Energy Update

To All Aspiring Beams of Light


Be the light. Allow your light to shine. Let your radiance shine so hard that it melts bystanders into puddles of love.

There’s nothing to purify. There’s nothing to clear. Your vessel is ready. It has always been ready.

The only thing to ascend is your thought that you’re not ready, the belief that you haven’t ascended yet, or are not pure enough.

Allow yourself to tune into this light, this inner radiance and allow it to flow.

Let go. Let it flow.



Energy Report for May 21, 2016

Tune into your abundance today! This day could be full of miracles and manifestation. Allow. Receive. Believe.

Energy Update

The energy last night and today have been pretty intense. As I have been more embodied and in-tune with myself some of these shifts in energy float right by me almost as if I’ve been cocooned from the light show raging outside, that is until I decided to poke my head out and see what was going on in  the ethers. A storm was raging last night. What did I see? The old matrix reality is being disassembled, the grid lines are disappearing and the 3D polarized reality being dismantled and transmuted. What does this mean and what does this feel like for us?

Friendships are ending, even long-term ones, you may feel easily annoyed and irritated, negativity emerges right in the midst of you feeling high vibrational and elated, you may feel like some people are up to their old tricks, feeling dreamy and spacey or disembodied to a certain extent, and the one that comes along with usually every event in the ethers – sleepiness, lethargy, and emotional tiredness. Usually when there are huge shifts like this, you may become aware of psychic attacks, energy interference, blocks, or feeling like you’re in a bubble where no one can see you, which can protect you but then can block your receiving. What do we do?

The time we are in now calls for letting go. We tend to want to jump right into “cleansing negative energies” – mode, however, letting go, surrendering and receiving change are super critical right now.  The changes you have been asking for are coming. It’s when we truly let go that the forces can come and sweep  through and change our lives, creating the change we are asking for. Included in letting go is the innate belief that all is working out as you’ve asked and in your best interest. The universe is conspiring in your favor, even though it may not feel like it.

So this isn’t “do nothing”. This is allowing change, detaching from everything and leaning back in the body, and taking a step back mentally allowing everything to stir and move. Float along knowing ALL of this is in your best interest. Everything is aligning for you, for your new future. Trust. Let go.

Peace to you,


Earthoscope: April 1 – 7, 2013

Dare I say it? I think we may have some movement forward this week!

Monday April 1 – Sunday April 7: Most of the week feels much lighter, like a breath of fresh air as you get to stretch your legs and walk a few steps forward. The energy for the week feels pretty light, low-key – so definitely you can make it what you wish. If you feel like hanging out with friends, having fun, having a playful week, or working on some projects, its pretty much yours to have.

Much of the week feels like this except for the following days where there is a bit more intense energy in the atmosphere.

Wednesday April 3:  This is a high energy day where your manifestations can start to appear. No matter how small, notice what shows up for you, even if its just a feeling. This will give you a physical awareness of what you have been actually asking for. If its not something you want, this is a great day to refine what you are asking for, or clean up those subconscious recordings that may be playing louder than what you have been asking for.

Saturday April 6: This could be a day where you are feeling a bit on the sensitive side and others words or actions can feel really harsh. Start your morning off grounded and get in tune with your higher being. If something throws you off during the day reconnect with your being and the earth. Watch out for others emotions today. The energy for this is especially high in the evening hours where conflict can easily arise, or the night can take a bit of an unexpected turn. Knowing this, you can stay in the flow as much as possible.

Sunday April 7: From the afternoon into the evening there is a high energy of renewed hope. This is a day for high vibes – use it towards your manifestations. Daydream, visualize, draw or write out what you’d like your life or a part of it to FEEL and to BE like in a year from now. Bask in that energy for as long as you like!

Kisses and kisses and more kisses,

Earthoscope: March 25 – March 31

Hey everybody! So many of you asked for it, so here we go, here’s a peek into the future beautiful ones!

Monday March 25 – Today is definitely lighter, more room to breathe, you might feel like your ability to think clearly is coming back as that thick fog begins to fade, fade away. Today is a great day to take care of business, for the most part. The energy is not totally clear of roadblocks, but you might be able to get 2 of 3 things done that you set your mind to. That 1/3 will still be up in the air, to be resolved, later on this week into next week. If you followed the energy and used it to your advantage last week and took a step or two forward over the weekend, today may feel pretty light to you as the energy of what you have set forth begins to take on a denser form as it makes it way through the manifestation process for you.

Tuesday March 26 – The first half of the day could feel like a setback has occurred, you could feel resistant, or like something went retrograde up there in the heavens. Ground, breathe, repeat. Not much progress will be made, but if you have tasks take your time and stay present and you will get through them, and resist the temptation to push harder. The last half of the day that energy lifts. So let go, or better  yet, don’t hold on to anything from the first half of the day. Its a good night to get together with friends and enjoy some laughter. Kindness is in the air.

