Energy Update

The energy last night and today have been pretty intense. As I have been more embodied and in-tune with myself some of these shifts in energy float right by me almost as if I’ve been cocooned from the light show raging outside, that is until I decided to poke my head out and see what was going on in  the ethers. A storm was raging last night. What did I see? The old matrix reality is being disassembled, the grid lines are disappearing and the 3D polarized reality being dismantled and transmuted. What does this mean and what does this feel like for us?

Friendships are ending, even long-term ones, you may feel easily annoyed and irritated, negativity emerges right in the midst of you feeling high vibrational and elated, you may feel like some people are up to their old tricks, feeling dreamy and spacey or disembodied to a certain extent, and the one that comes along with usually every event in the ethers – sleepiness, lethargy, and emotional tiredness. Usually when there are huge shifts like this, you may become aware of psychic attacks, energy interference, blocks, or feeling like you’re in a bubble where no one can see you, which can protect you but then can block your receiving. What do we do?

The time we are in now calls for letting go. We tend to want to jump right into “cleansing negative energies” – mode, however, letting go, surrendering and receiving change are super critical right now.  The changes you have been asking for are coming. It’s when we truly let go that the forces can come and sweep  through and change our lives, creating the change we are asking for. Included in letting go is the innate belief that all is working out as you’ve asked and in your best interest. The universe is conspiring in your favor, even though it may not feel like it.

So this isn’t “do nothing”. This is allowing change, detaching from everything and leaning back in the body, and taking a step back mentally allowing everything to stir and move. Float along knowing ALL of this is in your best interest. Everything is aligning for you, for your new future. Trust. Let go.

Peace to you,


Its baaaack! Mercury Rx time.

Have you ever heard of Murphys Law? Its like this:  “if something can go wrong it will.” This is what Mercury Retrograde time is like for a lot of people, especially Virgos and Geminis.

Do you feel like the universe has it out for you? Check to see if its Mercury Retrograde.

There’s usually one cycle out of the 3 or 4x during a year that can bring us to our knees. I’ve had some particularly bad retrograde periods, everything from trapped outside in a blizzard for 14 hours to, oh wait, getting trapped in a blizzard for 8 hours far from home with my car in the middle of a hill – sideways. Yes it happened twice.

For some reason the one around this time of year really get me, except there is no blizzard now that I am FL, but I am also careful to not say that one too loud and jinx myself. I have many more stories about myself and fellow Virgos and Geminis, but I will spare you.

Mercury Retrograde is an astrological event that happens 3 (sometimes 4) times a year. It travels along its merry path then there’s a period where it appears to go backwards for 3-4 weeks. However, the days leading up to the 3-4 weeks and after those weeks can usually be counted as well since it appears that the planet has stopped or slowed its course. Now Mercury isn’t really going backwards, but it just appears that way, sort of like an optical illusion. Too bad the disturbances it can cause can feel all too real! This year the first one is February 23 – March 17.

What this means is the following:

Mercury rules electronics and communications and that’s what usually goes haywire. Many people have issues with their cars, machinery, cell phones, computers, travel plans, legal documents, communication between colleagues, friends, and loved ones all tend to get disrupted.

Usually the astrological advice is this:

Get the needed repairs to your car, machinery, etc before the retrograde. Do not sign legal papers or start new projects during this time. I wish I could say don’t buy the hype – but my cell phone is frozen and I had to restart my computer 4x before I could type this and my hairdresser put in the wrong hair color, and the day is still young.

Many people see Mercury Retrograde as a positive event because its about slowing down and catching up on certain things such as paperwork, reflecting on your past few weeks, following-up on anything already started, letting go of electronics and communicating face to face instead, surrendering, and best of all your intuition is very high at this time.

If you didn’t know about Mercury Retrograde this isn’t meant to scare you. Just sometimes we need a little preparation. Now is the time to be patient, think things through, give yourself extra time traveling, be more clear in your communication, reflect on your accomplishments and successes and what you would like to change and go forward with after this period is over.

For me personally its been a difficult time during Mercury Rx , but it has really gotten better over the years as I’ve been more present in the moment and have become more in flow with the universe. There might be upsets but its ok. This too shall pass and what can we take away from this?

The way I see it is this, if the universe goes to such great lengths to stop me – I’m not where its most beneficial for me to be or now is not the time for this. I breathe and do something else. Over the years I have started to see life in general this way. If something is very difficult and not flowing I stop and review if this is really where I am supposed to be or what I should be doing. Most of the time I realize I want to change my mind.

This year I am willing to be present in the moment and slow things or redirect them if necessary. I’ll let myself change my mind 100x and it’ll be ok. And I will totally let go of the thought that the universe and certain planets are out to get me.

Care to join me?

If that’s a YES, ok – take a deep breath and let it all go. Know that the universe is here to support you. Will you allow its support fully no matter what it looks like or feels like?  🙂

Love & Mucho Gratitude and Kisses,