Messages from the Other Dimension

In case you wanted to know what being me for 5 minutes is like.

As I lay there relaxed I could feel my eyes wanting to see further. I knew that if I just let myself go there, and see things inside out, then I would see again. I relaxed and dimmed my eyes a little, testing it out. If I would let myself see things as inverted I would see what I had been avoiding for all this time. It was in that moment that I felt and saw in my mind this fine line of real and unreal. I let myself see what was real, but now I could see the line and all that was beneath it. So I let go and held on to the calm place of certainty that this is a gift. I stared straight ahead and immediately saw 3 spirits of women where my fan was. They were dressed in gray tattered clothes and their cheeks plumped with delight as I looked at them. “Oh, she sees us!”, one exclaimed to the others. Another one looked directly at me and said “We’ve been with you since the 18th century.” Before I could ask them anything more, I was startled by the noise in the house and brought back abruptly to where I began. It became too difficult to communicate with them from this place, so I relaxed a bit. As I scanned the house I suddenly realized I was surrounded by spirits watching me as they encircled the outer edges of the room, yet the rest of the house was empty. “Have they always been here?”, I wondered. I knew I must be doing something of importance to generate this much attention. I turn back to my book about a writer that becomes a Vodou priest in order to create his book, but he must undergo days of darkness and being blindfolded as the spirits communicate with or possibly possess him. “We know its hard for you, you just want a normal life, but it has never been.” One of the women spoke gently. I looked at her puzzled. “We remember you. You don’t remember us.” They moved closer and one stroked my hair and their presence felt very nurturing in that moment. I appreciated their attentiveness and compassion. Just as I started to find comfort in their presence the metaphorical light bulb went off. Oh. “You guys want to go to the light? That’s why you’ve been here all this time?” Time to send them off I guess. “Yes, but when you have a moment.” I thought of how gracious they were even though they had waited since the 18th century and I laughed to myself. I blessed them and sent them off. I turned back to my book finishing the first chapter quickly. I felt something else tugging at me, wanting my attention. I put down the book and someone from the circle speaks. “You finished the entire chapter on darkness and you didn’t get scared.”, one being spoke.  “What do you mean, why would I be scared? I’m fine”, I said abruptly. Suddenly there was a momentary flash of everything I would be afraid of if I was blindfolded in the dark in a cave for days. I laughed out loud from the image and the fact that he so eagerly and quickly shot back to me refuting what I said. I pondered the image for a moment. Strange animals touching me, bugs crawling on me, something eating me perhaps. It was in that moment I wondered if we are born fearing things or if we have learned to fear them. I quickly cleared all the energy that those things brought up until I could see the image and imagine myself being naturally calm. “Thank you.” I said. “You better write this down now.” he said.




Spirit Communication, is it really People Communication?

Well the first Mediumship class is well underway! Its called Spirit Communication Level 1 and this weeks topic was “No More Hiding Under the Covers!”. One of the many brilliant things that came into the light during class was that we have a very similar experience with spirits that we do with people. Essentially spirits are people – just people without bodies. We have our good ones, bad ones, quiet ones, funny ones, spiritual ones, etc. People don’t change too much when they leave their body and become solely a spirit – just like us there are experiences that will give them room to change if they wish and they also have assistance to learn and grow if they’d like as well, just like we do.

Primarily the difference here is that they don’t have a body like we do, and we talk out loud to people but we can communicate telepathically and much quicker with spirits. They do not have a sense of time so we can get the downloads very quickly and have super speedy conversations.

One person asked about spirits that say mean things and bother them. Interesting topic – because well let’s face it – its kind of creepy and aren’t you glad you don’t have THAT happening? My response here is this though – regardless of what this spirit is saying, how much its annoying you or you are feeling hurt and frustrated – how much of that has happened to you in your life with people – the ones in bodies?

Now, I didn’t get the sense that it was still happening to this person, just the clear sense that she allowed people to tell her how bad and wrong and stupid and slow and whatever else (I’m sure the list continues) she was or is – in the past. And even though she has probably moved on from these people as she is someone that has done a ton of self-work and growth and wouldn’t let someone do that to her now, the tape in the back of her mind (aka the subconscious) keeps a-playing. “You’re bad you’re wrong you’re stupid blah blah blah”.

Now the interesting thing here is this: If she destroyed that tape – a spirit/ghost/entity whatever you would like to call this disembodied being – could never come in and hit the play button on that tape. Essentially that is all its doing. Hitting the play button on whatever we have going on.

Most people do not like dealing with disembodied beings AT ALL – usually because of the few that like to search for (and usually find and hit) the PLAY button on our tapes. I can’t blame them, I myself have felt that way most of my life and avoided doing anything with these beings. However, somewhat recently I’ve changed my tune here. I’ve tuned into a different perspective that is a bit more enlightening to me and easier on my life.  Especially since someone that is technically a medium/channel cannot successfully ignore all the disembodied beings around oneself – there are always a few that break through – or one day the entire wall comes tumbling down and there they are and you have to deal with it in some way at some point.

My perspective shift is this: I am grateful that these few that hit the play button are pointing out all the unconscious tapes I’m still playing. If you know me you know that I have spent a considerable amount of time and money clearing any kind of tapes, negative thoughts, old behaviors, etc. etc. etc. For me its the subconscious stuff that kind of sticks me. The stuff I can’t see day to day to say – ok let me take a few moments and change this and change my life. These playful and sometimes annoying beings that most people refuse to do mediumship or open up their gift further in order to avoid, actually provide a service.

With that perspective shift, I can have gratitude and change the tape, I like to yank it out and toss it far away. Who’s with me? lol And not only does this provide a space of being able to the medium/channel that we are naturally born to be, but I have noticed it makes the dealings with people far easier, since the tape is not playing in the background with them too. For those that are mediums and channels, there is an enormous amount of power waiting for you when you step into your gifts and start to look at this subject. Dealing with the entities in your life has tremendous crossover in your dealings with people and is a boatload of power just waiting for you to step into.

Wanna grab your power? Check out the class we have going on right now by clicking the “V” in the corner of the page and looking under classes for more info!

Spirit Kisses,


P.S. Yes I am aware I’ve said tapes and have dated myself. I could say MP3, or recording, but it doesn’t have that same effect as “tape”. A subconscious tape playing somehow scares me more than a subconscious digital recording. Plus the thrill of ripping that tape apart is there. Kind of like the old days when we used to be able to slam the phone down instead of hitting END. LOL Go figure. At least I didn’t say record.