Understanding Curses Tip #2


One of the most common curses is an evil eye curse. This one can be very subtle and doesn’t always happen in your presence, like when someone sees a picture of you and your energy becomes affected by their intense emotions towards you.  You may have an evil eye curse if you find yourself constantly dehydrated, even if you are drinking more water.  When I moved from CT to FL I found myself drinking 9 – 10 glasses of water a day and I didn’t know what was going on. I still would feel dehydrated, but not necessarily thirsty, and my skin felt dry and my body felt like it needed more water. No matter how much I drank nothing changed, and I assumed it was the heat for a long time. One day I came across a really powerful way to clear evil eye curses and when I cleared them from myself, everything shifted back to normal and my life had fluidity and movement again and my body felt great. When I clear these with clients they can feel the shift immediately and almost always identify with that feeling of being dehydrated. If you are wondering how you can protect yourself from these, read on!

Most of us are born with an energetic universal shield intact. Once you know this you can just say, “shields up!” when you sense you might be in a situation where this could happen, or even take a moment and connect to your pictures and say the same statement to have further protection for your images.

This may not be 100% effective for everyone, as some people have issues with their shield being intact or going up due to other reasons too large to get into here at least right now. Also, I’ve noticed that evil eye jewelry and charms have been very helpful in protecting from this specific type of curse. Essentially though, the best thing to do is continue your healing work and taking the path to becoming a fully whole and aware person which will prevent any attacks to begin with as well as provide strong protection if necessary. Until then, shields up!

Love & Blessings,



Protection Rituals: Day 2

Welcome to Day 2 of our 5-Day cleanse! In Day 1 we spread an unbroken line of salt around the house. If you are in an apartment you may want to just spread a line of salt around your front door area instead.  Today we are going inside of the home and cleansing all the energy we have been absorbing in our living space. Have you ever just walked into a room and felt your mood change, or just get suddenly tired? Do some rooms feel more closed off, dark or uninviting? Are there spaces in your own home you find you avoid? These are all signs that it is in desperate need of a cleansing!

For this you will need sea salt, water and fine mist sprayer bottle.

Fill your spray bottle up with water. If you’d like to get some purified water that would be better, but not required. Throw in a handful of sea salt and shake until mixed or salts are pretty much dissolved. How little or how much sea salt depends on the size of the crystals and the brand. You don’t need much though, the goal is to get some salts dissolved without clogging the spray nozzle.

You are going to go from room to room and cleanse the entire house. If you are short on time you can start with the most used rooms, like bedroom, living room, kitchen areas. Enter a room and start from your left and make a clockwise circle around the room as you spray the mixture into the air. Most rooms require about 3 or 4 sprays for each length of wall you pass by. As you make your way back to your starting point, head closer to the center of the room spraying the mixture, as if to make a spiral. On your way out, spray the center of the room a couple times. This should be enough to cleanse a normal sized room. However, if a room has seen a lot of arguments, pain, sickness, negativity, fear, depression, or is used as a healing room, you may want to spray more of the mixture, or go into the other rooms and complete the process and then come back to the room and see how it feels to you.

Complete this process for every room. Just this alone will have your home feeling more peaceful, open and refreshed. Keep the spray bottle and mixture around to cleanse the rooms every so often you feel its in need of a cleansing. If there has been any sickness in the house, or if there was an argument – pull out the spray bottle and cleanse that area. I’ve once been in a room that had so many arguments that as soon as you walked in with someone else it was almost impossible to not get angry, or even have an argument.

For extra credit you can spray yourself with the salt mixture. You’d want to spray your aura to cleanse it, so that would be the space in-between your skin and about a foot out from your body. Take a deep breath and give yourself a few sprays then breathe out and relax.

Also, if you would like you can throw a little bit of dry sea salts on your carpets, leave for 15/20 mins then vacuum up. You can also toss some sea salt into a mixture to wash your floors with. Be careful with the carpets though so as to not cause any staining or damage. You may want to test a small area first.

*If your house has a lot of ghost activity, you have nightmares regularly, or if you feel you need a more intense form of clearing there is more you can do. Just as you did outside, go from room to room and throw the salt inside creating an unbroken line along the walls of each room, or if you have a room in particular you are concerned about. Again be careful with the salt on wood floors or on your carpet, but if you have a serious haunting going on I’m sure that is the last thing you care about.

