Energy Update

The energy last night and today have been pretty intense. As I have been more embodied and in-tune with myself some of these shifts in energy float right by me almost as if I’ve been cocooned from the light show raging outside, that is until I decided to poke my head out and see what was going on in  the ethers. A storm was raging last night. What did I see? The old matrix reality is being disassembled, the grid lines are disappearing and the 3D polarized reality being dismantled and transmuted. What does this mean and what does this feel like for us?

Friendships are ending, even long-term ones, you may feel easily annoyed and irritated, negativity emerges right in the midst of you feeling high vibrational and elated, you may feel like some people are up to their old tricks, feeling dreamy and spacey or disembodied to a certain extent, and the one that comes along with usually every event in the ethers – sleepiness, lethargy, and emotional tiredness. Usually when there are huge shifts like this, you may become aware of psychic attacks, energy interference, blocks, or feeling like you’re in a bubble where no one can see you, which can protect you but then can block your receiving. What do we do?

The time we are in now calls for letting go. We tend to want to jump right into “cleansing negative energies” – mode, however, letting go, surrendering and receiving change are super critical right now.  The changes you have been asking for are coming. It’s when we truly let go that the forces can come and sweep  through and change our lives, creating the change we are asking for. Included in letting go is the innate belief that all is working out as you’ve asked and in your best interest. The universe is conspiring in your favor, even though it may not feel like it.

So this isn’t “do nothing”. This is allowing change, detaching from everything and leaning back in the body, and taking a step back mentally allowing everything to stir and move. Float along knowing ALL of this is in your best interest. Everything is aligning for you, for your new future. Trust. Let go.

Peace to you,


Oh yes, its a fine line between love and hate…

Did you ever notice that the one thing that really irks you about someone is the one thing that you love about them? Hahaha! So this kind of cracked me up when I realized this. So go ahead think about someone you care about. Think about the thing you love the most about them. Think about the thing you dislike the most – are they related?

Do you have a friend that you absolutely love for being so casual and laid back and not taking things too hard or serious and you feel so comfortable around them that you can say anything? Do they also annoy you when they are late, never make up their mind until last minute and its hard to pin them down for future plans? I’m THAT friend. I’m also laughing about being that friend right now! See, these are just opposite sides of the same coin!

Is your boyfriend or girlfriend super extroverted and so very social? Do you love that about them, is that what drew you in? However, does it frustrate you that it always seems like they are flirting or having a good time with someone else? I hear this one A LOT!

For me, I personally looked back on my romantic relationships and realized I absolutely loved when people make me feel like their #1 and only ONE – BUT that also drives me crazy because I couldn’t possibly have the time in the day to be anyone’s #1, and am still working on being #1 for myself, which by the way, would make all this conflictual stuff end if I just allowed me to be my own #1, but that’s a different story for another day.

Take a look, go through all your friendships, romantic relationships and see for yourself. When you see the opposites there, just laugh it off and it’ll dissipate the energy and that thing that is driving your crazy will be less likely to come up again, or if it does it’ll be less intense.