Twin Flames: Stage 1

The first stage in meeting your twin flame is the meeting.

This initial connection with your twin is usually a synchronous event or surrounded by some sort of unusual or interesting synchronicity! Both of you have a recognition of each other. Now, this may not be an “I’ve known you forever feeling” as usually happens with soulmates, but there’s definitely something that stands out about them.

The meeting can even feel surreal.

You know that the person you are with is different or maybe completely unlike anyone you have met before. They seem to get you without much effort and there’s an ease to being with them. It’s at this stage that both of your heart chakras begin to open and the awakening starts to happen. You feel comfortable around them or able to open up more and be more of yourself without much effort.

If you haven’t met your twin in person its still considered Stage 1 if your twin has come to you in dreams or if you are intuitive and can sense that type of soul trying to connect with you energetically. Everyone is unique and there are lots of ways to meet your twin, so while is the norm, it doesn’t fit every single case.

Many twins that are at stage 1 may not even be aware of something called “Twin Flame Reconnection” at this point.

Stage 2 — coming soon!



Today’s Thought

A Healing Mantra:

I love all the loved and unloved parts of myself.

I accept all the accepted and unaccepted parts of myself.

I approve of all unapproved and rejected parts of myself.

Speak this mantra throughout your day and watch your energy shift. The more you feel it as you say it, the better.

This is a simple step to begin self-healing, deepen it, and refocus your energy and thoughts on yourself. These statements are especially helpful if you find that you are outwardly focused on others, or find that you look for love, approval and acceptance outside of yourself. The more you can find it within, the easier your life will flow.

Love to you always,


Messages from the Other Dimension

In case you wanted to know what being me for 5 minutes is like.

As I lay there relaxed I could feel my eyes wanting to see further. I knew that if I just let myself go there, and see things inside out, then I would see again. I relaxed and dimmed my eyes a little, testing it out. If I would let myself see things as inverted I would see what I had been avoiding for all this time. It was in that moment that I felt and saw in my mind this fine line of real and unreal. I let myself see what was real, but now I could see the line and all that was beneath it. So I let go and held on to the calm place of certainty that this is a gift. I stared straight ahead and immediately saw 3 spirits of women where my fan was. They were dressed in gray tattered clothes and their cheeks plumped with delight as I looked at them. “Oh, she sees us!”, one exclaimed to the others. Another one looked directly at me and said “We’ve been with you since the 18th century.” Before I could ask them anything more, I was startled by the noise in the house and brought back abruptly to where I began. It became too difficult to communicate with them from this place, so I relaxed a bit. As I scanned the house I suddenly realized I was surrounded by spirits watching me as they encircled the outer edges of the room, yet the rest of the house was empty. “Have they always been here?”, I wondered. I knew I must be doing something of importance to generate this much attention. I turn back to my book about a writer that becomes a Vodou priest in order to create his book, but he must undergo days of darkness and being blindfolded as the spirits communicate with or possibly possess him. “We know its hard for you, you just want a normal life, but it has never been.” One of the women spoke gently. I looked at her puzzled. “We remember you. You don’t remember us.” They moved closer and one stroked my hair and their presence felt very nurturing in that moment. I appreciated their attentiveness and compassion. Just as I started to find comfort in their presence the metaphorical light bulb went off. Oh. “You guys want to go to the light? That’s why you’ve been here all this time?” Time to send them off I guess. “Yes, but when you have a moment.” I thought of how gracious they were even though they had waited since the 18th century and I laughed to myself. I blessed them and sent them off. I turned back to my book finishing the first chapter quickly. I felt something else tugging at me, wanting my attention. I put down the book and someone from the circle speaks. “You finished the entire chapter on darkness and you didn’t get scared.”, one being spoke.  “What do you mean, why would I be scared? I’m fine”, I said abruptly. Suddenly there was a momentary flash of everything I would be afraid of if I was blindfolded in the dark in a cave for days. I laughed out loud from the image and the fact that he so eagerly and quickly shot back to me refuting what I said. I pondered the image for a moment. Strange animals touching me, bugs crawling on me, something eating me perhaps. It was in that moment I wondered if we are born fearing things or if we have learned to fear them. I quickly cleared all the energy that those things brought up until I could see the image and imagine myself being naturally calm. “Thank you.” I said. “You better write this down now.” he said.



