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I am the lion, I am the deer, either way there is never a thing to fear.

I am the lion, I am the deer, either way there is never a thing to fear.  Apparently I say fun stuff like this in my sleep!  🙂

When you think of being the power of you, do you just think of the lion and everything the lion represents? Or can you also see yourself as the deer? What if both are equally powerful in their own ways? Not everyone is a lion and if everyone was, that would be quite dull. Most of us are willing to be the lion in our lives. What does the deer have to offer you?

Well for one, the deer animal totem is awareness among other qualities. Can you let yourself be that aware? There is so much power in awareness. It can save you from choosing things that may deteriorate your life plans etc. It can help you stay away from harm, know when something is going to happen and prepare. There is so much true power in that.

Here’s a little play exercise: take a look around this weekend and see what fun little animal creatures come to you or make their presence known around you. What qualities really stand out about that animal? Then ask yourself – do I have these qualities?

If you say no, ask the universe to show you how you are being that already but haven’t seen it or where you can be that if you are repressing it. If you say yes, ask the universe to show you how you can embody more of that.

~V Kisses

A little unicorn journey

You might be a skeptic if…

Are you skeptic? Or do you feel like skeptics should be slapped in the face for concluding what they can’t have as a solid awareness of, through their 5 senses, or prove through science – is not real? Science is based on all the stuff we have the technology to see, account for, measure etc. What about the person that built the tools to see, account for or measure? Perhaps they had to step of the box and allow themselves to be aware of something not solid. Hmmm, go figure.

For some reason I was drawn to going to a meeting, and when I looked at the details it was duhn duhn duhnnnn…(wait for it) a SKEPTICS MEETING. LOL yep, for real. So that got me thinking, what the heck is a skeptic? And could I possibly be one of these people, even though I do what I do? In case you don’t know what I do, I am an ENERGY VOYEUR, incessantly eyeing, watching, and staring (in horror at times) at all the crap I’m not supposed to see. People pay me for this, to tell them all that stuff I see, and hear, and sense. I call it psychic or energy reader, as energy voyeur can kind of scare people off I think, but it doesn’t really matter, its all the same thing.

I looked it up, here’s what it means:



  1. A person inclined to question or doubt all accepted opinions.
  2. One who instinctively or habitually doubts, questions, or disagrees with assertions or generally accepted conclusions.

Apparently I AM a skeptic! Are you one too? I find that I question everything, look at everything, try to see things in a different light and from every angle, and accept nothing as fact or truth until I use my voyeurism and other skills. And yes, even then, I leave a little space open for something I may have missed or didn’t want to be aware of at the time. Nothing is solid to me. Its all energy and it constantly changes.

I would never be where I am and do what I do if I wasn’t a skeptic, if I took everything at face value and didn’t question everything. I even question everything that I see with my “other senses”. Wow, I guess I am skeptic and proud to be one at that, are you one too?

Skeptically kissing you,


When No Means YES: How to be the magic and have it anyway

Last night while talking to a friend on the phone I found that I kept saying No, when I really meant Yes. Well it started with him asking to call me, to which I said No, and then another text that said “obviously my No means Yes” sheesh! See, I was in a sucky place, (yes this happens to psychics even with all of the help from the spirit world too from time to time) and desired to push everyone away first so that I could have my righteousness and prove that nobody loved me and I had to do it all on my own as usual. LOL So that lasted about 3 minutes before I wised up!

Through my tears that seemingly came out of nowhere last night, I realized there was an awareness here. I wanted my friend to see another possibility and push past my walls and boundaries. Have you ever felt like you thought up a phenomenal idea that included someone or something else and the energy of it felt so light and wonderful and that so much could be awakened or opened up, just to get turned down in the nicest or not so nicest of ways? Most likely right? Its happened to most of us from time to time. Do you let it stop you? What in your life have you declared that from now on I will never ask this again? I had a friend in middle school that asked 3 or 4 different girls out to an upcoming dance and they all said no in various ways, and he gave up and said he’s not going to that dance or any in the future. I didn’t see him after that but I wonder how difficult this made his high school years and after – taking all of that as rejection and carrying it forward as a foundation with women. What else is possible here?

