Fixing Money Blockages Through each Chakra



Where are your money blockages? You may not even realize this is happening or a blockage!

  1. Root chakra: You have just enough money for survival. Your basic needs are being met but you are not enjoying the pleasure that money brings. You have a lot of anxiety and stress about money. You are survival mode with money and have constant stress about not having enough or feel blindsided and anxious when a new expense comes in.
    • Fix: “The planet is abundant. I am abundant. I am safe and secure and abundance is all around me and flows easily through me.”
  2. Sacral chakra: You may have money to splurge a little and enjoy some pleasures or things for your own personal growth.  If money brings up a lot of emotions for you  or if you have trouble manifesting money, you could have a blockage here.
    • Fix: “I feel gratitude for the money that flows to me and from me. I bless it and let it flow in and out. I use my creation energy to create money.”
  3. Power Center: You have to work really hard for your money. It takes pushing, long hours and extra effort to get what you need. You feel like you are chasing money and have a hard time getting paid, finding people for your courses, or you have to track down money owed to you.
    • Fix: “Money flows easily to me. I am a money magnet. I now receive all the money that is owed to me.”
  4. Heart Chakra: You feel like you don’t deserve money or like you have to earn it or work really hard for it. Its difficult for you to just receive or you beat yourself up for not having enough of it when you know you could’ve done better.
    • Fix: “I love money and money loves me. I am grateful and blessed and my money multiplies as soon as I touch it. I am joyful and abundant.”
  5. Throat Chakra: You may find it difficult to talk about money, your prices for your business, asking for the money owed to you or for a raise. Fear, shame or guilt comes up when you need to talk money.
    • Fix: “I am worth it. I am bold and courageous. It is safe and easy for me to ask for what I am worth.”
  6. Third Eye Chakra: Maybe you have a hard time seeing yourself as wealthy, rich or abundant and free. Its hard to imagine or visualize what that would be like for you.
    • Fix: “I see myself as wealthy and wise. I know I am abundant. I feel the freedom that this brings.”
  7. Crown Chakra: You feel money is evil or have negative beliefs against people with wealth or how much they charge and what things cost. You feel like you need approval when it comes to spending or making money and are not yet aligned with money and prosperity being your birthright.
    • Fix: “Money is my birthright. Prosperity is my birthright. I am allowed to create as much money as I’d like.”

There are several ways to clear these blockages in each chakra, but I included a mantra as that tends to be the easiest and quickest way to start the clearing and aligning yourself to the new beliefs. You may want to work with one chakra at a time if you find you have several blocks. For some people they have immediate results with new people, opportunities or ideas showing up in their lives within 24 hours, and others need more time with certain ideas or belief systems. Try it out and let me know what shows up for you!

Love &  Infinite Blessings,


For faster results try my new soundless mp3s! These carry the vibration of money or prosperity in its purest form. The more you allow yourself to relax, open and align to these vibrations, the more you become that vibration. When you become the vibration of the very thing you desire it flows to you effortlessly and in abundance.

You may notice for example when you’re frustrated, you keep attracting things and people that frustrate you. It seems endless and you wonder when it’ll ever end. Or when you are treated poorly, do you notice how most others treat you that way, if not in the beginning, then eventually they do? It all comes down to vibration. It can be hard to break out of a vibration especially when you are getting hit with the same things over and over.

That’s why I created these mp3s. Not only to bring you money when you are flowing and open, but to get out of any vibration you are stuck in and create a new frequency in your life that you may not have access to otherwise. Imagine if no matter what was going on you had prosperity flowing in the background. All you’d have to do is relax, open and feel/align/tune-into that frequency and things can change and the cycle will be broken. You will attract prosperous people and situations into your life. The more you let the new vibration in, the more you become it. Once you become it, well – who knows what you can create!

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Help! I’m Broke(n) – An energetic healing for your broken parts

Hi Everybody!

Have you ever said “I’m Broke”? In this video we explore what those 2 powerful words of creation might have sparked in our lives. Check it out & enjoy!

Blessings & Kisses,

Making Money: Definitely Don’t Do This Tip #3


Here it is folks, tip #3.

Never do it for the money!

See, money follows joy and presence. The key words in that are not joy and presence. I don’t mean it like “if I’m more joyful and present in my life money will show up”. Nope, because in a way there is still a focus on what one has to do to get the money. The key words to take notice here are “money follows”. Ahhh yes! Money follows.

Picture money as a squirrel. Know what happens when you chase a squirrel? You almost never catch it! What if you were to sit outside to enjoy the animals and sit very still and be very present and be at peace with yourself and nature, and drop some food for the squirrel? Well, it just might come to you.  You may find also all the other animals come near you too as well as people wish to be near you.

