Protection Rituals: Day 5

Phew! We made it to the last day of our clearing! Wondering how you can stay clear of negativity and entities and everything else unwanted as you walk through the world and immerse yourself in all kinds of energy? Ah, super simple super easy here we come!

Take a little baggie and fill it with sea salt. Carry it with you in your pocket. Empty every 24 hours and replace salt. There you go, 24 hours of protection!

You can also take some sea salt with a little bit of water and place it in a bowl by your front door. This helps absorb energies upon arriving home.

And one last trick…You can do the same thing, sea salt and some water in a bowl near your bed or under your bed. Make sure you replace this every 24 hours as well. Also, if you tend to leave water by your bed or on your nightstand please don’t drink it in the morning, it will have absorbed all the energies floating around and cleansing from you while you sleep, and same goes if it is near your bowl of sea salt and water. Discard everything in the morning.

Hope you enjoyed the 5 Day Power Cleanse!

Love & Blessings,


Dream on fellow Psychics!

Did you know that you are more psychic if you take a nap during the day? Well…this might not be fact, but for me and most of the clients I’ve recommended this to its worked out! When I was a teenager and even in my twenties I would practice my psychic skills by hopping into the bed and taking an afternoon nap. I didn’t start out intending to take a nap of course, but it usually ended up that way. Something about slowing down those brain waves that makes one sleepy!

We tend to be so busy during the day that we don’t get a chance to be aware of what is going on in the psychic realms or if our guides and angels are trying to get a message to us. Usually at night or in our dreams is a great opportunity for them, but let’s face it – we are passed out and drooling and exhausted from our day most likely. So, if you feel like you are most psychic at night, like you see visions or hear voices, etc. but you end up just passing out because you are so tired and can’t remember a thing in the morning, this might work great for you too! Or, if you’d just like to get some practice with developing your psychic ability this is a great and easy way to start.

Step 1: Hop into bed, get comfortable.

Step 2: Ask a question – like – what does my guide want me to know? Or something else.

Step 3: Let your mind wander and just relax. Hold no expectations.

Step 4: Wake up or allow yourself to come back to normal and assess anything you remember.

Oh, and definitely set an alarm if necessary. I was never one for alarms, but I noticed that sometimes I went so deep into a trance state or I was off doing something in the psychic realms that hours went by quite easily. Sometimes I would remember everything, sometimes nothing. These are the times though that I have had the most vivid connection with guides and angels, where I could hear them talk to me out loud, feel their touch, see their faces. It was quite magnificent!

On that note, its nap time!