Earthoscope: April 1 – 7, 2013

Dare I say it? I think we may have some movement forward this week!

Monday April 1 – Sunday April 7: Most of the week feels much lighter, like a breath of fresh air as you get to stretch your legs and walk a few steps forward. The energy for the week feels pretty light, low-key – so definitely you can make it what you wish. If you feel like hanging out with friends, having fun, having a playful week, or working on some projects, its pretty much yours to have.

Much of the week feels like this except for the following days where there is a bit more intense energy in the atmosphere.

Wednesday April 3:  This is a high energy day where your manifestations can start to appear. No matter how small, notice what shows up for you, even if its just a feeling. This will give you a physical awareness of what you have been actually asking for. If its not something you want, this is a great day to refine what you are asking for, or clean up those subconscious recordings that may be playing louder than what you have been asking for.

Saturday April 6: This could be a day where you are feeling a bit on the sensitive side and others words or actions can feel really harsh. Start your morning off grounded and get in tune with your higher being. If something throws you off during the day reconnect with your being and the earth. Watch out for others emotions today. The energy for this is especially high in the evening hours where conflict can easily arise, or the night can take a bit of an unexpected turn. Knowing this, you can stay in the flow as much as possible.

Sunday April 7: From the afternoon into the evening there is a high energy of renewed hope. This is a day for high vibes – use it towards your manifestations. Daydream, visualize, draw or write out what you’d like your life or a part of it to FEEL and to BE like in a year from now. Bask in that energy for as long as you like!

Kisses and kisses and more kisses,

Earthoscope: March 25 – March 31

Hey everybody! So many of you asked for it, so here we go, here’s a peek into the future beautiful ones!

Monday March 25 – Today is definitely lighter, more room to breathe, you might feel like your ability to think clearly is coming back as that thick fog begins to fade, fade away. Today is a great day to take care of business, for the most part. The energy is not totally clear of roadblocks, but you might be able to get 2 of 3 things done that you set your mind to. That 1/3 will still be up in the air, to be resolved, later on this week into next week. If you followed the energy and used it to your advantage last week and took a step or two forward over the weekend, today may feel pretty light to you as the energy of what you have set forth begins to take on a denser form as it makes it way through the manifestation process for you.

Tuesday March 26 – The first half of the day could feel like a setback has occurred, you could feel resistant, or like something went retrograde up there in the heavens. Ground, breathe, repeat. Not much progress will be made, but if you have tasks take your time and stay present and you will get through them, and resist the temptation to push harder. The last half of the day that energy lifts. So let go, or better  yet, don’t hold on to anything from the first half of the day. Its a good night to get together with friends and enjoy some laughter. Kindness is in the air.

Wednesday March 27 – Its easy to be cheeky and sarcastic or have a huge personality today. Go with it have fun. You may not feel focused, like getting the work done, but your creativity is sparked. Do something creative and see if you can do it from start to finish. Play with art, paints, writing, creating a website or something fun and new. Let yourself unleash onto a medium and amaze yourself with either your creation or how you feel after, or heck, both! Tonight, continue the creativity, cook some dinner, relax watch TV, have fun. You may notice the tension builds up and things aren’t as wide open and free as in the morning.

Thursday March 28 – This is an interesting day. If you’ve done a lot of clearing work this day could be easy breezy, but you may notice in others exactly where their blocks are. If there is still an area that needs to be looked at, today will bring up what needs to be addressed. If something does come up, know that its doing so to be healed with the  planetary energies. Ground, breathe, take a look at it, let go of the thoughts, feelings, and emotions there and see what you can do to change the situation and bring it to healing. You may need to call a friend for assistance.

Friday March 29 – This is a day of manifestation! What you’ve been asking for, clearing, or working on could pop up today, most likely in an unexpected way. If you have been asking for something, say a relationship, you could get a sighting to show you its coming, or make a new acquaintance, or something else. If exactly what you have been asking for doesn’t show up, don’t worry, notice what did show up today for you. If you met someone new it could be the universe showing you that you are on your way to meeting that person you would like to be with. Know that this is the first manifestation into the physical of what you’ve been asking for and that its on its way. Keep your eyes open today and focus on gratitude to assist the energies in manifesting for you!