At the place just where you want to be emotional and go into feeling rejection, what if there is magic there for you if you can look further, past the feelings? See, you wouldn’t have thought up the idea unless there was something there for you to begin with, so this is how to get that anyway. There is an energy in the possibility of what you are asking for, that you would like to be gifted with in your life, but most of us have concluded that in order to have that energy we need x,y, and z to happen – or that person to agree and say yes etc.

If you’ve read the previous posts on The Mayan Calendar and The Time After No Time I talk about how we don’t really have any timelines anymore that bind us or keep us from having anything we would like. What you can do is this:

Allow yourself to drift back into the space when you first thought up the idea, go to the energy of it, how you felt  when you thought it up. From this place, allow that energy and those feelings to expand, bigger and bigger until it feels larger than the room you are in. You can make it as big as the universe if you’d like. Now connect in that person, place or thing you wanted to include – don’t go to the feelings about that situation, just imagine how you felt about it just before you got the No answer. Hold that for a second, now go a bit deeper – to the possibility of a Yes, allow yourself to really go there, to that place that the other person place or thing didn’t go that seemed closed off. The key here is to allow yourself to access that place anyway, even though it feels like a NO. Awesome, now pull that energy towards you, make it bigger and bigger and bigger, allow it to fill up the space you are in, the entire room, and flood through every molecule of your body and being. When you feel like you have received the energy, you can ask “What can I now create with this?”, and yep its that easy. No need to wait for answer, as what you can now create will show up in your life.

This doesn’t need to be a long exercise, if you are willing to have that energy it can take under a minute. And guess what? You just gifted yourself what you were asking for to begin with. Taking the story of my friend that got turned down about the dance, if he did this after his first No, he would have the energy of a Yes in his universe/energy field. Then perhaps asking the 2nd girl, it may have been a yes, or the first one may have changed her mind, or maybe all 3 would have still said no, but he would’ve chosen to go anyway because he didn’t feel badly about himself and who knows what would’ve happened and showed up for him if he didn’t feel badly about himself. When you are not carrying around that rejection there is so much more available and possible that the universe can gift to you.

Also, its not too late! Recall how there are no more timelines? You can go back and do this exercise for everything in your life that stuck you when someone or something said NO! And how much can that now open up for you, how much more can you now receive, and how much more is possible now if you had no rejection or doubts and let yourself have it anyway? For me, this has allowed me to be bolder, go further, ask for things I would never have even considered for fear of rejection. More awesome people have come into my life, as well as more possibilities for a life I’d love to live. I wonder how much more you will let yourself have?






The time after No-Time

Ok, as promised here’s some little known magical info about YOU in 2013!

Once upon a time, aka August 2010, a guide came in and told me I was the Divine Timekeeper. Before I could ask further questions he was gone in the blink of an eye, of course! This is usual for me and what I call, “drive-by guides”.  Apparently I’m also a divine riddlesolver, but anyway, back to the story at hand.

So what is time? Time is essentially a construct of this reality, something agreed upon and lived by everyone that keeps it in existence.  However, the solstice of 2012 marked the end of time as we know it, and that was one reason why the Mayan calendar ended, not necessarily because it was supposed to be the end of the world, but the end of a sense of time being captured and felt in the same way. In 2013, we have an ability to play with time beyond what we were capable of just a few months ago. Each day forward there will be less and less of a sense of time and it may start to feel very different to you.

Before I really got what that guide meant about being a Divine Timekeeper, I thought it had something to do with how I was always very strict with time and would add up and subtract backwards & reverse-time my life just to make sure I arrived at places on time and was living my entire life based around time and lack there-of. Well come to find out, it did have something to do with that. It meant that I was going against my natural capacities with time and making it very solid and going into the form and structure of it, when I most likely had capacities beyond it. Yep! Could this be you too? What capacities with time do you have?

