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What can be a contribution to you that you may not even be aware of?


What can be a contribution to you that you may not even be aware of?

Your clothes.

Your food.

Your money.


The Earth.

Your home.

Let’s say you have a plate of food in front of you.

Take a moment to just breathe it in. Take a breath and really feel it by tuning into your body.

Ask, “Will you contribute to me?”.

In this moment just relax and the let the molecules change to match whatever it is you need that you may not even be aware of. Enjoy!

Yes molecules can change pretty quickly when you know it can change pretty quickly. hehe ūüôā20160423_002405




When you’ve tried everything and your goal still hasn’t manifested!

10 Signs Your Divine Feminine is Awakening

10 Signs Your Divine Feminine is Awakening

The universe has a way of introducing frustration in the places that need the most healing. It’s to get us to stop and look at what is going on and make some changes in our lives. Many people get frustrated though and don’t know what to do, what changes to introduce or what the universe is actually trying to get them to see.

I almost called this post¬†10 Signs Your Divine Feminine is Imbalanced, or Un-awakened. However, the truth is that if these things are happening to you, somewhere in your soul your feminine is awake and just calling out for healing and changes so she can can come back into balance with your masculine energy. She’s there and you are aware of her, even if its unconscious, but these are signs she is asking to be unblocked if any of these things are causing you frustration. This post is for those people that feel truly feminine in their nature. Not all females are truly meant to be feminine and men – masculine, but if you are one of the majority that is feminine in nature then this may resonate¬†for you.

  1. You have your life together. You have a good job, your own place, good friends, life is flowing to you, maybe abundantly, but one thing is missing. The soulmate or that passionate relationship you so truly desire.
  2. You’ve been burnt out from work before and fear getting burnt out again so it stops you from creating and moving forward with new projects and ideas.
  3. Your mind goes and goes and goes. It’s hard to make it stop and get restful deep sleep. You ground yourself but it doesn’t seem to help quiet the mind and get to that place where the thoughts cease. Quiet meditation could even feel like a chore.
  4. You constantly feel like you are “out-manning” men. It almost feels too easy. You may also find that they don’t “step-up” and do the manly things that should be obvious to them.
  5. You feel masculine on the inside. On the outside you could be very feminine looking, curvaceous or you do “girly” things, but inside you’ve never felt feminine.
  6. You tend to be the nurturer in your relationships with lovers, friends, family.¬†When we’re nurturing, we are actually in our masculine energy.¬†You may¬†be the giver and doer in relationships. and you¬†feel like you are doing a lot of the work to keep things flowing.
  7. This one addresses both extremes: Your finances are blocked and find that you are in a co-dependent relationship and need more from him whether it be attention or finaces, or you feel like you are the one in charge and doing everything financially or otherwise.
  8. You have a lot of shame or hatred of your body. It’s hard to look in the mirror and see the beauty standing before you. Your eyes go right to the places you want to change or feel you have imperfections.
  9. You isolate yourself or have a fear of being seen or heard or have some social anxiety.
  10. You have trouble opening your heart and seeing the love and beauty of life all around you. This can also manifest as an issue with receiving. You ask for what you want, you even ask for help, but you don’t always receive it or with the ease you’d like. The word surrender feels like defeat, not like surrendering into the divine flow and opening up to receiving and change.

These are all signs your feminine is waking up and wants to be seen, heard and expressed through you. Just the acknowledgement that this is indeed what is happening will start this process of healing, unblocking and further awakening for the feminine.

If you would like a private session to open up the divine feminine, please contact me at I will also be doing groups and processes in the late spring to early summer to assist in the awakening of the divine feminine including Womb Blessings, Initiations, Carrier of the Sacred Flame, Healing Sexual Wounds, Heart Wounds and Intuition Wounds, and much more!