And there you have it, day 2. Enjoy your refreshed and newly cleansed space! Tomorrow we will begin to clear entities, demons and curses from our bodies and around us. Don’t worry, its super simple and easier than today’s cleansing!

Until then, kisses



Protection Rituals: Day 1

Got bad luck? Stressful days? Things seem okay, but could be better? Ah! You may be in need of this 5 day energetic cleanse. Really. Protection can be made easy in 5 days!

I’m a girl with no time to waste nor do I like things that have more than a few steps. This goes for cooking too 😉 Here’s a simple and easy recipe to protect yourself that doesn’t involve all-nighters while praying into a candle or having to spend money on a professional. It just takes a few minutes a day to get everything in order and have a full on cleansing of your mind, body, energy and home.

You need only one ingredient: sea salt.

For Day 1 let’s start simple. Get some sea salt. I prefer the Dead Sea varieties  since they seem to work faster or are much more potent, but really any sea salts will do.

Take that sea salt and spread it in an unbroken line around the foundation of your home. From corner to corner, end to end. Don’t skip the front door area. Remember an unbroken line.

This method is very effective at keeping away the following:

  • Malevolent Spirits
  • Ghosts
  • Demons
  • Negative energy
  • Psychic Attacks
  • Curses (and their varieties)
  • Negative People – If these people live with you or just visit it will take some negativity off as they enter the home.

If you already have this stuff going on, the sea salt will work immediately to begin to cleanse and rid your space of these energies. This is a great process to use on a new home you are moving into, if you want to cleanse a home in order to sell it faster, when you feel you want a full on cleanse, you have been having a string of bad luck, sicknesses, or have had a lot of negativity in your life at this residence.

Why does this work? Well in most every religion salt is known to be good luck, a purifier, and a sacred part of ritual. Salt means you are connected to God/The Universe and have that Divine Protection. Spirits and negativity attach to doubt and lower vibrations and other negativity that is already present. In this case you are purifying the pre-existing negativity while calling upon Divine Protection.

For Day 2 we will move inside the house, then we will move on with how to cleanse yourself and then have total protection.



Why Visualization Doesn’t Work

Well, maybe doesn’t work is a little harsh. Why is visualization hit or miss at best? First a disclaimer: If it works for you, read no further – you are doing it in a way that works for you – feel free to email me and let me know! Okay! I’m not talking about the creative visualization we all do when we put together outfits in our minds, or figure out how to work on a project, or even when we visualize how our day is going to go. These are really task oriented and is normal and natural to visualize. What I’m talking about here is the visualization to manifest something – whether it be more money, a car, a lover, a home, etc.

A friend of mine (no its not me!) has been visualizing her future husband coming  to her for at least 7 years, perhaps more, but these are  the painful, lonely, and sometimes empowering years of single life that I can attest to. Let’s call her “Gloria” so she doesn’t kill me right after this is posted.  Lovely Gloria has been doing everything right, by the book. Visualize before bed and when you wake up, that’s when you are already in a meditative state. See him coming to you. Write down what you want in a man. Be specific, but not too specific – ever heard that one before? LOL Think about him all the time. Make space in your closet and bathroom. Wear gorgeous underwear in case you meet him on the street. Um, this last one might be from a “different” book I read. Anyway, she is doing all these things and reading the countless books to back this up. Yet, nothing, nada. She finally asked me a question one day, “Vanessa, what am I doing wrong?”. See, even though we knew each other she was really busy being hopeful and following the guidance and being virtuous and full of patience and trying to stay positive. Sound familiar?

When I began to really look at her situation, I could see each time she went in to visualize she was being an energy of “hopeful” and “eeek…maybe one day!” and “staying positive”. She was being all the wrong energies. Those are all energies of lacking. So each time she went in to visualize it was a lacking energy, and that is what she kept reaffirming. You’ve probably heard that you need to be the energy of “already having it”. So if you are already doing that, you are one step up!

