allowing change, detaching from everything and leaning back in the body, and taking a step back mentally allowing everything to stir and move. Float along knowing ALL of this is in your best interest. Everything is aligning for you, for your new future. Trust. Let go.

Peace to you,


Today’s Thought

A Healing Mantra:

I love all the loved and unloved parts of myself.

I accept all the accepted and unaccepted parts of myself.

I approve of all unapproved and rejected parts of myself.

Speak this mantra throughout your day and watch your energy shift. The more you feel it as you say it, the better.

This is a simple step to begin self-healing, deepen it, and refocus your energy and thoughts on yourself. These statements are especially helpful if you find that you are outwardly focused on others, or find that you look for love, approval and acceptance outside of yourself. The more you can find it within, the easier your life will flow.

Love to you always,


Messages from the Other Dimension

In case you wanted to know what being me for 5 minutes is like.

As I lay there relaxed I could feel my eyes wanting to see further. I knew that if I just let myself go there, and see things inside out, then I would see again. I relaxed and dimmed my eyes a little, testing it out. If I would let myself see things as inverted I would see what I had been avoiding for all this time. It was in that moment that I felt and saw in my mind this fine line of real and unreal. I let myself see what was real, but now I could see the line and all that was beneath it. So I let go and held on to the calm place of certainty that this is a gift. I stared straight ahead and immediately saw 3 spirits of women where my fan was. They were dressed in gray tattered clothes and their cheeks plumped with delight as I looked at them. “Oh, she sees us!”, one exclaimed to the others. Another one looked directly at me and said “We’ve been with you since the 18th century.” Before I could ask them anything more, I was startled by the noise in the house and brought back abruptly to where I began. It became too difficult to communicate with them from this place, so I relaxed a bit. As I scanned the house I suddenly realized I was surrounded by spirits watching me as they encircled the outer edges of the room, yet the rest of the house was empty. “Have they always been here?”, I wondered. I knew I must be doing something of importance to generate this much attention. I turn back to my book about a writer that becomes a Vodou priest in order to create his book, but he must undergo days of darkness and being blindfolded as the spirits communicate with or possibly possess him. “We know its hard for you, you just want a normal life, but it has never been.” One of the women spoke gently. I looked at her puzzled. “We remember you. You don’t remember us.” They moved closer and one stroked my hair and their presence felt very nurturing in that moment. I appreciated their attentiveness and compassion. Just as I started to find comfort in their presence the metaphorical light bulb went off. Oh. “You guys want to go to the light? That’s why you’ve been here all this time?” Time to send them off I guess. “Yes, but when you have a moment.” I thought of how gracious they were even though they had waited since the 18th century and I laughed to myself. I blessed them and sent them off. I turned back to my book finishing the first chapter quickly. I felt something else tugging at me, wanting my attention. I put down the book and someone from the circle speaks. “You finished the entire chapter on darkness and you didn’t get scared.”, one being spoke.  “What do you mean, why would I be scared? I’m fine”, I said abruptly. Suddenly there was a momentary flash of everything I would be afraid of if I was blindfolded in the dark in a cave for days. I laughed out loud from the image and the fact that he so eagerly and quickly shot back to me refuting what I said. I pondered the image for a moment. Strange animals touching me, bugs crawling on me, something eating me perhaps. It was in that moment I wondered if we are born fearing things or if we have learned to fear them. I quickly cleared all the energy that those things brought up until I could see the image and imagine myself being naturally calm. “Thank you.” I said. “You better write this down now.” he said.




Blissed Out of Polarity

I love listening to the pouring rain and watching it pummel the exotic plants and trees. I am enchanted as the sky lights up and turns from bright orange to black as the night approaches. I watch as the stars struggle to radiate and shine behind these thick clouds. This is bliss to me. I feel like I can breathe again, relax again, be me again. It’s when I am the most at peace and my energy feels the clearest its been. Silence ensues within my body, and even the neighborhood goes quiet. The irony of the intense thunder outside creates the most intense stillness inside.

We are always coming into balance one way or another. This is the natural cycle of life. Did you ever notice how when there is chaos outside you get very still within yourself? Whether you are thinking of a plan of action, go into survival mode or even freeze up in fear, stillness becomes you. When you have stillness or joy within ever notice how someone comes along to knock you of alignment with the divine, or seems to fight the mood you are in? We seem to always be polarized and attracting the opposite to create that balance of Oneness that we truly live in. The more we fight it, the more it fights back. What we resist, persists. Its the same as when we go on a 5 day yoga retreat, or attend a 3 day energy workshop. We leave feeling great, open and expanded, then within days we can feel tight and contracted, and even old emotions can rise up to the surface.

When our vibration goes up and we finally feel amazing and on top of the world we tend to never want to come back down, so we naturally or even instinctually push out those other emotions, energies and frequencies. We feel they are bad or we label them under the NO WAY category. I know I do. When I feel great I feel like there is no way I’m coming back down. However, there is no such thing as exclusion in a world of energy when all is One and needs negative and positive to operate. So what you decide you don’t want, comes fighting back to its rightful place as much as you fight to push it way. It’s like fighting your reversed mirror image. You attract people who feel threatened by your expansion or new found joy. They fight it because they feel excluded from your life. So how do we escape polarity but enjoy our bliss?