The #1 Reason Manifestation Techniques Don’t Work

My guides keep reminding me of this precious detail every so often. We tend to get lost in our race to make things happen, to get what we want, to push toward our goals, and to clear the blockages in the way, energetic or otherwise. We focus on the minute details, we clear and clear and clear the energy and give it our all. We stay positive, focused, happy and do everything we learned to do about manifesting our dreams, even letting go of them so the universe can take care of it and make things happen. Okay, not all of us, but if you’re nodding¬†your head to this you know the pain of striving towards what you want every single day, sometimes working at it all day every day and seeing only minor shifts – if that. Sometimes we break down in frustration or seek more help, or find more blocks to clear, but it feels like an endless cycle with certain¬†things. So what’s going on?

Ask and You Shall Receive. That really is all it is. Did you ever ask for something, let it go and then see it show it up? Sometimes you hardly asked for it at all, it was just a passing thought in your mind – and there it was knocking at your door or coming to you asking you if you were interested in what they have to offer. So what is the difference here? Why does certain things show up so easily and other things you feel may never change?

Many books will tell you the problem is¬†about the receiving. You have asked for it, but you are not open to receive it. You’re not a good receiver. You have to let go and just receive. But, I’ll tell you something different, a secret of sorts.

Asking is receiving.

When you ask for something and you are clear as to what you want, but you are not hung up on the need of it thinking it will change your life, or you’ll finally be set free, it is free to come to you. If there is nothing really attached to the asking, but just the desire, it will show up. If there is a lot riding on the outcome of that thing showing up, or you just want it oh so badly, it won’t show up so easily.

Here’s why. You don’t really want it. It’s pretty simple, if you really wanted it, you would have it already. I don’t mean “want” as in lack, like wanting something so badly that it hurts, or makes you sad/miserable/or depressed in any way. I mean desiring it, from a calm relaxed place. A place where you know you can have it. Think of it like this, you have three meals in the refrigerator and someone asks you which one you want. You are coming from a place of having, or a calm place of knowing, versus, the frustrated feeling of lacking and being without that comes up when you think of thing you want so much that you have been working so hard to get all these years.

I have a friend that keeps asking me when she’ll find a job, or what she has to do to get that perfect job. She gets other jobs, minimum wage ones that she doesn’t like to do. She wants a certain type of job. When I tested her “Truth, do you really want a job?” It was a no. You can try this at home. What is that you have been striving for all these years? Truth, do you really desire¬†it? If you do muscle testing you can test to see what you get here. If not, you can feel deep down into your body, not in your head as your head will tell you “yes you do want it of course duh!”. What does your body say? This may not always be the answer, but so many times it goes back to something as simple as this. Do you really want this thing or not? Maybe you are waiting for more perfect conditions to show up. Like losing weight first, then having that relationship. Or maybe feeling like you need to fix something about yourself first before you get out there and get that job. When we looked at this further, my friend felt like she wasn’t good enough for a better job, so deep down she didn’t want the job yet because she felt it was above her.

So what do you do about this? Well, you can look at where you are giving mixed signals to the universe. I advised my friend to focus on both sides of the coin for faster results, what is blocking you from wanting it and is what you want best suited for you right now? One thing was working on her self-esteem and confidence and trust in herself to build up her value, and the other side of this was to sit with the idea of what she thought she wanted. Why did she want this type of job? What did she think it would give her? Did she indeed want this or just the status of the job so she could feel a certain way? Would she be better suited to something else, or was she ready to put her fears aside step into something bigger? She is currently sorting through all of this, but I know when she stops giving mixed signals to the universe and puts out one message clearly – I know she will get what she truly wants.



Spiritual and Wealthy

Why Visualization Doesn’t Work

Well, maybe doesn’t work is a little harsh. Why is visualization hit or miss at best? First a disclaimer: If it works for you, read no further – you are doing it in a way that works for you – feel free to email me and let me know! Okay! I’m not talking about the creative visualization we all do when we put together outfits in our minds, or figure out how to work on a project, or even when we visualize how our day is going to go. These are really task oriented and is normal and natural to visualize. What I’m talking about here is the visualization to manifest something – whether it be more money, a car, a lover, a home, etc.

