Help! I’m Broke(n) – An energetic healing for your broken parts

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Have you ever said “I’m Broke”? In this video we explore what those 2 powerful words of creation might have sparked in our lives. Check it out & enjoy!

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Being a Quitter

Nobody wants to be called  a quitter, that has such an awful connotation to it. Its like you’re giving up, you’re a failure,  and on top of it all, somehow you’re to blame!  Well at least that’s what I think when I think quitter! That type of thinking though has left me in bad relationships, horrible friendships and pushing myself way too far when its obvious that something isn’t working anymore or maybe never has. Fortunately though, the one place I was ready and willing to be a quitter was with my job! I used to be a software engineer amongst other related titles in the 7 years working in the corporate worlds IT department. It was always very easy for me to leave my jobs, but that type of quitting is definitely glamorized, I mean who wouldn’t want to proudly hand in their resignation, smiling, saying I’m leaving to do nothing, have nothing planned, but I think I might be psychic and that’s all I got to go on!

There have a been quite a few endings for me recently and it was difficult and sad for me at first to let these people and things go.  I was asking my team of guides and angels, why is it so hard with these things? I know they aren’t working for me anymore, some of them draining and hurtful, other things just weren’t a contribution in the way it used to be. So why is it so difficult to move on? Then the answer hit me like a ton of bricks!

The things are very difficult to let go are the things we have totally invested our heart and soul in, whether it be people, friendships, relationships, a job, a business, a lifestyle, etc. It doesn’t matter. These are the things we have somehow made the answer and decided, this was IT. This was going to be ours and its going to work and its the best thing that has happened since sliced bread. For example, meeting a guy and going, “yep, he’s the one” – even if you wait a few months to make sure he’s the right one! Ever do that and notice how almost immediately things take a turn for the worst?

What happens energetically when we decide that in some way this is it, “I will be friends forever”, “He’s the one, I love him”, “This job is the best there is, it can’t get better than this”, “this is what I’ve been looking all my life for, its the answer to my prayers”, is that the energy stops flowing, it gets locked up. The moment you say those things that energy goes to that person/thing and you no longer own that piece of your energy, you have given something away. Yourself usually.

Essentially we do send that energy (unconsciously usually) so that things won’t change, and to ensure everything stays as perfect as this moment. However, this is what sets us up for failure. Once there is no more flow of energy, things can’t change and we live in a universe where things are constantly shifting and changing. It also creates us where we can’t easily receive the change and have to put more energy in keeping it the same. In the meanwhile, our energy is over there with that thing or person and it no longer needs us because it feels like it has us. Yikes! I’ve seen this to be the cause of a sudden distancing in relationships all too many times.

So, what to do?

First you may want to shy away from ever declaring something, keep it more, “yeah I really like this let’s see where this goes”, or “I’m really enjoying this right now, I wonder how much greater things can be” or when those thoughts creep up in your mind, just say ok gotcha, and I’m going to see where this goes.

Learn to really enjoy things in the moment for what they are. The universe is constantly changing and a great friend or job today may be gone in a year. The universe is intelligent and knows when things need to end and move on and it helps to know that to be in more allowance.

Look to the things you have really invested in that you feel are not really working anymore. Say “all of my investment in this, all of my energy in this, I call it back now”. Sometimes just calling your energy back can really change a job, a relationship, the way you see the world and more.

Practice these steps as a way of life and they will become second nature. You will find that letting go, quitting, moving on is a lot easier for you. You may also notice that you know ahead of time that things are not going to work out and its coming to a close. So instead of the panic we usually go into when we get alerted to that, we can go into those steps above and be well prepared.

Quitting til next time!

~ Kisses,