11/23 A NEW You

Today is the birth of New You. Did you spend your day yesterday feeling & seeing what you would like to create? I spent it mostly in meditation and silence, and watched as the physical and the spiritual realms collided. I could see where I was refusing to let my life collide. I’ve been being the 11, but not the 22. The 11 is the divinity, the seer, the spiritual. The 22 is the perfect blend of the divinity and physical living as one. The fear was that if the divinity collided, it would not be divine anymore.

Its been a while since I sat and watched and did nothing. I’m always doing something lately, or too tired from doing that particular something and forced to rest – which is still making time to do something from that perspective.

My lesson yesterday was that doing nothing is equally as generative and important as doing something. Just like how one’s muscles rebuild on that day off from working out. We all know this, but what I saw was that I always needed a reason to rest. When I feel good I never rest. 

Rest always comes from a reason. Usually from feeling not so good.

Today I see the value of total rest. No thinking, no planning, no clearing, no tiresome movements, just watching the universe do its thing and speak to me. Not easy, yet totally liberating. Perhaps this is how the divine lives equally among the physical.

Loving you,