A friend of mine (no its not me!) has been visualizing her future husband coming ¬†to her for at least 7 years, perhaps more, but these are ¬†the painful, lonely, and sometimes empowering years of single life that I can attest to. Let’s call her “Gloria” so she doesn’t kill me right after this is posted. ¬†Lovely Gloria has been doing everything right, by the book. Visualize before bed and when you wake up, that’s when you are already in a meditative state. See him coming to you. Write down what you want in a man. Be specific, but not too specific – ever heard that one before? LOL Think about him all the time. Make space in your closet and bathroom. Wear gorgeous underwear in case you meet him on the street. Um, this last one might be from a “different” book I read. Anyway, she is doing all these things and reading the countless books to back this up. Yet, nothing, nada. She finally asked me a question one day, “Vanessa, what am I doing wrong?”. See, even though we knew each other she was really busy being hopeful and following the guidance and being virtuous and full of patience and trying to stay positive. Sound familiar?

When I began to really look at her situation, I could see each time she went in to visualize she was being an energy of “hopeful” and “eeek…maybe one day!” and “staying positive”. She was being all the wrong energies. Those are all energies of lacking. So each time she went in to visualize it was a lacking energy, and that is what she kept reaffirming. You’ve probably heard that you need to be the energy of “already having it”. So if you are already doing that, you are one step up!

Where a lot of people really get stuck with all of this though is the visualization part. See, the other twist here was she was visualizing specific scenarios happening – when that is not how this guy is going to come into her life. ¬†What is going to work a lot better here is to “FEEL” how you will feel when this person is in your life. This feeling makes the energy more solid and then hands it off to the universe to fulfill for you, and then you can take the next steps in the physical world – such as going out more, using a dating site, etc. You are also being a strong enough vibration to attract this person, especially if you practice feeling like this more often than not. You don’t want to be worried about the how, its more about how you feel. The universe takes care of the how.

See, my friend Gloria was using more imagination and fantasy of how her partner will be and what that would be like – so it was keeping it in the energetic realm. When she brings down the feeling of actually having him it becomes more solid and real.

The other key here is that things never show up as you expect them to. They never usually look like what you had pictured in your mind. WHY? Well – if you could picture how something will show up or what they look like then you are using your psychic senses and having a psychic vision. Otherwise, you are basing it off of what you already know, which is an image of lacking that thing that you so desire. So unless its a psychic vision, the image is coming from a fantasy or an energy of lack. Neither of those two are going to help you create what you want.

So what to do? Well, go into what you want to feel like. Then if an image comes, yay! If not, continue with the feeling until its a normal part of your life. You will be surprised how the universe intends to fulfill these feelings/vibrations you are putting out there.

That’s it for now!




Money and The $anta Claus Syndrome

Millions. Want to have millions of dollars? No you don’t, because if you truly wanted it you’d have it already. Ouch! Ok, just repeating back to you what I’ve been hearing all along in the self-help and the metaphysical world of manifestation and transformation. How does it feel to know you really don’t want something even though you think you do?¬†I’ve noticed most people fall into an abyss of hopelessness at times, but mostly frustration when this is said and not followed up by a deeper explanation.

Perhaps this has been said to you, or you’ve read and heard this as well in its other forms, as in “You’re just not willing to receive yet.”, or “Choose it, its up to you.”, or ¬†“When the time is right it’ll show up.” Now, let me just add that – this is true, to an extent.¬†Let’s take this a bit further so you can get to the other side with this most frustrating statement.

Here are some steps to get you through the process! Please note this is not overnight and each of these steps take time if you truly would like to generate something in your life. With some things you may be able to work your magic and go through each step in 1-3 days.

1. Really acknowledge what it is you truly desire, allow yourself to want it, desperately want it.

2. Give yourself permission to have it. Picture yourself having it and owning it. Imagine what that would be like.

3. Act like its yours already. This is more of a feeling/emotion rather than an actual physical act. So what would it feel like to be rich? Step into that feeling. In no way do I mean go out and spend money like you are rich, because you are not rich yet! Ooops, sorry for another harsh reminder! Anywhoo…you can apply this to other things of course, what would it feel like to be in a relationship? Or have your dream job?

