Where are all the good guys?

Hey beautiful readers! Do you know the #1 question people ask when they call me? I’ll give you a hint…people get embarrassed to ask me this!

OK,  if you said romance then you are right on! People ask me all the time, “Where is my man? When will I meet the one, or my guy, or heck … a normal guy? I think the universe hates me, what gives?!”  Every once in a while I get “Do you think he really loves me? Why isn’t he talking relationship – will I forever just be a friend“.  This last one is a tough one to answer because I know how painful it can be to really care for someone and you are not sure if they feel the same way. I can totally understand where these women are coming from and nobody really wants to be alone, especially when all their friends are getting married or coupled up!

This tends to be a sore subject if you’ve struggled in the romance department, and although I’m great at relaying spiritual advice, I  began wondering what the heck is going on with dating? Over the past few months I’ve noticed that around 90% of the questions I get are ALL about romance, which is quite a bit more than usual. Now, if you’ve ever spoken to me you probably know that once a question gets into my head I can’t stop until I find the answer! I will breathe, eat and sleep a topic until I get the information I need. So what the heck is going on with men and women and why does it feel like we are a different species altogether?

..And so my research began! The universe guided me to a few different people who were considered experts on the topic. I listened to them, read what they had to say, but really, I didn’t get what I was looking for until I found Mathew Hussey. He is a very engaging speaker and says things in a way that makes things click and makes you wonder, why didn’t I think of that before?! You may have seen him on Ready for Love as one of the 3 matchmakers that give dating advice if you caught that on NBC last night! I love his advice and found myself not only wiser in regards to relationships, but more confident in all areas of my life.

Mathew has a new book called Get The Guy, that just came out this week. It focuses on Finding the Guy, Getting the Guy, and Keeping the Guy. It covers all three areas, since inevitably once you’ve met a guy the next question I usually get is how do I get him, and then how do I keep him? One thing I notice when I get these questions is that we all tend to think we are the only ones with this specific issue. One thing I really learned from his work, as I could relate to all the dating scenarios he brought up, is that we are not alone! See, when I get a call and a woman asks, why won’t he commit to more – as in make me his girlfriend? The woman usually thinks its only her and that she is in a weird and unique situation. We may feel like we are alone especially if we are around women who have no trouble with dating, but it became so clear that the questions I was getting asked, he was also getting asked – and by thousands of women. There was really nothing unique about this situation, its actually a common thing that some people know how to get around and others didn’t learn. It just amazes me how much this info can help so many women to not only having more fulfilling dating lives, but also enhance their relationships and bring in tons of confidence in their lives!

Mathew said so many things that made me have aha moments! One crazy thing that blew me away is when he talks about guys being nervous to come over to you. I never knew that! I know I sound crazy. However, I have a gorgeous friend (you know who you are!) and I can’t even say I’ve seen anyone ever scared to approach her. However, Mathew points out what I have been noticing all along and just never understood. The ones that approach are not necessarily the right kind of guy for you, and he teaches how to have to choice in dating and where you are not only subject to the bravest of the brave that come over.

Ok I could go on and on about everything I learned…but hey see for yourself. Check out this ultra hilarious book trailer below!

Here’s the link to the Get The Guy book on Amazon USA:

Love & Kisses,