One morning after my visitation by the guide I could perceive my bedroom getting filled up with what seemed like a light fog and with the sun shining in my vision became very blurry. It was in that moment that I got an energy download that showed me a little bit about my capacities with time. I could see that through my healing work I could make things age more slowly or move the molecules further apart and slow things down, aging and a few other things, I could go back and clear past lives with total ease, look at future lives and clear blocks with those too, also there was some info about traveling through time and dimensions – but I will have to save that for another post! Anyway, I also saw something else. Something very curious.

Looking into the future I usually see one main timeline of what someone is most likely going to choose. However, for people that were more conscious, awakened, or aware I could see several timelines with possible futures and found I could help people switch into one that was going to give them more of what they desired in life. However, there were others that I would read for, that when I looked at the future I saw only a few things, but not a timeline. This was shocking and so different from what I had been seeing my entire life when I looked at people’s futures. I found that these people have chosen consciousness, awareness and have gone through an awakening and were totally consciously creating their future! Amazing! They just needed a little guidance on how to do that more easily and the awareness that in fact that is what they are doing.

Getting to the point now! Its 2013, when I look at people’s futures now – I see mostly the latter – an open space of possibility or a few timelines that can be easily switched or opened up and expanded so that they can have more than they ever dreamed of. This becomes very difficult when trying to give someone their future, so now I mostly work with assisting someone to create whatever it is they want because there is so much that is possible, really anything is possible. I also can tell they are creating what we have opened up because it starts to show up in the space that I would normally call the “future space” when reading.

What does this mean for you? You can create anything you desire to have. You are no longer bound by destiny, or some block  in your chart or have a destiny to suffer through before you can get what you want. The timelines are going away, they are disappearing fast. The future is all yours to create any which way you’d like. Its kind of like a blank slate. This is what the solstice of 2012 is all about, the end of time as we know it and a new world opening up, a clearing away of the old. You are no longer creating in cycles of time or rather, bound by time. You are free and clear to create anything you’d like!

I will do some posts on creating from this space coming soon! But in the meantime, how does one create from space? You are already doing it in a way through your thoughts. What you focus on and think about the most is what is going to show up for you. A more conscious way to do this, to create a life that you’d love to live, is to be aware of your thoughts and to ask questions – like I would really like a new car to show up with ease for me, or I desire a new job, or I would like someone sweet to enter to my life! I did that last one and that person showed up in under an hour. If you find that you are thinking I would like a new car, but then your next thought is, but that’s never going to happen – you’ve just cancelled out the car. DON”T CANCEL THE CAR! Lol! Seriously, be aware of the very next few thoughts after you ask for what you desire, those are the thoughts we push away or don’t pay attention to, but those are the ones that stop us from having anything we would like. If you come across those desire-cancelling thoughts – tell it to be gone, get lost, return to sender, anything just use your own magic and clear it away.

With no timeline to bind you, slow you down, trip you up, what are going to create this year and beyond?


Where’d the creativity go? Somewhere weird.

Two days ago I was on the phone with a friend and we were going through our usual rhetoric, laugh, talk, be amazed at the each others psychic hits, spend a moment in shock, and laugh some more. Normal right? WRONG. This time my friend dropped the bomb on me.

“Vanessa, you’re really weird”. Say WHAT? Who’s weird? Apparently my friend thinks I’m weird. Now granted, I’ve been called weird before, actually all the time, but in those times there is usually so much judgment about it attached to what I’m doing, thereby making it a horrible accusation to be weird, that I totally disregard the entire thing – the judgement & the accusation. However, this time was different. This time there was no judgment, and was not in context or attached to something I was doing. I was just being.

A few hours later this came into my mind again. Am I really weird? It was said in such pure awareness with no judgement, that it felt true. It can’t be I said to myself, as I lay pondering this I thought I better text my friend to say “hey and I’m not weird”. However, before I could send the text I got very distracted and I realized I was in the middle of doing something very weird, followed by another weird thing and then another! OMG when is it going to end? I AM weird! There I said it!

