Infinite Being

Are you making this mistake with your positive thoughts?

Hi everybody! In this video we talk about the most overlooked energy that creates that 2 steps forward – 2 steps back feeling when you are trying to keep the faith and stay positive.




The power has been within you all along

Yesterday we did our first Mediumship telecall and it became very clear to me – all those people or events in your life that seem to make you fall on your face? Yep those. Or the ones that feel like the rug got pulled out from under you, what if they are really there to deliver you your power?

What are you unwilling to claim, own,  or acknowledge about you, that if you did, people would stop using it against you?

See, the universe is always trying to return to consciousness. So if there is a place where you are giving yourself up and not having your power, well the universe will eventually take it down, have it fall apart, or look for a million ways to deliver your power (aka you) back to you. Yes, deliver you back to you. You are infinite being, you are everything, every energy, you are a drop in the ocean. One drop of water in the ocean still contains everything the other drops have to make up that ocean. You have the universe within you.  You are infinite being, a beautiful drop of the universe. This is the oneness with which we all are.

So if you are not having some part of you, the universe tries and tries to give you back to you. That energy can come in a multitude of ways. Let’s say for example you are someone that is unwilling to speak up or be loud. You probably notice everywhere you go there are a million and one screaming babies or loud noises. So much so that you’d probably rather stay home or stick to your routine that doesn’t involve loud things. That’s just one example. If you claimed owned and acknowledged that yes you can be loud and would be willing to be loud since you are infinite being that is ALL things and energies, those loud notices wouldn’t matter much to you in your universe, or you wouldn’t even notice it if/when it came up, and it’d actually be more rare.

See in every moment the universe is trying to right itself, fill in the gaps – picture a gap in the ocean, it’d be filled immediately. This is what the universe is doing, delivering you an energy back to you. Its you. Its also your power. How do I know its a power? Well it can be used to against you, to make you feel at the effect of it, or powerless. That’s how I know. AND also because YOU ARE POWERFUL! Like where this is going?

So what’s going on your life that you can claim, own and acknowledge? Is there is someone in your life you feel powerless around or at the effect of? Will you claim own and acknowledge that in some way you are not stepping into your power? Demand your power here. This is new to a lot of people so it may not happen overnight. When I work with people over the phone we clear the blocks to this so it can happen in a matter of minutes to a couple days, depending. In any event, whether we ever speak on the phone or not, your power is yours and will eventually come back to you block or no block. Keep demanding, allowing, stepping into it. Once you proclaim and really demand to have it, the universe then does a rerouting and tries a different way to get it back to you, an easier way. However, if you try to keep the blocks in place, the universe has to go about a stronger means to knock away those blocks and that is usually when we feel like things are falling apart.

Let’s do it the easy way if you like. Take that power. When you have all of your power that person can disappear from your life in some way, or you can find yourself getting along pretty easily with them, or they don’t even cause a blip on your radar, never mind an emotional reaction like in the past. You’ve picked up and claimed all of your power, so they’re not there outside your house, picking up your abandoned power from your yard, shaping it into snowballs and throwing it at you anymore. There’s nothing to throw, nothing for them to take.

Would you be willing to start to see every disempowering situation as the universe delivering to you what is yours? Claim, own, and acknowledge, as an infinite being that power that is being delivered is yours. Be willing to take it and have it.

This will change your life. Its changed mine and tons of other clients.

Enjoy sweet infinite beings 🙂