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Finding Home


Are there certain things that you have just always known? Was there a time you knew someone would get sick or pass away, or that there was something going on with your relationship and it might end? As a child did you always know that you came here to do something powerful, wonderful and great that would change everything in some way? So many of us have this internal knowing, but the circumstances of life can feel like its forcing us to let go of this knowing or feeling within that comes from someplace you can’t quite reach or explain.

No matter what has happened, whoever told you were wrong, you’d never be that greatness that you knew was possible, or you shouldn’t know about events occurring in the future, or even if you were proved right for your awareness they still didn’t believe you and felt like an outsider after that, there is a way back home. There’s a way to let go of everything you created to stop yourself because no one believed in you or you just stopped believing too. Do you desire to have that back? The YOU that knows? The YOU that is aware? The YOU that felt like you had a greatness within just waiting to burst out when the time was right?

NOW is the time.

No one can choose this but YOU. No one can do this for you but YOU. See, this is about you. And only you. Its about what you always knew. Are you willing to have that? If you are say YES out loud!

Are you really willing to have this? No matter what it looks like? Or how much things might change for you? Or if life gets uncomfortable will you still choose that  energy of YOU and go through it, rise above it, and keep your sight focused beyond it?

If this is truly a yes, say that out loud!

What happens is that energetically your inner knowing will start to awaken, your inner feelings of greatness will start to come alive again, trust of you will begin to return, your strength, power and potency will feel more reachable. The process has begun my friends. Each ones journey will be different, some things may show up more quickly than others, or your entire being can just awaken from the knowing and the memory these words evoke.

The journey home to YOU has begun.

Infinite Gratitude, Love, Blessings,

and of course Kisses,


Making Money: Definitely Don’t Do This Tip #3


Here it is folks, tip #3.

Never do it for the money!

See, money follows joy and presence. The key words in that are not joy and presence. I don’t mean it like “if I’m more joyful and present in my life money will show up”. Nope, because in a way there is still a focus on what one has to do to get the money. The key words to take notice here are “money follows”. Ahhh yes! Money follows.

Picture money as a squirrel. Know what happens when you chase a squirrel? You almost never catch it! What if you were to sit outside to enjoy the animals and sit very still and be very present and be at peace with yourself and nature, and drop some food for the squirrel? Well, it just might come to you.  You may find also all the other animals come near you too as well as people wish to be near you.

This isn’t to say quit your job and only do what you love. Or that you will only make money doing something that truly moves you. That is not true and won’t work!

What I AM saying is that if you have presence in your life, and do things with presence and the joy of living and being, money shows up! Money is a curious creature. So many people are chasing it that it stops and takes notice at the ones that don’t. Money will show up in your life in the various outlets you have to receive it when you become focused and present on life and living it.

For example, if you work as a teacher, focus on why you chose that and the fulfillment it brings you. When you leave work, be present with your drive home and notice nature and your surroundings and breathe. When you get home allow yourself to be present and enjoy preparing dinner. When we wake up in the morning be present as you dress yourself and prepare. Its not about what you do. If you do something that you absolutely abhor, look for one good thing in it and focus on that.  If you hate waking up super early, look for something positive there too. Like get yourself a special flavored coffee you look forward to, or play a fun song to wake up to.

The more present we are in our life, the more abundance in general will show up, not just money. Be present in each moment, not necessarily just one part of the day or that hour you get to go home and talk to your best friend or relax on the couch. Do you know someone that is totally present with you, when you talk on the phone or see them? How do you feel when you are around them? Would you like to be around them more? Well if you do know someone you also know that you can’t get enough of that person, you feel heard, understood, fulfilled. This is the energy that money loves to be around, its not just a human attraction, money wants them too!

I’ve had people practice this and not only has money shown up, but a relationship too! Of course it takes some practice and tweaking and each day will not be perfect. Practice being present especially during a difficult part of your day and watch things start to shift immediately.



Magic Powers?

