Blissed Out of Polarity

I love listening to the pouring rain and watching it pummel the exotic plants and trees. I am enchanted as the sky lights up and turns from bright orange to black as the night approaches. I watch as the stars struggle to radiate and shine behind these thick clouds. This is bliss to me. I feel like I can breathe again, relax again, be me again. It’s when I am the most at peace and my energy feels the clearest its been. Silence ensues within my body, and even the neighborhood goes quiet. The irony of the intense thunder outside creates the most intense stillness inside.

We are always coming into balance one way or another. This is the natural cycle of life. Did you ever notice how when there is chaos outside you get very still within yourself? Whether you are thinking of a plan of action, go into survival mode or even freeze up in fear, stillness becomes you. When you have stillness or joy within ever notice how someone comes along to knock you of alignment with the divine, or seems to fight the mood you are in? We seem to always be polarized and attracting the opposite to create that balance of Oneness that we truly live in. The more we fight it, the more it fights back. What we resist, persists. Its the same as when we go on a 5 day yoga retreat, or attend a 3 day energy workshop. We leave feeling great, open and expanded, then within days we can feel tight and contracted, and even old emotions can rise up to the surface.

When our vibration goes up and we finally feel amazing and on top of the world we tend to never want to come back down, so we naturally or even instinctually push out those other emotions, energies and frequencies. We feel they are bad or we label them under the NO WAY category. I know I do. When I feel great I feel like there is no way I’m coming back down. However, there is no such thing as exclusion in a world of energy when all is One and needs negative and positive to operate. So what you decide you don’t want, comes fighting back to its rightful place as much as you fight to push it way. It’s like fighting your reversed mirror image. You attract people who feel threatened by your expansion or new found joy. They fight it because they feel excluded from your life. So how do we escape polarity but enjoy our bliss?

Accept all energies. Allow it to flow. Imagine the thing you want the most to happen. Imagine how you would feel if it already happened. If there’s a smile on your face that’s a good sign. If you feel light in your heart and an opening there, this is what acceptance feels like. Allow yourself to feel that and watch how much easier it is to stay blissful.




The Red Tent Revival!

I have a secret to share…

It’s a secret that will turn you on, light you up, and rock your world in all kinds of ways…

It’s a secret that harkens back to more than 5,000 years ago when the feminine was worshiped, respected and celebrated…

It’s a secret that will have you reclaiming your feminine power, reviving your wisdom, and returning to your truth as a woman…

Ready for it?!

You’ll find it here in this video.

I attended this last year and it was absolutely amazing. I learned tons of new stuff that I didn’t even know was out there and it helped me to ground into my femininity more. This is why I’ve decided to take part in supporting this event this year. I hope you check it out. 🙂


Kristin Sweeting Morelli, is the red hot woman who is pioneering this movement. She seriously likes to shake things up and break down barriers for women around the world…

And so, she has put together an EPIC (and totally free) 5-day online festival where we’ll revive EVERYTHING it means to be a woman.

It’s called the Red Tent Revival… and it’s happening soon.

I’ve gotten a sneak peek and it’s a WOW! I’ve never seen or heard of anything like it. It’s already changing my life and the lives of tens of thousands of other women in 167 countries and counting…

Inside the Red Tent, you’ll get to learn from an extraordinary group of contributors too… television stars, best-selling authors, world-famous dancers, MDs, and PhDs who will be sharing their wisdom and having us move our bodies. Mmm… so good!

Want to come?! (You can take part from the comfort of your living room!)

Join the Red Tent Revival here.


Is Motivation Actually Sabotaging You?

I was talking to a friend this morning and while looking at her energy, well, I noticed she had her motivation in the wrong place. Ever hear of that? Probably not. I heard the guides say to her, your motivation is in the wrong place, that’s why its not working and you are judging yourself or feeling hopeless with this situation. So where does your motivation need to be? Well, it doesn’t need to be in the beginning. Motivation is not what makes you change. Motivation is not what opens your eyes to something. You can read motivational messages all day long and it wouldn’t help you join the gym necessarily or break up with someone that you know is causing you more pain than pleasure.