Where a lot of people really get stuck with all of this though is the visualization part. See, the other twist here was she was visualizing specific scenarios happening – when that is not how this guy is going to come into her life.  What is going to work a lot better here is to “FEEL” how you will feel when this person is in your life. This feeling makes the energy more solid and then hands it off to the universe to fulfill for you, and then you can take the next steps in the physical world – such as going out more, using a dating site, etc. You are also being a strong enough vibration to attract this person, especially if you practice feeling like this more often than not. You don’t want to be worried about the how, its more about how you feel. The universe takes care of the how.

See, my friend Gloria was using more imagination and fantasy of how her partner will be and what that would be like – so it was keeping it in the energetic realm. When she brings down the feeling of actually having him it becomes more solid and real.

The other key here is that things never show up as you expect them to. They never usually look like what you had pictured in your mind. WHY? Well – if you could picture how something will show up or what they look like then you are using your psychic senses and having a psychic vision. Otherwise, you are basing it off of what you already know, which is an image of lacking that thing that you so desire. So unless its a psychic vision, the image is coming from a fantasy or an energy of lack. Neither of those two are going to help you create what you want.

So what to do? Well, go into what you want to feel like. Then if an image comes, yay! If not, continue with the feeling until its a normal part of your life. You will be surprised how the universe intends to fulfill these feelings/vibrations you are putting out there.

That’s it for now!




Family Members in the After-Life: Can they be your spirit guide?

Hi everyone!

I did a video on a common question I get asked a lot. Check it out!

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The Golden Mesh: Energy Tip

Hi everyone,

Check out this video I did on a quick and easy tip to clear your energy at the end of the day, or just whenever you feel you need it!

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Spirit Communication, is it really People Communication?

Well the first Mediumship class is well underway! Its called Spirit Communication Level 1 and this weeks topic was “No More Hiding Under the Covers!”. One of the many brilliant things that came into the light during class was that we have a very similar experience with spirits that we do with people. Essentially spirits are people – just people without bodies. We have our good ones, bad ones, quiet ones, funny ones, spiritual ones, etc. People don’t change too much when they leave their body and become solely a spirit – just like us there are experiences that will give them room to change if they wish and they also have assistance to learn and grow if they’d like as well, just like we do.

Primarily the difference here is that they don’t have a body like we do, and we talk out loud to people but we can communicate telepathically and much quicker with spirits. They do not have a sense of time so we can get the downloads very quickly and have super speedy conversations.

One person asked about spirits that say mean things and bother them. Interesting topic – because well let’s face it – its kind of creepy and aren’t you glad you don’t have THAT happening? My response here is this though – regardless of what this spirit is saying, how much its annoying you or you are feeling hurt and frustrated – how much of that has happened to you in your life with people – the ones in bodies?

Now, I didn’t get the sense that it was still happening to this person, just the clear sense that she allowed people to tell her how bad and wrong and stupid and slow and whatever else (I’m sure the list continues) she was or is – in the past. And even though she has probably moved on from these people as she is someone that has done a ton of self-work and growth and wouldn’t let someone do that to her now, the tape in the back of her mind (aka the subconscious) keeps a-playing. “You’re bad you’re wrong you’re stupid blah blah blah”.

Now the interesting thing here is this: If she destroyed that tape – a spirit/ghost/entity whatever you would like to call this disembodied being – could never come in and hit the play button on that tape. Essentially that is all its doing. Hitting the play button on whatever we have going on.

Most people do not like dealing with disembodied beings AT ALL – usually because of the few that like to search for (and usually find and hit) the PLAY button on our tapes. I can’t blame them, I myself have felt that way most of my life and avoided doing anything with these beings. However, somewhat recently I’ve changed my tune here. I’ve tuned into a different perspective that is a bit more enlightening to me and easier on my life.  Especially since someone that is technically a medium/channel cannot successfully ignore all the disembodied beings around oneself – there are always a few that break through – or one day the entire wall comes tumbling down and there they are and you have to deal with it in some way at some point.

My perspective shift is this: I am grateful that these few that hit the play button are pointing out all the unconscious tapes I’m still playing. If you know me you know that I have spent a considerable amount of time and money clearing any kind of tapes, negative thoughts, old behaviors, etc. etc. etc. For me its the subconscious stuff that kind of sticks me. The stuff I can’t see day to day to say – ok let me take a few moments and change this and change my life. These playful and sometimes annoying beings that most people refuse to do mediumship or open up their gift further in order to avoid, actually provide a service.