Everyones Least Favorite Emotion: FEAR

FEAR. What if fear is not A.) False Evidence Appearing Real and not B.) Excitement? Those are the two most common things I have been told about fear. “Its really excitement, let it go.” What if no, its not really excitement? When I look at the vibration of fear its close to excitement on the frequency scale and has similar qualities, but its really not just excitement. I think anxiety is a bit closer to excitement than fear is when I look at those two frequencies. These two statements about false evidence appearing real as well as excitement only serve to lock up someone more and never get through and totally release the actual fear.

True, what you fear may not be real – in the sense that you are not in real and true danger, however fear is a real and true emotion and has served its purpose at times of legitimate danger. When we convince ourselves it not real however, or that its just excitement, we tend to actually suppress and repress that emotion and it never gets addressed, but it instead it gets buried deeper.

Fear always comes up to warn you of a possible danger and pain. This is actually an emotion you want to have. One, so you can avoid whatever is about to ensue with a proper warning system. And two, you can see where you are being powerless or at the effect of something in your life. For example, if you are fearful of a situation with no perceived threat of danger, stop and ask yourself what you are really fearing. There may be layers and layers of fears, especially if you have pushed it away in the past or tried to avoid feeling that emotion. This is the first step in taking your power back and actually eliminating that threat of pain, as well receive parts of you that have been locked up under fear and being more present in your life and in your body. Upon fear most of us evacuate our bodies. What if something you feared in the past came up and now you can stand firm in your body, look at the situation with new eyes, feel the fear, then take back all your power from the situation?

Here are some steps to help when the fear arises:

1. Acknowledge your fear in any given situation. Let yourself feel that emotion.

2. Ask what is on the other side of it. Then ask yourself how you can get there.

3. Ask exactly what you are fearing and why. Not only will this give you good insight into your psyche, but you now have a list to work from and you’re no longer doing avoidance.

4. Focus on healing these areas. Declare that you are letting go of the fear. Declare you will have your power and energy that is wrapped up in that situation. Declare that you will not be at the effect of these things anymore.  Take back control of this part of your life.

5. Let go of, and clear any energy that comes up. If you have a method for clearing energy and healing through different lifetimes, use it here. If you need some assistance of course call me, or a healer that you work with. Sometimes just a walk in nature can really help you let go of these energies, especially when you are really ready to let these things fall away.

Of course this is not easy, especially at first. It takes time, but this is the path of true change, power and presence. Imagine getting over your fears?! Imagine being the fearless powerful force you were meant to be – in all situations?!



Coffee, cake and Inspiration!

Hey everyone! I thought it’d be fun to share what I’ve been doing for the past 2 months to get myself up and going everyday.

Hope you enjoy!



Are you making this mistake with your positive thoughts?

Hi everybody! In this video we talk about the most overlooked energy that creates that 2 steps forward – 2 steps back feeling when you are trying to keep the faith and stay positive.




Say my name say my name…

Rather, say your name and Get into that Beautiful Body of Yours! This post is for those that tend to stray to the other side of the universe. Lure yourself back to your body.


Well, you have to be there to manifest and receive the stuff you are asking for! Also, it gives you more control in your life and things actually happen more easily for you, even though it might feel like the opposite. Many people leave their bodies (you can never lose your body, you are always connected) and stand just outside of it or end up far away when something stressful happens, or an abuse takes place, or feel overwhelmed and as though they don’t want to or just can’t handle what’s going on. However, when you are ready to change things, create a big shift, or handle the issues, the best thing you can do is come back to your body to not only create a change, but have ease with it and stay in your power. If you think you may stray from your body try this exercise and see if you feel a bit more present.