Accept all energies. Allow it to flow. Imagine the thing you want the most to happen. Imagine how you would feel if it already happened. If there’s a smile on your face that’s a good sign. If you feel light in your heart and an opening there, this is what acceptance feels like. Allow yourself to feel that and watch how much easier it is to stay blissful.




The Truth About Fear no one ever told you.

Recently I learned the following truth about fear. I learned what fear really was, and it blew my mind.


See I’ve always had these random repressed fears, most of which I didn’t know about until I was in a situation that made me fearful. Most of my life, like everybody else I had just learned to avoid fear. Over time these actions became unconscious. I was avoiding fearful situations and not even knowing why, or giving it second thought when I said No to something or just avoided things in general. I had a made an entire life pattern around safety and comfort. These things are big in my world, but I never questioned why until it started to become apparent this was not how everybody else lived. I just thought it was normal to say no to things that scared me or didn’t feel right, but I didn’t question why I was scared of something. I called it, “not liking it”, “not interested”, “not my thing”. Everything but scared.

To be clear, this is different from a phobia – those usually have trauma origins and many times connections or even origins in past lives.

A few years ago I learned that Fear was really Excitement. Uhh yeah, that never worked for me and I never understood why until now. Aside from the fact that its not true, but they are close in vibration as far as how they feel within and can be mistaken for one another at times, but it just never really felt like excitement to me.

So here’s the truth.

Fear is just your power. Its the place where you are lacking your power. It feels like your power stands outside of you. It comes up in all the situations where you feel powerless, have been powerless in the past, have memories of being powerless and just feel like you are lacking something. Fear is the absence of power. Your power. You’re actually fearing your power that is outside of you and having conscious or unconscious thoughts that its working against you. Sometimes we fear the unknown, but again, that is just the lack of your power and feeling like you can’t handle something.

Now, spiritually speaking, none of this is actually true. Nothing can be outside of you because we are all ONE. There is no separation. Your power can’t get away from you because it is essentially yours and can be called Home to you just as quickly and easily as you wish and feel worthy of that power that is already yours by acknowledging it. Essentially, fear is a reminder that you need to acknowledge that you are indeed powerful and call it home. That’s it. Fear is just a low vibration on the spectrum. If you were in a high vibration you’d automatically be in your power.

Knowledge is power. The key is to use this knowledge to switch into the higher vibration by claiming your power and fear dissolves.

Practice and play with this in a safe (non life-threatening) setting since we are used to reacting to fear for an entire lifetime certainly there will be some learning curve at first. Imagine, next time fear strikes and you are quickly and easily able to say “this is just my power coming back to me!”  instead of freezing up and actually getting excited.

If this seems obvious to you – good. The truth is usually pretty simple.



Protection Rituals: Day 5

Phew! We made it to the last day of our clearing! Wondering how you can stay clear of negativity and entities and everything else unwanted as you walk through the world and immerse yourself in all kinds of energy? Ah, super simple super easy here we come!

Take a little baggie and fill it with sea salt. Carry it with you in your pocket. Empty every 24 hours and replace salt. There you go, 24 hours of protection!

You can also take some sea salt with a little bit of water and place it in a bowl by your front door. This helps absorb energies upon arriving home.

And one last trick…You can do the same thing, sea salt and some water in a bowl near your bed or under your bed. Make sure you replace this every 24 hours as well. Also, if you tend to leave water by your bed or on your nightstand please don’t drink it in the morning, it will have absorbed all the energies floating around and cleansing from you while you sleep, and same goes if it is near your bowl of sea salt and water. Discard everything in the morning.

Hope you enjoyed the 5 Day Power Cleanse!

Love & Blessings,


No LightBody Parking Here

Perhaps I shouldn’t, but I’m going to indulge here and go on a rant. It’s a very specific thing that is making my blood boil and sending me into hysteria. Okay not really that extreme, but you get the jist. Its all the ascension airy fairy calgon take me away love is pouring down upon us on such and such a date and we all will ascend into glory! Its the “this weekend is the four-flame opening of the hearts of mankind and there is universal love from now til forever until man falls again from grace in another 4.5 million years”. I just totally made up both of those things but you know its true!

Now I’ve heard that when something makes you angry out of nowhere its probably a lie. Perhaps that stuff is a lie, or my reasoning is that when something makes you angry you are resisting something. Either way, I’m going to enjoy my resistance another momentito longer. (Yes I know Spanish. Impressed? No? Ok.)