Wednesday March 27 – Its easy to be cheeky and sarcastic or have a huge personality today. Go with it have fun. You may not feel focused, like getting the work done, but your creativity is sparked. Do something creative and see if you can do it from start to finish. Play with art, paints, writing, creating a website or something fun and new. Let yourself unleash onto a medium and amaze yourself with either your creation or how you feel after, or heck, both! Tonight, continue the creativity, cook some dinner, relax watch TV, have fun. You may notice the tension builds up and things aren’t as wide open and free as in the morning.

Thursday March 28 – This is an interesting day. If you’ve done a lot of clearing work this day could be easy breezy, but you may notice in others exactly where their blocks are. If there is still an area that needs to be looked at, today will bring up what needs to be addressed. If something does come up, know that its doing so to be healed with the  planetary energies. Ground, breathe, take a look at it, let go of the thoughts, feelings, and emotions there and see what you can do to change the situation and bring it to healing. You may need to call a friend for assistance.

Friday March 29 – This is a day of manifestation! What you’ve been asking for, clearing, or working on could pop up today, most likely in an unexpected way. If you have been asking for something, say a relationship, you could get a sighting to show you its coming, or make a new acquaintance, or something else. If exactly what you have been asking for doesn’t show up, don’t worry, notice what did show up today for you. If you met someone new it could be the universe showing you that you are on your way to meeting that person you would like to be with. Know that this is the first manifestation into the physical of what you’ve been asking for and that its on its way. Keep your eyes open today and focus on gratitude to assist the energies in manifesting for you!

Saturday March 30 – This feels like a strange day, especially for communication. You may want to stay in, read a book, work on projects, keep it low-key with friends, family, loved ones. This isn’t necessarily an emotional day, but interaction with others or being around a lot of people could be strained and you could feel like you are on different planets. This is a great day to commune with the Earth, be outside, enjoy a park, go for a hike, etc.

Sunday March 31 – 1. Make a list of everything you want to let go of.  2. Choose to really let it go with total ease. 3. Step into your power. 4. Act like you already have the you that you’d be if you let it all go. Today is a powerful day to get things done and make things happen. There is a lot of power and the energy of change to be pulled from the universe. If your intent is in alignment,  you can start new projects and move forward and deal with whatever pops up as you will have the strength and fortitude. If you are out of alignment and plans are not moving forward easily today – ask, What else is possible? What do I need to know here? What have I not been seeing? What can I now let go of that I have been unwilling to? How can I step into April with more of me, my power, love, gratitude, and my creativity – to create the life I know I deserve and have been asking for and waiting on?



Now is not the time

“Now is NOT the time to choose that.” ~ Roy Burns III

Anyone else notice the weird intense energy that has been hanging around since Friday, wreaking havoc all over the place? If you are in the northeast it came in the form of a snow piles so high you couldn’t open your door. For others it has been people acting very strangely in relationships, such as pulling away, pushing you away, taking a million steps back, stopping energy, breaking up, etc. I’ve gotten so many calls and questions about peoples relationships this week its wild – especially since its only Tuesday! For others its like a confusion, deep sadness, depression, can’t see the path ahead-type of energy. If you have avoided all of this – YAY for you – I was not one of the lucky ones, but still that’s spectacular and I applaud you, tell me your secret! If not I’d like to offer some words of comfort & perhaps hope.

This energy has been creeping in since late Thursday, peaked Saturday evening and started to descend Sunday night, however it’ll take about 9 more days before we can clear the debris and see where we are. Whatever reaction and major life change you would like to go into and choose – “Now is NOT the time to choose that!”. If you want to push someone away and shut them out – “Now is not the time”. If you want to break up “Now is not the time to choose that”. Move out of the northeast “Now is not the time” to make that decision. I’m not suggesting you don’t choose that AT ALL, but take some time to calm down and really think about what you would like instead of going into the reactive mode. If you can, see if you can wait a few more days so that you can have a bit more clarity, if its something you need to choose right away or your intuition is telling you to choose right away or its a dangerous situation of course – that’s different, take a few deep breaths and ask “what is my future going to be like if I choose this?”.

The relationship advice I’ve been offering to clients is this: Step into your power. Has your relationship been unbalanced? Have you been giving up YOU? Have you been hanging on their every word hoping that they will feel the same about you? Take all that energy, all the thoughts feelings and emotions about that person and throw it into the recycle bin. Take your power here. I have a tendency to use the “bad stuff” in life that happens and turn it into something positive and empowering for me and my clients. If you do that, throw all that to the side and take your power, you are actually giving the person room to come to you and want to spend more time with you and to share their feelings with you. Its as if when you are holding onto that energy there is no room for them to come to you because your hands are already full. That, plus the energy that is going on right now could make for some relationship troubles. So toss that energy – no matter who its for, relationship, family, etc. and step into your power. If you were being you, how would be in this situation?

I’m seeing that in about 9 days the dust will settle and we can reassess more clearly where we are and where we can go from here. These things that are happening can feel like a setback right now, but when the dust settles I feel like we may realize we are further along than we thought, especially if we use this time to step into more and having our power.