Effortless Slumber: Goodnight Insomnia

I’m not usually someone that suffers insomnia. In the last 5 years I feel like I am now one of those lucky people that can fall asleep in all of those places where I used to covet the sleep that others indulged in, such as on a plane, car, friends couch, anywhere it suited them. Yet, every so often something happens where even though my body is exhausted and I’ve dragged and loaded her into the bed, I lay awake mind a-buzz with all kinds of things that have no matter in daily life. What the heck is that I wondered? And why today when I have to be up in 4 hours?

As someone that likes to use time to figure stuff out, this was the perfection in the imperfection. So let me precede with this: we know not to do caffeine late in the day and a bit of exercise helps you get to sleep. Standard advice. Taking those into account I asked, why won’t my mind stop racing? It’s one of those things where your mind is racing and its hard to break out of it on your own unless you are a mind-ninja, however, I ripped myself away from my bubbling thoughts long enough to take action.

1. Say, “I am now willing to feel all these feelings.” Then relax, and put your point of focus on your body. Feel your body. Feel the feelings (not emotions), the body sensations that your body would be feeling had you not been in your head. When we don’t connect the feelings into the body, they stay in the head, trapped as winding thoughts with no resolution. When we feel them, they instantly become integrated as part of us and become automatic. The head becomes free.

2. Ground. Duh. Yes, you may say duh to yourself too since its so simple and such a common practice. However, this doesn’t easily occur to someone whose mind is racing through the solar system.

3. This is usually where I fall asleep. However, if you find your mind racing again, go back to step 1. Really let yourself relax and ask why you are resisting any of these feelings. How did you feel about something that happened that day? Does something need to be acknowledged by you?

Happy zzzzz’s…..