Its not the concept of ascension that pushes my buttons. I believe in ascension. As a matter of fact, for years since 2004 I woke every morning and read every channeling on ascension that I could find. I really wanted to know how to beat the system and get the heck out errrr…I mean, I truly wanted to spread love and light to every human, animal, and mosquito. 🙂 Ascension in my mind is the raising of the vibration, or really becoming one with your spirit or higher self, having no separation, and having that sort of enlightened consciousness.Yet, I prefer the term decension. (I’m going to claim ownership on that word I just made up.)  I consider that more of an accurate picture of what is going on, since Ascension can be seen as working to leave the body or leave the human form and ascend into the light being fully. Decension is bringing that flaming soul of glory to here, to now, to that body and living that way. Being spirit on Earth in your body. This is what I’ve found is really going on over the years, after years and years spent trying to ascend and create more consciousness and so on we were actually supposed to be realizing our higher self is already enlightened and bring her on down! Decension paints a clearer picture of our task here as people who work on their stuff and explore this spiritual path.

Now back to my rant. Its none of this that bothers me. Its that for years and years and years I was told that on such and such a date something would happen. Vast and incredible energies would come down and change our lives forevermore. All darkness and pain would be eradicated. However, we had to be ready because when that date came we needed to be one of the enlightened to be the bridge or to assist others. Yeah, so … no. Here we are.

I believe energies are pouring down and so forth, but its what comes after that. Its the part about there will only be love and light and glory for all mankind. What I want to know is that ok, energies are pouring down, how do I use that to navigate my life? What do I do in this world with this? How can I use that energy to manifest chocolate cake on my table? I can sit in stillness til the end of time but I go outside there is stuff there to deal with, sometimes unpleasant. I would really like people to know that we are not here to do our own work and wait for the glorious day and hope that this month is where we finally ascend and all problems magically and mysteriously vanish. No. We are here to be with these unpleasant energies. THEN and ONLY THEN, can love conquer and the other stuff be eradicated. Love conquers when there is neutrality and no resistance. True love has no judgement on what is right or wrong. We are not here to resist the yuck. Resistance is Persistence.  Be you, bring that sexy soul/spirit/high self on down, and resist nothing. No matter what it is. This is how we change the face of the Earth. So reading stuff that makes it seem like the world is a terrible place and continue to do your work and just wait the change will happen is getting people nowhere! Fast! It just promotes a belief in struggle.

Perhaps I’m a woman scorn. A woman who had a lot of struggle and just wanted it to be over and was told over and over it would happen. I think the truth of, resist nothing and there will be nothing to resist would have gone a long way for people like me. After all, most of us on the healer path are “The Wounded Healer” and are here to heal our own stuff as well, especially in the beginning of all of this. The more we believe that there is an escape route or it will be all be taken away on all these important energetic dates is further separating us from this reality and our bodies. The very reason we are here. To fill up this reality and our handsome bodies with our beautiful spirits.

And there you have it. The secret of life. Resist Nothing.




Everyones Least Favorite Emotion: FEAR

FEAR. What if fear is not A.) False Evidence Appearing Real and not B.) Excitement? Those are the two most common things I have been told about fear. “Its really excitement, let it go.” What if no, its not really excitement? When I look at the vibration of fear its close to excitement on the frequency scale and has similar qualities, but its really not just excitement. I think anxiety is a bit closer to excitement than fear is when I look at those two frequencies. These two statements about false evidence appearing real as well as excitement only serve to lock up someone more and never get through and totally release the actual fear.

True, what you fear may not be real – in the sense that you are not in real and true danger, however fear is a real and true emotion and has served its purpose at times of legitimate danger. When we convince ourselves it not real however, or that its just excitement, we tend to actually suppress and repress that emotion and it never gets addressed, but it instead it gets buried deeper.

Fear always comes up to warn you of a possible danger and pain. This is actually an emotion you want to have. One, so you can avoid whatever is about to ensue with a proper warning system. And two, you can see where you are being powerless or at the effect of something in your life. For example, if you are fearful of a situation with no perceived threat of danger, stop and ask yourself what you are really fearing. There may be layers and layers of fears, especially if you have pushed it away in the past or tried to avoid feeling that emotion. This is the first step in taking your power back and actually eliminating that threat of pain, as well receive parts of you that have been locked up under fear and being more present in your life and in your body. Upon fear most of us evacuate our bodies. What if something you feared in the past came up and now you can stand firm in your body, look at the situation with new eyes, feel the fear, then take back all your power from the situation?

Here are some steps to help when the fear arises:

1. Acknowledge your fear in any given situation. Let yourself feel that emotion.

2. Ask what is on the other side of it. Then ask yourself how you can get there.

3. Ask exactly what you are fearing and why. Not only will this give you good insight into your psyche, but you now have a list to work from and you’re no longer doing avoidance.

4. Focus on healing these areas. Declare that you are letting go of the fear. Declare you will have your power and energy that is wrapped up in that situation. Declare that you will not be at the effect of these things anymore.  Take back control of this part of your life.

5. Let go of, and clear any energy that comes up. If you have a method for clearing energy and healing through different lifetimes, use it here. If you need some assistance of course call me, or a healer that you work with. Sometimes just a walk in nature can really help you let go of these energies, especially when you are really ready to let these things fall away.

Of course this is not easy, especially at first. It takes time, but this is the path of true change, power and presence. Imagine getting over your fears?! Imagine being the fearless powerful force you were meant to be – in all situations?!