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Today’s Thought

A Healing Mantra:

I love all the loved and unloved parts of myself.

I accept all the accepted and unaccepted parts of myself.

I approve of all unapproved and rejected parts of myself.

Speak this mantra throughout your day and watch your energy shift. The more you feel it as you say it, the better.

This is a simple step to begin self-healing, deepen it, and refocus your energy and thoughts on yourself. These statements are especially helpful if you find that you are outwardly focused on others, or find that you look for love, approval and acceptance outside of yourself. The more you can find it within, the easier your life will flow.

Love to you always,


Is Motivation Actually Sabotaging You?

I was talking to a friend this morning and while looking at her energy, well, I noticed she had her motivation in the wrong place. Ever hear of that? Probably not. I heard the guides say to her, your motivation is in the wrong place, that’s why its not working and you are judging yourself or feeling hopeless with this situation. So where does your motivation need to be? Well, it doesn’t need to be in the beginning. Motivation is not what makes you change. Motivation is not what opens your eyes to something. You can read motivational messages all day long and it wouldn’t help you join the gym necessarily or break up with someone that you know is causing you more pain than pleasure.

Motivation needs to be in the middle somewhere. Once you’ve decided to make a change and then set a goal and are putting something for the new you in place and perhaps you feel down, or get stuck, well that is where motivation steps in. It can be simple as calling a friend, hopping on Facebook and seeing a motivational message, or even giving yourself a pep talk. Its a trigger that’s keeps you on track, or gets you out the door to the gym when its way to cold outside to even start the car, never-mind get up from under the fluffy down comforter.

Notice how when a kind and caring family member tries to talk to you about losing weight, your reaction is not a pleasant one? Or when someone tells you to just leave your boyfriend/girlfriend/husband/wife already – or someone just comes over and gives you tons of advice about how to better your life, and how that tends to create a really bad emotional response? They are trying to motivate you because they see where something could be different in your life.

So what’s the key here? Well, you haven’t chosen it yet so motivation is not going to work. What will work – is inspiration! Motivational speakers are actually inspirational speakers. You have to inspire change first, and then you choose something different for your life, then you set a goal or plan to make something more solid, then the motivation comes in to keep you going. Inspirational speakers aren’t like a coach to just pump you up and get you through, they tell you their entire story, they let you know change is possible, that there is something more, something greater, and that yes you can have it too.

So what did I learn today? Well – before I make a new years resolution or goal I need to be inspired first. I need to know its really possible, I need to feel good about it, and I need to soak up positive energy and then really decide that is is something I in fact want and can do. No more making a change because someone is motivating me in one direction or another. It’ll be short lived and I will just have resentment towards them and be judging myself.

If you are to be successful with your goals YOU and only YOU have to choose it and decide it will be done. What will you let inspire you first?


…And I also saw a picture of someone’s living room that had an all glass wall displaying the sunrise over the open water, and the ocean waves came right up to the lanai almost. It was incredible and left me breathless. When I think of a house its hard to think about anything other than that. Now that is some inspiration that is compelling me to make a choice and set a goal…