Saturday March 30 – This feels like a strange day, especially for communication. You may want to stay in, read a book, work on projects, keep it low-key with friends, family, loved ones. This isn’t necessarily an emotional day, but interaction with others or being around a lot of people could be strained and you could feel like you are on different planets. This is a great day to commune with the Earth, be outside, enjoy a park, go for a hike, etc.

Sunday March 31 – 1. Make a list of everything you want to let go of.  2. Choose to really let it go with total ease. 3. Step into your power. 4. Act like you already have the you that you’d be if you let it all go. Today is a powerful day to get things done and make things happen. There is a lot of power and the energy of change to be pulled from the universe. If your intent is in alignment,  you can start new projects and move forward and deal with whatever pops up as you will have the strength and fortitude. If you are out of alignment and plans are not moving forward easily today – ask, What else is possible? What do I need to know here? What have I not been seeing? What can I now let go of that I have been unwilling to? How can I step into April with more of me, my power, love, gratitude, and my creativity – to create the life I know I deserve and have been asking for and waiting on?



Earthoscope: The Week of March 17-24

Yeah I made that word up. I wouldn’t normally blog about a horoscope for this upcoming week, but I am trying to eat my green St. Patty Day cupcakes and have guides yelling in my ear about what they’d like me to post. Apparently its an important week LOL! I know I have said that before in the last few blogs and newsletters about this equinox and the fact that Mercury is retrograde. So here is what we have to look forward to beautiful friends!

Sun 3/17 – A day to chill at home, relax, be with family, friends or loved ones. Lay back, relax, take a moment for you. Enjoy green cupcakes.

Mon-Tues 3/18-3/19 – The energy builds back up a little and there is still some resistance. Although we may not feel like we are pushing an enormous boulder up the highest mountain like in previous weeks, our days will not be flawless, but much smoother than the past few weeks. There is a hectic energy in the air that will be easy to get caught up in. Take a break, a breath, and thoughtfully go about your day in presence and awareness and if you get hit with that hectic energy, pause and think before you act. It will be too easy to say something you may regret or act in haste.

Wed 3/20 – A strangely powerful day. There is a energy building and building here, where you may notice it as heavy, or dense, or thick. Some people may react to it by getting sleepy, some may get anxious. If you feel either of these, take it and use this energy to build momentum on a future project. This is a great day to plan the future. Create a list of  3 things you would like to release over the equinox and a list of 3 things you’d like to do and create this year (through next spring), and another list of things you’d like to have in 5 years time. Map it out. Plan to take a step towards these goals this weekend.

Thurs 3/21 – A day where that energy that was building the day before turns into a higher pitch, a higher vibration and can cause anxiety, ADHD symptoms, restlessness, fatigue, the tendency to make rash decisions, change body image (talking huge makeover here), or play it safe inside the house. How to best use this energy? Sit in a meditative posture, clear your mind for a few minutes and totally relax your body, allow in these high frequency earth & cosmic energies – let it pour and wash through you, then recall the list of the 3 things you’d like to clear. Think about each one for a few minutes, ask this high frequency energy to dissolve it, move it through you, or to assist you in letting it go. Ask to let it go with ease if you are having trouble. Move on to the next until all 3 feel different to you. Suggested time for this would be about an hour, as you may need a quick nap after allowing in all these energies and releasing what does not serve you any longer.

Fri 3/22 – Late night Thursday or early Friday, sit with that list of things you’d like to create this year. Again, step into the meditative posture for a few minutes, pull in the earth and cosmic energies and let it flow through your body for several minutes until you feel comfortable and peaceful. Look over your list and one by one, see yourself having what you are asking for, ask for this earth and cosmic energy to dissolve any resistance from you having your goal. When it feels ok, step into the image and pull the energy through your body until you feel its flowing. This process should take about 15 minutes. If you’re unsure if you’ve done what was necessary, please know its more about the intention and know that these energies are here to assist you. If this is all new to you the guides are saying “you have to start somewhere!”. What better time than now?

Sat 3/23 – Magical Day! Take a breather, you survived and guess what? You were not at the effect of all that intense energy AND you used it to serve you and create more ease in your life now, and a greater future! Congratulations beautiful beings! Today, look at your list of goals and take a step in that direction. What simple thing can you today that would empower you and step into your goal and the better life you have been asking for?

Sun 3/24 – First part of the day feels like Saturday, so take another step towards another goal. What simple thing can you do today? This evening – prepare for the week ahead, it feels like its going to be fast paced and there will be little time to catch up on things.