Motivation needs to be in the middle somewhere. Once you’ve decided to make a change and then set a goal and are putting something for the new you in place and perhaps you feel down, or get stuck, well that is where motivation steps in. It can be simple as calling a friend, hopping on Facebook and seeing a motivational message, or even giving yourself a pep talk. Its a trigger that’s keeps you on track, or gets you out the door to the gym when its way to cold outside to even start the car, never-mind get up from under the fluffy down comforter.

Notice how when a kind and caring family member tries to talk to you about losing weight, your reaction is not a pleasant one? Or when someone tells you to just leave your boyfriend/girlfriend/husband/wife already – or someone just comes over and gives you tons of advice about how to better your life, and how that tends to create a really bad emotional response? They are trying to motivate you because they see where something could be different in your life.

So what’s the key here? Well, you haven’t chosen it yet so motivation is not going to work. What will work – is inspiration! Motivational speakers are actually inspirational speakers. You have to inspire change first, and then you choose something different for your life, then you set a goal or plan to make something more solid, then the motivation comes in to keep you going. Inspirational speakers aren’t like a coach to just pump you up and get you through, they tell you their entire story, they let you know change is possible, that there is something more, something greater, and that yes you can have it too.

So what did I learn today? Well – before I make a new years resolution or goal I need to be inspired first. I need to know its really possible, I need to feel good about it, and I need to soak up positive energy and then really decide that is is something I in fact want and can do. No more making a change because someone is motivating me in one direction or another. It’ll be short lived and I will just have resentment towards them and be judging myself.

If you are to be successful with your goals YOU and only YOU have to choose it and decide it will be done. What will you let inspire you first?


…And I also saw a picture of someone’s living room that had an all glass wall displaying the sunrise over the open water, and the ocean waves came right up to the lanai almost. It was incredible and left me breathless. When I think of a house its hard to think about anything other than that. Now that is some inspiration that is compelling me to make a choice and set a goal…

Delaying Destiny

People always ask me, are our lives predetermined? Is everything up to fate, or do we have total free will? Are some things our destiny, how does it all work? Well the answer to this isn’t as simple as it sounds like it might be – as its yes and no to all of the above!

We are born with an infinite number of life paths, although many of them might have the same people involved on almost every path as it could be our destiny to connect with certain people. On each path your interaction with them could be a little bit different. As you go through your life and make a choice the path that is in sync with your choice aligns with you and you walk into that future. As you make the next choice and the next choice and so on, the correct path lines up with you. Most people that live in a comfort zone or that tend to make the same type of choices, tend to stay on one path for most of their lives, and their choices align with what is already on that path. When I look at the paths of those people it tends to be solid and I can see the timing of when things will show up in their lives pretty easily.

However, those that make drastic spur of the moment life altering decisions, well they will tend to switch paths constantly – and in a reading I rarely see a set future, nothing feels solid. Instead I will look at all their possible futures and help them choose which one would give them the most out of their life and lead them to where they want to go.

Then there are a lot of people who have engaged in self-help and metaphysics, or people who just decide they have had enough and are determined to change – they usually lie somewhere in between with all of this. As you heal certain core wounds you tend to drastically alter your future – meaning you pull in and create a new life path than the one you were previously on. However, here’s where people get stuck. We’ve been told to sit back and wait and do nothing, let the universe bring you your gifts – but that’s not entirely true. Its important for us to let go and not dwell on things and to get out of our heads, but sitting back and waiting never did anybody any good! So many people have asked me when their dream guy is going to show up at their door, or find them. Unless he can see through walls and has mental gps, you have to be somewhere he can find you.

For example, you may be destined to meet a certain person, but if you sit back, wait, have faith – you will start to question, “What am I doing wrong? What’s going on? I’ve done all this healing!”. This is how we delay destiny. We get onto our new path that is more clear, and allows for a deep soulmate connection for example, but then we don’t move forward on it. We feel like the heavy lifting is done, now comes the prize. Not true, keep walking forward, keep going. When you have healed and cleared a lot of things in your life, the path that is now before you is much clearer for you to go forth, but also requires more action than someone for example, that has done little to no healing and/or stays in a comfort zone of no-change. It might feel like a catch 22. You might be saying, then why do the work? Well, because the type of person you will meet and the type of experiences you will have will be much for fulfilling and mean so much more.