“I am ready to levitate now. What’s it gonna take to get that off the ground?” That’s the thought I pondered for almost 20 mins this morning over a cup of pumpkin coffee. I’m sure there’s more important stuff to think about in the morning, but this IS important to me and definitely the kind of stuff I think about regularly. This is how I dream up new healing services and how I figure out what’s next in the world  of energy. I think about random stuff and see if there’s a way to make it happen. I’ve been dreaming about levitation most of my life. Since I was a little girl I would have these dreams where I would float around, while everyone else was walking. Most times I was floating only a few inches off the ground as someone was alongside me walking (SUCKER!) lol, and they didn’t even notice I was floating. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy moving my legs from time to time, especially now that I am FL and there are no crazy hills to contend with. The best times though was when I floated down and up flights and flights of stairs leaving people in my dust. Ahhhh yes, I would love to levitate and float away!

What magical ability would you have first if you could have your pick?

Let’s make this happen! Ok step 1. Really know this is possible. Somewhere somehow. Even if its not in this dimension. You just need to really know its possible somewhere.

Step 2: Truth, have you done this before in some lifetime, past, present or a future one? Whatever comes into your mind first is appropriate here, even if it doesn’t make sense. In all honesty, how much sense is there in magic powers? Ok, so let’s not worry about sense for right now. If you get a yes here, wow, congratulations! You have already mastered this at some point!

Step 3: What’s one thing you can do this week to take a step forward toward having your magical ability? Let’s keep it simple to not harm yourself or anyone, like say if you want to fly I would not suggest leaping off a building! Let’s plan on keeping this to, “I am ready and own this ability” and see what shows up for you this week. This might just come as more fun dreams where you get to fly for instance! I’m not suggesting this will even show up in this reality, but maybe some part of you in some dimension can have some fun, hey why not?!

For me, this week I have a plan:

1. I will ask to levitate and float  more in my dreams.

2. Upon opening my eyes and before I am totally alert (meaning before Starbucks kicks in), I will say “Vanessa you can totally levitate. You do it all the time.”

3. I will ask to go easy so as to not freak out the mind! Maybe ask my levitation power to slowly raise me a tiny bit off the bed after laying down and going into a deep meditation. If I don’t freak out I may ask for a little more next time.

4. I won’t do anything stupid like stand on the top of a flight of stairs and expect levitation to kick in. I may however stand on the bottom of a flight of stairs and wait for it to kick in, or better yet, take the elevator.


Thanks for reading my silly blog post today! Not meant to be taken seriously, just wanted to expand your imaginations a little more!

Kisses V


Being a Quitter

Nobody wants to be called  a quitter, that has such an awful connotation to it. Its like you’re giving up, you’re a failure,  and on top of it all, somehow you’re to blame!  Well at least that’s what I think when I think quitter! That type of thinking though has left me in bad relationships, horrible friendships and pushing myself way too far when its obvious that something isn’t working anymore or maybe never has. Fortunately though, the one place I was ready and willing to be a quitter was with my job! I used to be a software engineer amongst other related titles in the 7 years working in the corporate worlds IT department. It was always very easy for me to leave my jobs, but that type of quitting is definitely glamorized, I mean who wouldn’t want to proudly hand in their resignation, smiling, saying I’m leaving to do nothing, have nothing planned, but I think I might be psychic and that’s all I got to go on!

There have a been quite a few endings for me recently and it was difficult and sad for me at first to let these people and things go.  I was asking my team of guides and angels, why is it so hard with these things? I know they aren’t working for me anymore, some of them draining and hurtful, other things just weren’t a contribution in the way it used to be. So why is it so difficult to move on? Then the answer hit me like a ton of bricks!

The things are very difficult to let go are the things we have totally invested our heart and soul in, whether it be people, friendships, relationships, a job, a business, a lifestyle, etc. It doesn’t matter. These are the things we have somehow made the answer and decided, this was IT. This was going to be ours and its going to work and its the best thing that has happened since sliced bread. For example, meeting a guy and going, “yep, he’s the one” – even if you wait a few months to make sure he’s the right one! Ever do that and notice how almost immediately things take a turn for the worst?

