life path

Awakening Joy

“The purpose of your life is joy!” I’ve heard that time and time again, but I could never really relate. Some part of that felt true and light and like a relief that I don’t have some big thing to do here, I can just be. However it also felt like this eternal struggle to be happy or light and free all the time. Maybe that’s what enlightenment feels like – some sort of peaceful joyful mix of bliss and smiling at strangers and seeing their hearts and falling in love with their souls. But then something happened…

I was in a moment of utter delight and happiness and I asked myself, is this a discordant energy? And it was. I released my attachment to it (my judgement of it and my belief that this was “good” and we needed to stay away from the “bad” emotions) and I was brought back to this very neutral place. There wasn’t quite an emotion there, yet everything felt like it flowed and moved through me. I felt a deep allowance for everything as it was. “This is joy”, I heard. Wow, clearly I had been so utterly wrong about what joy is. True joy felt like a peaceful acceptance of what is in each moment. I think that joy gets confused with being happy a lot, but happy is a state of emotion that can change. No one is truly happy or delighted all the time, and if they were, you would wonder if they are truly feeling the deep breadth of their emotions. Joy is available at all times. It felt like a serenity amidst chaos or the feeling that life is peaceful or complete. I think that true joy is not resisting or reacting to what is going on, just a peaceful and loving attention that something is moving and letting it move through our lives, whatever it may be. Its a trust that no matter is going on around you or in your life, you are essentially okay and life is just rearranging itself for your highest good.

So maybe joy is our life purpose. To judge nothing, receive everything and let life flow through you knowing something greater is creating it for you based on what you truly desire. Maybe its about letting go of all resistance and seeing what happens. What wonderful creations can come our way when we stop resisting what we feel is the bad stuff. What comes after the bad stuff, what’s behind it I wonder. Maybe everything we’ve dreamed of?


Energy Report for May 21, 2016

Tune into your abundance today! This day could be full of miracles and manifestation. Allow. Receive. Believe.

Twin Flames: Stage 1

The first stage in meeting your twin flame is the meeting.

This initial connection with your twin is usually a synchronous event or surrounded by some sort of unusual or interesting synchronicity! Both of you have a recognition of each other. Now, this may not be an “I’ve known you forever feeling” as usually happens with soulmates, but there’s definitely something that stands out about them.

The meeting can even feel surreal.

You know that the person you are with is different or maybe completely unlike anyone you have met before. They seem to get you without much effort and there’s an ease to being with them. It’s at this stage that both of your heart chakras begin to open and the awakening starts to happen. You feel comfortable around them or able to open up more and be more of yourself without much effort.

If you haven’t met your twin in person its still considered Stage 1 if your twin has come to you in dreams or if you are intuitive and can sense that type of soul trying to connect with you energetically. Everyone is unique and there are lots of ways to meet your twin, so while is the norm, it doesn’t fit every single case.

Many twins that are at stage 1 may not even be aware of something called “Twin Flame Reconnection” at this point.

Stage 2 — coming soon!



Delaying Destiny

People always ask me, are our lives predetermined? Is everything up to fate, or do we have total free will? Are some things our destiny, how does it all work? Well the answer to this isn’t as simple as it sounds like it might be – as its yes and no to all of the above!

We are born with an infinite number of life paths, although many of them might have the same people involved on almost every path as it could be our destiny to connect with certain people. On each path your interaction with them could be a little bit different. As you go through your life and make a choice the path that is in sync with your choice aligns with you and you walk into that future. As you make the next choice and the next choice and so on, the correct path lines up with you. Most people that live in a comfort zone or that tend to make the same type of choices, tend to stay on one path for most of their lives, and their choices align with what is already on that path. When I look at the paths of those people it tends to be solid and I can see the timing of when things will show up in their lives pretty easily.

However, those that make drastic spur of the moment life altering decisions, well they will tend to switch paths constantly – and in a reading I rarely see a set future, nothing feels solid. Instead I will look at all their possible futures and help them choose which one would give them the most out of their life and lead them to where they want to go.

Then there are a lot of people who have engaged in self-help and metaphysics, or people who just decide they have had enough and are determined to change – they usually lie somewhere in between with all of this. As you heal certain core wounds you tend to drastically alter your future – meaning you pull in and create a new life path than the one you were previously on. However, here’s where people get stuck. We’ve been told to sit back and wait and do nothing, let the universe bring you your gifts – but that’s not entirely true. Its important for us to let go and not dwell on things and to get out of our heads, but sitting back and waiting never did anybody any good! So many people have asked me when their dream guy is going to show up at their door, or find them. Unless he can see through walls and has mental gps, you have to be somewhere he can find you.

For example, you may be destined to meet a certain person, but if you sit back, wait, have faith – you will start to question, “What am I doing wrong? What’s going on? I’ve done all this healing!”. This is how we delay destiny. We get onto our new path that is more clear, and allows for a deep soulmate connection for example, but then we don’t move forward on it. We feel like the heavy lifting is done, now comes the prize. Not true, keep walking forward, keep going. When you have healed and cleared a lot of things in your life, the path that is now before you is much clearer for you to go forth, but also requires more action than someone for example, that has done little to no healing and/or stays in a comfort zone of no-change. It might feel like a catch 22. You might be saying, then why do the work? Well, because the type of person you will meet and the type of experiences you will have will be much for fulfilling and mean so much more.

If you find yourself in this last category, how do you stop delaying destiny? I advise my clients to never sit back and just have faith here, this is where you want to clear your mind, get out of your head, get into your body and do some movement. Ask yourself what would be appropriate. Say you would like to meet someone. Clear your mind, get into your body, and affirm you will meet someone to be in relationship with. Then go out and take action, be out as much as possible, be available in more than one way. As you live more in your body than your head different thoughts and ideas will come to you. It could be simple as taking a walk in the park, then an idea comes to go to a museum. Then at the museum you realize you like antiques. You now have a new hobby, something to take you out more, and who knows, it keeps going. This is what your life path looks like. When you clear your head you will be able to sense the next thing on your path, which is taking that walk, then the museum and so on. This is how you work and walk the new upgraded path you’re now aligned to after all that healing work!

Here’s to no more waiting or getting stuck!