2013: After the end of the Mayan Calendar

So you’ve made it past the end of the world I see! Now what? What’s different? Did any of those numerous predictions come true for you?

Here’s what was happening before we reached the end of the Mayan calendar in case you weren’t paying attention to the Apocalypse,  or recently had a head trauma and now have a shorter memory than me:

The Mayan long count calendar ended on the winter solstice, Dec 21, 2012.  and was the end of a 26,000 year cycle. According to the Mayans it is not the end of the world, but an end to an era, and a birth of a new world, one in which time does not exist. Shamans refer to it as a shift from the 4th sun to the 5th sun. Each sun represents an era since the beginning of humans inhabiting the planet. The beginning of the 5th sun offers the possibility to begin again, wipe the slate clean and start over,  create a new and different life, or enter a higher dimensional plane of existence where time does not exist as we know it. What if all that were actually possible? But perhaps not in the way we have imagined it to be.

I like to look at it this way, from summer solstice to the winter solstice we have a little less daylight each day, and then on the winter solstice, Dec 21st,  its considered the shortest day of the year, when we have the least amount of daylight. From that point on we have a bit more daylight each day until June and we reach the summer solstice again. That’s sort of what is happening here with this end of world shift that we are going through. For 26,000 years things have been energetically more and more difficult until the turning point – Dec 21st 2012. However, leading up to this point, those of us creating more consciousness, space, or healing for ourselves and others on the planet, have made great strides in changing the intense effect of the energy to where it was okay and perhaps just like another day – one where you didn’t need to hide indoors with cans of food and bottled water, and perhaps stave off fire-breathing double-headed dragons! Oh! That’s what you have been doing all along! And was that why so many of you were called to be healers in some or another in the last 5-10 years? LOL Yes! You are pretty awesome my friend, thank you for your contribution!

So now what? Well, what would you like to create? Your old job regarding 2012 is complete. Have you chosen a new one yet? If you have not and would like an idea for one – how about “I choose to create an expansive life with joy, bliss, gratitude, ease, abundance and fun for myself and everyone that I come into contact with.” Its important for you to choose to a new job at this time if you have been someone helping the planet and its people transition into a higher vibration. If you haven’t you may notice you feel tired, sick, have permanent bed-butt, bored, blah, out of place, or feeling like things are just not moving. So choose away, choose something awesome to reward yourself with after all of your work!

In an upcoming article I expand on how time does not exist as we know it and the impact on the next 26,000 years of gaining a little more lightness every day.  AND more importantly, how you can use that to your advantage to create your dream life in 2013 and beyond!

With Love & Gratitude,