Finding Home


Are there certain things that you have just always known? Was there a time you knew someone would get sick or pass away, or that there was something going on with your relationship and it might end? As a child did you always know that you came here to do something powerful, wonderful and great that would change everything in some way? So many of us have this internal knowing, but the circumstances of life can feel like its forcing us to let go of this knowing or feeling within that comes from someplace you can’t quite reach or explain.

No matter what has happened, whoever told you were wrong, you’d never be that greatness that you knew was possible, or you shouldn’t know about events occurring in the future, or even if you were proved right for your awareness they still didn’t believe you and felt like an outsider after that, there is a way back home. There’s a way to let go of everything you created to stop yourself because no one believed in you or you just stopped believing too. Do you desire to have that back? The YOU that knows? The YOU that is aware? The YOU that felt like you had a greatness within just waiting to burst out when the time was right?

NOW is the time.

No one can choose this but YOU. No one can do this for you but YOU. See, this is about you. And only you. Its about what you always knew. Are you willing to have that? If you are say YES out loud!

Are you really willing to have this? No matter what it looks like? Or how much things might change for you? Or if life gets uncomfortable will you still choose that  energy of YOU and go through it, rise above it, and keep your sight focused beyond it?

If this is truly a yes, say that out loud!

What happens is that energetically your inner knowing will start to awaken, your inner feelings of greatness will start to come alive again, trust of you will begin to return, your strength, power and potency will feel more reachable. The process has begun my friends. Each ones journey will be different, some things may show up more quickly than others, or your entire being can just awaken from the knowing and the memory these words evoke.

The journey home to YOU has begun.

Infinite Gratitude, Love, Blessings,

and of course Kisses,


Making Money: Definitely Don’t Do This Tip #3


Here it is folks, tip #3.

Never do it for the money!

See, money follows joy and presence. The key words in that are not joy and presence. I don’t mean it like “if I’m more joyful and present in my life money will show up”. Nope, because in a way there is still a focus on what one has to do to get the money. The key words to take notice here are “money follows”. Ahhh yes! Money follows.

Picture money as a squirrel. Know what happens when you chase a squirrel? You almost never catch it! What if you were to sit outside to enjoy the animals and sit very still and be very present and be at peace with yourself and nature, and drop some food for the squirrel? Well, it just might come to you.  You may find also all the other animals come near you too as well as people wish to be near you.

This isn’t to say quit your job and only do what you love. Or that you will only make money doing something that truly moves you. That is not true and won’t work!

What I AM saying is that if you have presence in your life, and do things with presence and the joy of living and being, money shows up! Money is a curious creature. So many people are chasing it that it stops and takes notice at the ones that don’t. Money will show up in your life in the various outlets you have to receive it when you become focused and present on life and living it.

For example, if you work as a teacher, focus on why you chose that and the fulfillment it brings you. When you leave work, be present with your drive home and notice nature and your surroundings and breathe. When you get home allow yourself to be present and enjoy preparing dinner. When we wake up in the morning be present as you dress yourself and prepare. Its not about what you do. If you do something that you absolutely abhor, look for one good thing in it and focus on that.  If you hate waking up super early, look for something positive there too. Like get yourself a special flavored coffee you look forward to, or play a fun song to wake up to.

The more present we are in our life, the more abundance in general will show up, not just money. Be present in each moment, not necessarily just one part of the day or that hour you get to go home and talk to your best friend or relax on the couch. Do you know someone that is totally present with you, when you talk on the phone or see them? How do you feel when you are around them? Would you like to be around them more? Well if you do know someone you also know that you can’t get enough of that person, you feel heard, understood, fulfilled. This is the energy that money loves to be around, its not just a human attraction, money wants them too!

I’ve had people practice this and not only has money shown up, but a relationship too! Of course it takes some practice and tweaking and each day will not be perfect. Practice being present especially during a difficult part of your day and watch things start to shift immediately.