If you find yourself in this last category, how do you stop delaying destiny? I advise my clients to never sit back and just have faith here, this is where you want to clear your mind, get out of your head, get into your body and do some movement. Ask yourself what would be appropriate. Say you would like to meet someone. Clear your mind, get into your body, and affirm you will meet someone to be in relationship with. Then go out and take action, be out as much as possible, be available in more than one way. As you live more in your body than your head different thoughts and ideas will come to you. It could be simple as taking a walk in the park, then an idea comes to go to a museum. Then at the museum you realize you like antiques. You now have a new hobby, something to take you out more, and who knows, it keeps going. This is what your life path looks like. When you clear your head you will be able to sense the next thing on your path, which is taking that walk, then the museum and so on. This is how you work and walk the new upgraded path you’re now aligned to after all that healing work!

Here’s to no more waiting or getting stuck!


Half-Empty/Half-Full, or Always Overflowing?

Did you know that when you choose something it actually becomes much easier to look at the positive side of things?

One of my friends is thinking of moving here, and I thought “Wow! that’s phenomenal – you get to enjoy a piece of paradise down here in south Fl! Good for you!” However – that was apparently my point of view. My friend was met with naysayers that live in the area deterring even the thought of a move. “I’m over it. There’s nothing to do here. It’s too hot here. It’s hard to meet people around here. There are no jobs.” These were just some of the tidbits of unsolicited advice. However, if you are around me for even 5 mins you’d hear “It’s so amazing here. Look at the beautiful sunset. That tree is gorgeous! It’s beautiful out! I love it here!” I said many of those things today, even in mid-the-world-is-gonna-end-thunderstorm/hurricane weather that even the alligators and snakes come out of hiding to run for cover.

As I sat and thought about this, I thought about living in CT. Growing up I felt so bored living there, and ughhh the winter! I felt like it wasn’t my choice to be there and I didn’t have the means to move. I was frustrated being stuck in the house on snowy days and I didn’t like being out in the cold at all. When I got into my mid 20’s though, I started to appreciate where I lived. I realized we were so to close to NYC, we could take all kinds of trips to different states pretty easily, we had mountains as well as beaches, there were a lot of corporate jobs and the pay was great, and its one of the richest states. So I chose to stay a little bit longer and enjoy my time there.

Do you like where you live? What would happen if you chose to live there, even if you told yourself it was just for a little while? Well what happened to me before I left CT was that almost every single weekend was a trip to somewhere I had never been. On nice days I soaked up the sun. On an autumn day I rolled in leaves. In the spring I danced in the rain and ran through the grass. In the winter – well I would like to say I shoveled but actually I stayed inside and killed some hot chocolate, pizza and snoozed to movie marathons. How would you start to look at things if you were actively choosing to live where you live? Would the days get brighter? Would you meet more interesting people?

I love it down here in south FL, although I will admit that its never easy to move somewhere completely new by yourself. My move would’ve been easier had there been a partner or friend moving with me. However, the point that I chose to be here is what gets me up in the morning, looking for new things to do, people to meet, and places to explore and expand my love for the area. I would dare to even say that I love it because I chose it. Everything is brighter, funnier, more beautiful and spectacular.  What’s really funny is that I thought people up north stayed in the house for 6 mos of the year because its cold and snowy or some other location/weather related excuse. To my amazement what I’ve found here is that a lot of people stay indoors too and it has nothing to do with the location or weather as I was originally convinced! That blows my mind! People are people no matter where you live. They stay inside in paradise and can complain about where they are living, or they jump into a pile of snow and laugh and giggle and enjoy where they are at.

What’s great about where you live? I believe that we are where we are for a reason and it suits us at the time. Are you allowing your location to suit you and be to your greatest benefit? Try saying “I’m choosing to live here until I choose to live somewhere else.” See what shows up!

Bountiful Kisses,


Coffee, cake and Inspiration!

Hey everyone! I thought it’d be fun to share what I’ve been doing for the past 2 months to get myself up and going everyday.

Hope you enjoy!