4. If step #3 brought up any type of bad feelings for you, this is a biggie as why what you want is not showing up. Take note of what brought up the negative feelings and images and let that go, clear that energy.

5. All the images and visions you created in step #2, let all that stuff go and clear that energy. That step was vital to helping you cross the threshold into the true feelings of actually having what you desire, but if you hold on to it, it will be a limitation and may block what you want to show up – or just limit how and under what circumstances it shows up for you.

6. Really acknowledge that you’ve come this far! Most people don’t even get to or past step 1. I’ve found that the deepest desires in many clients are hidden deep down and never expressed, like you did in step #1. Its sort of a secret desire that they know about but don’t fully acknowledge. When the feelings come up they push it down, push it away, or tell themselves it can never be, and unfortunately it remains a fantasy and never an actual goal.

7. Act! What do you need to do here? Take a step ahead towards your goal, now that its real and a lot of the blockages around you having it has been cleared. Is it time to meet people in a different way than before if you’d like a relationship? Do you need a lottery ticket? Feel compelled to look for a higher paying job? Whatever your goal take a step. This gets the energy moving faster.

8. Acknowledge that if you did step #7, again you’ve gone a lot further than most people. Much of the time people tend to sit and wait for something to show up. If we take it a step further we work to clear the energy – but even then we have a habit of waiting until all the energy is clear and believe that whatever we are asking for should just show up now. If it does, awesome!

9. At this point there is some progress. You may feel very different. You may be meeting more people if you are looking for a relationship. If you are asking for money perhaps a job opportunity shows up, or you may just feel very motivated and have more energy. Let’s take it further, again look at what is holding you back from having what you desire. Ask what are all the reasons why what you are asking for is not showing up. Clear that. Take another action. Keep this on repeat until you get what you are looking for. Don’t give up, you are working your way there!

So next time someone tells you that you must not really want something to change, clear, heal or show up, check where you are on this chart. Much of the time people find that they are at #1 or #2 and don’t know what to do next or to do to “really want” that thing.

As promised in a previous blog post I had said that I would explain what I call the Santa Claus Syndrome in more detail. The Santa Claus Syndrome is when we finally do step #1 and then wait and wait and wait and wonder why what we desire has not shown up. This is usually due to a belief that this is all it takes. Now, this isn’t totally off – some things for some people can just show up by wanting it enough. This possibly has happened to everybody at some point with at least one thing.

Also, the Santa Claus Syndrome can rear its head when we do more work at times. For example, we desire something and keep clearing energy blockages and clearing ¬†and clearing and clearing, fully expecting that when we clear enough it will show up. Again, it may – and how wonderful that would be. But if it doesn’t, let this be your backup plan!



Are you working so hard and getting absolutely nowhere? Here’s a tasty tip:

Ever feel like you are working so hard and getting absolutely nowhere? When you are working super hard for something and its still not showing up, there may be somewhere you are not willing to really receive the thing you are struggling over and fighting for, and even exhausting yourself about.

Here’s a tip to help you open up that receiving:¬†Ok, well this tip isn’t actually tasty. I’m eating an apple and was compelled to write tasty. However, a helpful tip it is!

1. Feel yourself falling into your body and really occupying your body.

2. Feel your spirit legs in your body’s legs, your spirit arms in your body’s arms and so on. This may take a little practice if this is new to you or your first few times doing this. If you are someone that tends to float outside of, or just above the body more than actually in it, you might find this more difficult, but with practice this will happen more quickly for you.

3. Once you are in, just lean back. Yep,  lean back so it feels like the front of your body is not occupied. If you find this a bit difficult, just remind yourself that you are leaning back so that the universe has the room to gift to you, and you are leaning back in the trust of Source, the Universe, and all things that make the world go round!

4. Practice! Notice how different things can be when you go about your day like this. Is it easier to converse with people? Are people more attracted to you? Are some things showing up a bit easier for you?