This isn’t to say quit your job and only do what you love. Or that you will only make money doing something that truly moves you. That is not true and won’t work!

What I AM saying is that if you have presence in your life, and do things with presence and the joy of living and being, money shows up! Money is a curious creature. So many people are chasing it that it stops and takes notice at the ones that don’t. Money will show up in your life in the various outlets you have to receive it when you become focused and present on life and living it.

For example, if you work as a teacher, focus on why you chose that and the fulfillment it brings you. When you leave work, be present with your drive home and notice nature and your surroundings and breathe. When you get home allow yourself to be present and enjoy preparing dinner. When we wake up in the morning be present as you dress yourself and prepare. Its not about what you do. If you do something that you absolutely abhor, look for one good thing in it and focus on that.  If you hate waking up super early, look for something positive there too. Like get yourself a special flavored coffee you look forward to, or play a fun song to wake up to.

The more present we are in our life, the more abundance in general will show up, not just money. Be present in each moment, not necessarily just one part of the day or that hour you get to go home and talk to your best friend or relax on the couch. Do you know someone that is totally present with you, when you talk on the phone or see them? How do you feel when you are around them? Would you like to be around them more? Well if you do know someone you also know that you can’t get enough of that person, you feel heard, understood, fulfilled. This is the energy that money loves to be around, its not just a human attraction, money wants them too!

I’ve had people practice this and not only has money shown up, but a relationship too! Of course it takes some practice and tweaking and each day will not be perfect. Practice being present especially during a difficult part of your day and watch things start to shift immediately.



Making Money: Definitely Don’t Do This Tip #2

Would you like to know another widely unknown energy secret? One that could possibly make you money while you sleep? You are here so I’m thinking you are someone who knows things don’t have to be so hard and it actually could be a lot easier if you just had the right info. I know, I think the same exact way, which is what lead me to searching and discovering how to use energy in a way that makes life a whole lot easier!


1. As you climb into your bed, say “body, you are allowed to have a restful night of sleep”.

2. Then say “What can I be or do in my sleep that will make me money now and in the future?” (You are asking a question, but not waiting or looking for an answer here.)

What will happen is that while you are sleeping, you and the universe will conspire to align things to bring you and make you money. AND since sleep is the one time where you are usually way more open to receiving and have much less walls and blocks to receiving up, you will be able to orchestrate things a lot easier.

The next day when you wake up, you may notice different things happening, different people or possibilities showing up, or it just may be a slight change in your mood. No matter how huge or slight the change may feel to you, just remember you are orchestrating things a bit different and something that feels so slight, might actually be a huge change in the energy world, which means a HUGE change that shows up in the future. So keep going, ask every night and know that things are changing exactly as they need to and that you are part of the process to making that happen. GO YOU for taking the initiative to having more!

And DEFINITELY DON”T use this for other areas of your life by saying something like this:

“What can I be or do in my sleep to make for a better tomorrow?” or “What can I be or do in my sleep to have more ease with …?”



The Billion $ Question


So here’s a little secret I’ve told no one about, not even my best friend. Every night while putting on my PJs for bed I have this little ritual. I say, “All the money that I gave out today, I call back to me 10 fold! Thank you.”

What this does energetically, aside from calling back 10x the money you gave out, is put you into a space of gratitude with the money that you spent for the day. Ever spend in one day more than than you make in a week? Know that feeling at the end of the day when you start to add up what you spent? Not good, right? This usually will put you into a space of peace and gratitude, knowing the money you gave out is going to circulate, as money was meant to do, and then make its way back to you in a greater capacity. How does it get any better than that?

When you are at peace and gratitude with money, it allows more of it to show up for you. You can think about it this way too: Would you rather go over to a friends house that had peace and gratitude for having you in their life? Or would you rather go over and spend time with the person freaking out and fixated on not having enough of you? Eeeek! Most likely the first one right?

So there you go, there’s my little nightime secret ritual. If that’s way too easy for you and you are someone that is willing to work just a bit harder for their money, there’s more you can do. You can visualize your walls, barriers, shields, moats, etc. dissolving from all around you, then visualize the energy of money (get creative here – it doesn’t have to be dollar bills – it can be a new car, a house, gold, a buried treasure! etc. anything that you consider the energy of money to be and you can change it every night) coming from the universe and into your energy, flowing to you, then through you, through every molecule, fiber and cell of your being, for a few minutes.

Super Simple. Super Easy. So DEFINITELY DON”T use this because it might work. 🙂

With Love & Gratitude,