What can be a contribution to you that you may not even be aware of?


What can be a contribution to you that you may not even be aware of?

Your clothes.

Your food.

Your money.


The Earth.

Your home.

Let’s say you have a plate of food in front of you.

Take a moment to just breathe it in. Take a breath and really feel it by tuning into your body.

Ask, “Will you contribute to me?”.

In this moment just relax and the let the molecules change to match whatever it is you need that you may not even be aware of. Enjoy!

Yes molecules can change pretty quickly when you know it can change pretty quickly. hehe 🙂20160423_002405




A special kind of V Day: The Most Fattening Thing on the Menu!

Happy V Day! Sure,  its only Feb 13th, but I have declared today my V Day, primarily to not be out tomorrow and be the lepar (single woman on V Day with no Valentine in sight) amongst the couples, and also because everything around here is already booked solid for tomorrow and I happen to be a last minute kind of gal LOL!

This year I have declared my body to be my special Valentine and treat it kindly and to give it all kinds of love and to stop judging it, so it seemed fitting to take it out on the town for the day! We started out with a nice drive consisting of palm trees all lit up like it was Christmas, a 90 minute Thai massage, a Cheesecake Factory lunch of – yes a plate of cheese! and then a dish of “the most fattening thing on the menu!” as the lady at the table in front of me declared, LOUDLY to several onlookers. I laughed. I guess she didn’t see the plate of fried cheese. I promised myself no judgement, so I ate with no judgement. I noticed I didn’t feel stuffed after, feel guilty or bad after, I just joyfully ate the food my body reacted to when I opened the menu. Ever open the menu and something jumps out at you, then you decide “noooo, can’t be that, I don’t eat that!” or “no way that’s too fattening!”. What if that is what your body would love to have? As I ate amongst several onlookers wanting to order what I was eating, but declared they couldn’t, I wondered, is it really the judgement and the guilt that makes you put on weight?

Energetically speaking, when you do judgement and guilt, it locks up your energy, it creates this criss-cross & looping pattern going around your body and blocks the energy from flowing freely and openly like it should be when someone is healthy. The more you do it, the more of these patterns it creates, then whenever you eat, you find that you go into this pattern and then all eating is full of judgement and guilt. You could be eating a salad if you consider that non-fattening, and still doing it too, just the reverse. Its still a judgement to say this salad isn’t going to make me fat, as it would be to say, oh no this ice cream is fattening. Both are judgements and still create this locking and looping pattern around the body. While eating the salad with judgement you may say “great, no guilt with this”, but even that strengthens the guilt for when you eat something you don’t consider healthy.

This is why I eat with no judgement, who needs all that?! I’ve been really asking my body what it would like and how much it would like to eat. I definitely did not eat that entire lunch, I stopped when I felt like my body was happy, about a third of the plate. (Although I did polish off the fried cheese plate!)  I also eat salads and other fare people consider non-fattening regularly too with no judgement – I make sure I don’t think – oh wow I made a good choice today. Instead, anything my body desires to have is a good choice. What if that is really how it can be? Would you be willing to have that?

I have noticed since that, that without the constant conscious and unconscious barrage of judgement around food, I have felt more peaceful and confident with my body. The struggle with it has lessened tremendously. It feels happy. I don’t need to tell you that a happy body creates so much more ease in life, so this is one easy and indulgently satisfying way that I do that. After having the most fattening thing on the menu, we went shopping. Yes, now tell me really, after indulging in a lunch like this, who would actually want to go shopping? Can you imagine? Normally I would feel bloated, tired, guilty, bad, and all sorts of other things. But I didn’t! Me and the delightfully happy body went shopping and had a blast. Even tried on a couple bathing suits. Now that’s different!

Would you dedicate Valentines Day to your body and show it some love in your own way? Happy Valentines Day!

V Day Kisses!