With that perspective shift, I can have gratitude and change the tape, I like to yank it out and toss it far away. Who’s with me? lol And not only does this provide a space of being able to the medium/channel that we are naturally born to be, but I have noticed it makes the dealings with people far easier, since the tape is not playing in the background with them too. For those that are mediums and channels, there is an enormous amount of power waiting for you when you step into your gifts and start to look at this subject. Dealing with the entities in your life has tremendous crossover in your dealings with people and is a boatload of power just waiting for you to step into.

Wanna grab your power? Check out the class we have going on right now by clicking the “V” in the corner of the page and looking under classes for more info!

Spirit Kisses,


P.S. Yes I am aware I’ve said tapes and have dated myself. I could say MP3, or recording, but it doesn’t have that same effect as “tape”. A subconscious tape playing somehow scares me more than a subconscious digital recording. Plus the thrill of ripping that tape apart is there. Kind of like the old days when we used to be able to slam the phone down instead of hitting END. LOL Go figure. At least I didn’t say record.

Finding Home


Are there certain things that you have just always known? Was there a time you knew someone would get sick or pass away, or that there was something going on with your relationship and it might end? As a child did you always know that you came here to do something powerful, wonderful and great that would change everything in some way? So many of us have this internal knowing, but the circumstances of life can feel like its forcing us to let go of this knowing or feeling within that comes from someplace you can’t quite reach or explain.

No matter what has happened, whoever told you were wrong, you’d never be that greatness that you knew was possible, or you shouldn’t know about events occurring in the future, or even if you were proved right for your awareness they still didn’t believe you and felt like an outsider after that, there is a way back home. There’s a way to let go of everything you created to stop yourself because no one believed in you or you just stopped believing too. Do you desire to have that back? The YOU that knows? The YOU that is aware? The YOU that felt like you had a greatness within just waiting to burst out when the time was right?

NOW is the time.

No one can choose this but YOU. No one can do this for you but YOU. See, this is about you. And only you. Its about what you always knew. Are you willing to have that? If you are say YES out loud!

Are you really willing to have this? No matter what it looks like? Or how much things might change for you? Or if life gets uncomfortable will you still choose that  energy of YOU and go through it, rise above it, and keep your sight focused beyond it?

If this is truly a yes, say that out loud!

What happens is that energetically your inner knowing will start to awaken, your inner feelings of greatness will start to come alive again, trust of you will begin to return, your strength, power and potency will feel more reachable. The process has begun my friends. Each ones journey will be different, some things may show up more quickly than others, or your entire being can just awaken from the knowing and the memory these words evoke.

The journey home to YOU has begun.

Infinite Gratitude, Love, Blessings,

and of course Kisses,


Dream on fellow Psychics!

Did you know that you are more psychic if you take a nap during the day? Well…this might not be fact, but for me and most of the clients I’ve recommended this to its worked out! When I was a teenager and even in my twenties I would practice my psychic skills by hopping into the bed and taking an afternoon nap. I didn’t start out intending to take a nap of course, but it usually ended up that way. Something about slowing down those brain waves that makes one sleepy!

We tend to be so busy during the day that we don’t get a chance to be aware of what is going on in the psychic realms or if our guides and angels are trying to get a message to us. Usually at night or in our dreams is a great opportunity for them, but let’s face it – we are passed out and drooling and exhausted from our day most likely. So, if you feel like you are most psychic at night, like you see visions or hear voices, etc. but you end up just passing out because you are so tired and can’t remember a thing in the morning, this might work great for you too! Or, if you’d just like to get some practice with developing your psychic ability this is a great and easy way to start.

Step 1: Hop into bed, get comfortable.

Step 2: Ask a question – like – what does my guide want me to know? Or something else.

Step 3: Let your mind wander and just relax. Hold no expectations.

Step 4: Wake up or allow yourself to come back to normal and assess anything you remember.

Oh, and definitely set an alarm if necessary. I was never one for alarms, but I noticed that sometimes I went so deep into a trance state or I was off doing something in the psychic realms that hours went by quite easily. Sometimes I would remember everything, sometimes nothing. These are the times though that I have had the most vivid connection with guides and angels, where I could hear them talk to me out loud, feel their touch, see their faces. It was quite magnificent!

On that note, its nap time!