This is the Beauty of Life


What comes to mind? If you are like most of us, something like “yuck” or “no!” perhaps?

Did you know that you actually don’t have to grow old? Every cell in the human body is brand new every 7 years, so why are we looking older and older each year? Well perhaps it’s our pov on things, on how we are supposed to age, on how our parents aged, on genetics, etc. What I have been doing for the last couple years is clearing my povs about aging, growing old, and dying. As soon as one comes up, I clear it so I can stay young forever! How is this working? Well I’m not sure because both my parents look 20 years younger than their age, so I’m not sure if I’m getting anywhere on looking younger, but I can honestly say I feel very young. Actually I feel better than I did 10 years ago. But, I digress because clearing your povs and getting younger is definitely not what this post is about!

As I approach my 35th birthday in a couple weeks it feels like a major milestone for me. A lot of things are coming up that I’ve been making peace with. Death is one of them. For some reason I always thought I would live thousands of years. I heard it was possible. Heck, I even studied a lot of how to do that. Even though I had near death experiences and crossed into the tunnel a few times, I still felt like I would always be alive. These last few weeks of making peace with death – that I may actually die one day – has been extremely freeing. The idea that ok, I’m going to die one day has actually allowed me to live and really be here. To choose the cheeseburger instead of the salad. To take risks. Its changing how I see the world and my life. I feel freer and have this energy of youth that has returned that I haven’t felt since I was 19.

Earlier today it occurred to me that I should make peace with aging. Not growing old. Just aging, the passing of time. As I looked at the passing of time, it actually looked quite beautiful to me. A lifetime of milestones and celebrations! The simple beauty of being just aged enough to head off to college and the excitement overtaking us, to the passing of time and coming upon menopause. It all looked so beautiful. Why is one less exciting than the other? This is the beauty of life. To live a full life is to reach all of these milestones. As I sat and thought about this, I saw a vision of myself in my 50’s and looking back on my life and smiling upon every milestone that ever occurred, no matter how anxious or excited or annoyed I was at the time.

What if some of the “growing old” part has to do with our resistance to these things? Most of us don’t resist growing up into a teenager and young adult. We embrace it and look forward to it and we are enjoying the present. Its when we reach a certain age that we start to resist each day as it passes. As always with energy – there’s the catch 22. The resistance is actually aging us. By aging I mean looking older, feeling older, feeling “too old” and so on. What if we continued to feel how we felt when we were younger, and enjoyed the passing of each day, the passing of time. What if the passing of time was not such a bad thing? As I cleared all my points of views with the passing of time and the resistance to “older” milestones and an entire new set of “firsts”, I realized this was the true clearing I had been seeking all along.

These past few years when I was clearing the energy blockages and points of views with aging, I still had an intense resistance to each passing day and actually still had a real resistance to “growing older”. As you may know you can’t fully clear an energy if you are resisting it. With that resistance in place I was only changing one point of view at a time, and 1) not dealing with reality of things – that time passes and letting it pass instead of trying to stop it and 2) not dealing with the energy of growing older or outgrowing things. (Perhaps this why I still love teddy bears and unicorns and wonder woman? Hmm..will ponder that later.) See when we resist aging, resist time passing, resist growing older, we have no choice but to attract what we resist (a universal law) and more importantly we are stopping our energy and have found another way to keep ourselves stuck and locked into place.

Does this sound like you too? Are you ready to let go of trying to stop time? Will you allow the growing energy or outgrowing energy back into your life? Say yes out loud and the let universe deliver this to you. As always if you need a bit of help with this, call me for a session!

CHEERS to getting unstuck, moving forward again, and growing older while looking and feeling younger!

Instead of coconut water and blogging, I’ve decided it’ll now be champagne and blogging.