And there it was. Out in the open. In that one moment of acknowledgement, all of a sudden a huge burst of energy came rushing up from somewhere very far away, yet deep within at the same time. Within moments I realized I could think more clearly, I felt more alive, I felt more creative, I felt like I was free to do anything I wanted, I felt very light, happy and was giggling like I was a 5-year old getting tickled! What’s even stranger is that I got right up and started to work on the book I started writing years ago but have been putting off because I felt un-creative and blocked and would just stare at the blank screen. The words just flowed on the page, I barely had to think.

Looking back at this, I had been refusing to be weird since there was so much judgement attached, and I was refusing my true creativity, for not just art or writing, but for life. What if everything you do or choose is creative? From the time you choose to wake up in the morning, how you style your hair,  your clothes you put together, to the people you choose to connect to – what if everything you do and choose are all the creative choices of life? How much more creative and fun can it get by acknowledging this and choosing more creatively with what seems like even simple choices?

I know that some people may look at what I write, choose, or do as weird in a judgmental way still. But so what? Its creative and fun and the joy of living has come back to me in the most unexpected way. Where’d you put your creativity? Would you be willing to have it back no matter what? No matter who judged you for it? I think I hear a YES?! 🙂



Sweet Delectable You!

Laying in bed under a pile of Rice Krispie treat wrappers I have to wonder what this is all about. Only a few minutes before I had high hopes of actually preparing something for dinner at home, so I could get some work done instead of going out to get something. Looking through my very empty pantry, I see a packet of tuna fish and I find bread. Okay I think, tuna fish and bread for dinner! Hey, not the greatest, but I’m overjoyed that I actually found some food in the house! After doing some prep work I soon realize there is no mayo and that my taste buds vehemently disagree that plain tuna is whats for dinner. In the trash that goes. Next up, almond butter and jelly! Yes, yummy sweetness! Upon spreading the almond butter I soon realize its not the delicious almond butter I had grown to love, its a crushed up hot pepper sauce concoction. Ummm, nope, that’s not going to work. (Apparently labels on reused jars are prohibited in this house.) Almost fearfully and cautiously I think, how about buttered toast on my last two pieces of bread, yes that’s what is going to work this time! Hmm, this butter is looking very whipped, I think to myself as I carefully spread it upon my toast. Upon closer inspection, unfortunately I find that I have now located the mayo.

Ever have one of those days, weeks, months, years, decades…?

WHY? As I stare at the now empty family-pack box of treats its becomes blindingly obvious – I have been going, going and going, on full speed.  Most of the day I had felt pretty tired and wanted to lie down, but I had so much to do and was pushing through. I had never really stopped to enjoy the sweetness of life today, the sweetness of being in gratitude for waking up to another delicious day, and the sweetness of juuuuust being. It took a triple food calamity to slow me down. Anytime something happens in threes – its usually a message we have missed the first two times. I noticed that everything I was trying to make sweeter- turned out bitter – the plain tuna fish with no mayo, the pepper sauce and peanut butter switcharoo, and the lack of sweet butter for my dry toast. The universe was showing me first hand at what I was doing with my life today.

Would you be willing to take a few deep breaths throughout the day and fill up on sweetness? I see sweetness as a gratitude and playfulness for life. A feeling that life can be enjoyable and delicious. The energy of sweetness is all around us. Its the molecules in the air and the space between the molecules that we don’t see or take the time to notice. What if you were willing to breathe in the sweet energy of life all around you a little bit every day? Would life show up as sweeter for you? Would your food taste a little bit more delicious? Would more sweet people show up in your life? Would that normal goodnight kiss taste like a delicious Rice Krispie treat? Hmmm..I won’t tell. You will have to play and see for yourself! I would love to hear how this shows up for you.

Gratitude, Love, & Sweet Rice Krispie Treat Kisses,


The Billion $ Question


So here’s a little secret I’ve told no one about, not even my best friend. Every night while putting on my PJs for bed I have this little ritual. I say, “All the money that I gave out today, I call back to me 10 fold! Thank you.”

