Half-Empty/Half-Full, or Always Overflowing?

Did you know that when you choose something it actually becomes much easier to look at the positive side of things?

One of my friends is thinking of moving here, and I thought “Wow! that’s phenomenal – you get to enjoy a piece of paradise down here in south Fl! Good for you!” However – that was apparently my point of view. My friend was met with naysayers that live in the area deterring even the thought of a move. “I’m over it. There’s nothing to do here. It’s too hot here. It’s hard to meet people around here. There are no jobs.” These were just some of the tidbits of unsolicited advice. However, if you are around me for even 5 mins you’d hear “It’s so amazing here. Look at the beautiful sunset. That tree is gorgeous! It’s beautiful out! I love it here!” I said many of those things today, even in mid-the-world-is-gonna-end-thunderstorm/hurricane weather that even the alligators and snakes come out of hiding to run for cover.

As I sat and thought about this, I thought about living in CT. Growing up I felt so bored living there, and ughhh the winter! I felt like it wasn’t my choice to be there and I didn’t have the means to move. I was frustrated being stuck in the house on snowy days and I didn’t like being out in the cold at all. When I got into my mid 20’s though, I started to appreciate where I lived. I realized we were so to close to NYC, we could take all kinds of trips to different states pretty easily, we had mountains as well as beaches, there were a lot of corporate jobs and the pay was great, and its one of the richest states. So I chose to stay a little bit longer and enjoy my time there.

Do you like where you live? What would happen if you chose to live there, even if you told yourself it was just for a little while? Well what happened to me before I left CT was that almost every single weekend was a trip to somewhere I had never been. On nice days I soaked up the sun. On an autumn day I rolled in leaves. In the spring I danced in the rain and ran through the grass. In the winter – well I would like to say I shoveled but actually I stayed inside and killed some hot chocolate, pizza and snoozed to movie marathons. How would you start to look at things if you were actively choosing to live where you live? Would the days get brighter? Would you meet more interesting people?

I love it down here in south FL, although I will admit that its never easy to move somewhere completely new by yourself. My move would’ve been easier had there been a partner or friend moving with me. However, the point that I chose to be here is what gets me up in the morning, looking for new things to do, people to meet, and places to explore and expand my love for the area. I would dare to even say that I love it because I chose it. Everything is brighter, funnier, more beautiful and spectacular.  What’s really funny is that I thought people up north stayed in the house for 6 mos of the year because its cold and snowy or some other location/weather related excuse. To my amazement what I’ve found here is that a lot of people stay indoors too and it has nothing to do with the location or weather as I was originally convinced! That blows my mind! People are people no matter where you live. They stay inside in paradise and can complain about where they are living, or they jump into a pile of snow and laugh and giggle and enjoy where they are at.

What’s great about where you live? I believe that we are where we are for a reason and it suits us at the time. Are you allowing your location to suit you and be to your greatest benefit? Try saying “I’m choosing to live here until I choose to live somewhere else.” See what shows up!

Bountiful Kisses,


Finding Home


Are there certain things that you have just always known? Was there a time you knew someone would get sick or pass away, or that there was something going on with your relationship and it might end? As a child did you always know that you came here to do something powerful, wonderful and great that would change everything in some way? So many of us have this internal knowing, but the circumstances of life can feel like its forcing us to let go of this knowing or feeling within that comes from someplace you can’t quite reach or explain.

No matter what has happened, whoever told you were wrong, you’d never be that greatness that you knew was possible, or you shouldn’t know about events occurring in the future, or even if you were proved right for your awareness they still didn’t believe you and felt like an outsider after that, there is a way back home. There’s a way to let go of everything you created to stop yourself because no one believed in you or you just stopped believing too. Do you desire to have that back? The YOU that knows? The YOU that is aware? The YOU that felt like you had a greatness within just waiting to burst out when the time was right?

NOW is the time.

No one can choose this but YOU. No one can do this for you but YOU. See, this is about you. And only you. Its about what you always knew. Are you willing to have that? If you are say YES out loud!

Are you really willing to have this? No matter what it looks like? Or how much things might change for you? Or if life gets uncomfortable will you still choose that  energy of YOU and go through it, rise above it, and keep your sight focused beyond it?

If this is truly a yes, say that out loud!

What happens is that energetically your inner knowing will start to awaken, your inner feelings of greatness will start to come alive again, trust of you will begin to return, your strength, power and potency will feel more reachable. The process has begun my friends. Each ones journey will be different, some things may show up more quickly than others, or your entire being can just awaken from the knowing and the memory these words evoke.

The journey home to YOU has begun.

Infinite Gratitude, Love, Blessings,

and of course Kisses,