Energy Update

The energy last night and today have been pretty intense. As I have been more embodied and in-tune with myself some of these shifts in energy float right by me almost as if I’ve been cocooned from the light show raging outside, that is until I decided to poke my head out and see what was going on in  the ethers. A storm was raging last night. What did I see? The old matrix reality is being disassembled, the grid lines are disappearing and the 3D polarized reality being dismantled and transmuted. What does this mean and what does this feel like for us?

Friendships are ending, even long-term ones, you may feel easily annoyed and irritated, negativity emerges right in the midst of you feeling high vibrational and elated, you may feel like some people are up to their old tricks, feeling dreamy and spacey or disembodied to a certain extent, and the one that comes along with usually every event in the ethers – sleepiness, lethargy, and emotional tiredness. Usually when there are huge shifts like this, you may become aware of psychic attacks, energy interference, blocks, or feeling like you’re in a bubble where no one can see you, which can protect you but then can block your receiving. What do we do?

The time we are in now calls for letting go. We tend to want to jump right into “cleansing negative energies” – mode, however, letting go, surrendering and receiving change are super critical right now.  The changes you have been asking for are coming. It’s when we truly let go that the forces can come and sweep  through and change our lives, creating the change we are asking for. Included in letting go is the innate belief that all is working out as you’ve asked and in your best interest. The universe is conspiring in your favor, even though it may not feel like it.

So this isn’t “do nothing”. This is allowing change, detaching from everything and leaning back in the body, and taking a step back mentally allowing everything to stir and move. Float along knowing ALL of this is in your best interest. Everything is aligning for you, for your new future. Trust. Let go.

Peace to you,


Moving Mountains with Every Muscle

Do you sometimes trip over things that you didn’t see was there?

Do you forget what you were going to do just as you go to do it?

Do you go over things in your mind – over and over on a loop?

Do you have trouble relaxing your mind and falling asleep at night?

Are there parts of your body that you haven’t felt in a long, long time?

Do you feel light and airy and daydream a lot?

Do things seem really great in your mind then suddenly just fizzle away?

If so, you might be living in your head, or worse, outer space – that space right in front of and just above your head.

Living in our head is a great way to plan things out, think up new ideas, visualize, and so on, but do you wish you had more presence and that people heard, saw and acknowledged you more? Do you wish to have more confidence? Its time to get more embodied!  There’s a time and a place for the mind, then there’s a time and a place for the body. Unfortunately most people spend 90% in the head and 10% embodied.  The head space will only get you so far, but we need to be embodied to have things physically manifest in our lives, to be taken seriously and noticed, and to create that dream life down here on Earth!

This blog is full of tips on embodiment since a lot of people who are more spiritually oriented tend to live in the head or above and have a hard time getting things to work the way they want to. So here’s your next tip:

To get embodied quickly – stand up – walk slowly around the room using every muscle in your body. Start from your feet, feel all those muscles, then your legs, move and flex all those muscles. Continue to walk around the room and work your way up to your facial muscles. You will be so focused on your body it instantly snaps you out of your head.

Now from this place you can take your action and see if that feels different to you. Make your phone calls, go to bed, go workout, go for a walk, even have a conversation. Notice what and how this feels different for you and if things are easier and less stressful over time as you spend more time in the body.