What this does energetically, aside from calling back 10x the money you gave out, is put you into a space of gratitude with the money that you spent for the day. Ever spend in one day more than than you make in a week? Know that feeling at the end of the day when you start to add up what you spent? Not good, right? This usually will put you into a space of peace and gratitude, knowing the money you gave out is going to circulate, as money was meant to do, and then make its way back to you in a greater capacity. How does it get any better than that?

When you are at peace and gratitude with money, it allows more of it to show up for you. You can think about it this way too: Would you rather go over to a friends house that had peace and gratitude for having you in their life? Or would you rather go over and spend time with the person freaking out and fixated on not having enough of you? Eeeek! Most likely the first one right?

So there you go, there’s my little nightime secret ritual. If that’s way too easy for you and you are someone that is willing to work just a bit harder for their money, there’s more you can do. You can visualize your walls, barriers, shields, moats, etc. dissolving from all around you, then visualize the energy of money (get creative here – it doesn’t have to be dollar bills – it can be a new car, a house, gold, a buried treasure! etc. anything that you consider the energy of money to be and you can change it every night) coming from the universe and into your energy, flowing to you, then through you, through every molecule, fiber and cell of your being, for a few minutes.

Super Simple. Super Easy. So DEFINITELY DON”T use this because it might work. 🙂

With Love & Gratitude,



2013: After the end of the Mayan Calendar

So you’ve made it past the end of the world I see! Now what? What’s different? Did any of those numerous predictions come true for you?

Here’s what was happening before we reached the end of the Mayan calendar in case you weren’t paying attention to the Apocalypse,  or recently had a head trauma and now have a shorter memory than me:

The Mayan long count calendar ended on the winter solstice, Dec 21, 2012.  and was the end of a 26,000 year cycle. According to the Mayans it is not the end of the world, but an end to an era, and a birth of a new world, one in which time does not exist. Shamans refer to it as a shift from the 4th sun to the 5th sun. Each sun represents an era since the beginning of humans inhabiting the planet. The beginning of the 5th sun offers the possibility to begin again, wipe the slate clean and start over,  create a new and different life, or enter a higher dimensional plane of existence where time does not exist as we know it. What if all that were actually possible? But perhaps not in the way we have imagined it to be.

I like to look at it this way, from summer solstice to the winter solstice we have a little less daylight each day, and then on the winter solstice, Dec 21st,  its considered the shortest day of the year, when we have the least amount of daylight. From that point on we have a bit more daylight each day until June and we reach the summer solstice again. That’s sort of what is happening here with this end of world shift that we are going through. For 26,000 years things have been energetically more and more difficult until the turning point – Dec 21st 2012. However, leading up to this point, those of us creating more consciousness, space, or healing for ourselves and others on the planet, have made great strides in changing the intense effect of the energy to where it was okay and perhaps just like another day – one where you didn’t need to hide indoors with cans of food and bottled water, and perhaps stave off fire-breathing double-headed dragons! Oh! That’s what you have been doing all along! And was that why so many of you were called to be healers in some or another in the last 5-10 years? LOL Yes! You are pretty awesome my friend, thank you for your contribution!

So now what? Well, what would you like to create? Your old job regarding 2012 is complete. Have you chosen a new one yet? If you have not and would like an idea for one – how about “I choose to create an expansive life with joy, bliss, gratitude, ease, abundance and fun for myself and everyone that I come into contact with.” Its important for you to choose to a new job at this time if you have been someone helping the planet and its people transition into a higher vibration. If you haven’t you may notice you feel tired, sick, have permanent bed-butt, bored, blah, out of place, or feeling like things are just not moving. So choose away, choose something awesome to reward yourself with after all of your work!

In an upcoming article I expand on how time does not exist as we know it and the impact on the next 26,000 years of gaining a little more lightness every day.  AND more importantly, how you can use that to your advantage to create your dream life in 2013 and beyond!

With Love & Gratitude,