What happens energetically when we decide that in some way this is it, “I will be friends forever”, “He’s the one, I love him”, “This job is the best there is, it can’t get better than this”, “this is what I’ve been looking all my life for, its the answer to my prayers”, is that the energy stops flowing, it gets locked up. The moment you say those things that energy goes to that person/thing and you no longer own that piece of your energy, you have given something away. Yourself usually.

Essentially we do send that energy (unconsciously usually) so that things won’t change, and to ensure everything stays as perfect as this moment. However, this is what sets us up for failure. Once there is no more flow of energy, things can’t change and we live in a universe where things are constantly shifting and changing. It also creates us where we can’t easily receive the change and have to put more energy in keeping it the same. In the meanwhile, our energy is over there with that thing or person and it no longer needs us because it feels like it has us. Yikes! I’ve seen this to be the cause of a sudden distancing in relationships all too many times.

So, what to do?

First you may want to shy away from ever declaring something, keep it more, “yeah I really like this let’s see where this goes”, or “I’m really enjoying this right now, I wonder how much greater things can be” or when those thoughts creep up in your mind, just say ok gotcha, and I’m going to see where this goes.

Learn to really enjoy things in the moment for what they are. The universe is constantly changing and a great friend or job today may be gone in a year. The universe is intelligent and knows when things need to end and move on and it helps to know that to be in more allowance.

Look to the things you have really invested in that you feel are not really working anymore. Say “all of my investment in this, all of my energy in this, I call it back now”. Sometimes just calling your energy back can really change a job, a relationship, the way you see the world and more.

Practice these steps as a way of life and they will become second nature. You will find that letting go, quitting, moving on is a lot easier for you. You may also notice that you know ahead of time that things are not going to work out and its coming to a close. So instead of the panic we usually go into when we get alerted to that, we can go into those steps above and be well prepared.

Quitting til next time!

~ Kisses,


A special kind of V Day: The Most Fattening Thing on the Menu!

Happy V Day! Sure,  its only Feb 13th, but I have declared today my V Day, primarily to not be out tomorrow and be the lepar (single woman on V Day with no Valentine in sight) amongst the couples, and also because everything around here is already booked solid for tomorrow and I happen to be a last minute kind of gal LOL!

This year I have declared my body to be my special Valentine and treat it kindly and to give it all kinds of love and to stop judging it, so it seemed fitting to take it out on the town for the day! We started out with a nice drive consisting of palm trees all lit up like it was Christmas, a 90 minute Thai massage, a Cheesecake Factory lunch of – yes a plate of cheese! and then a dish of “the most fattening thing on the menu!” as the lady at the table in front of me declared, LOUDLY to several onlookers. I laughed. I guess she didn’t see the plate of fried cheese. I promised myself no judgement, so I ate with no judgement. I noticed I didn’t feel stuffed after, feel guilty or bad after, I just joyfully ate the food my body reacted to when I opened the menu. Ever open the menu and something jumps out at you, then you decide “noooo, can’t be that, I don’t eat that!” or “no way that’s too fattening!”. What if that is what your body would love to have? As I ate amongst several onlookers wanting to order what I was eating, but declared they couldn’t, I wondered, is it really the judgement and the guilt that makes you put on weight?

Energetically speaking, when you do judgement and guilt, it locks up your energy, it creates this criss-cross & looping pattern going around your body and blocks the energy from flowing freely and openly like it should be when someone is healthy. The more you do it, the more of these patterns it creates, then whenever you eat, you find that you go into this pattern and then all eating is full of judgement and guilt. You could be eating a salad if you consider that non-fattening, and still doing it too, just the reverse. Its still a judgement to say this salad isn’t going to make me fat, as it would be to say, oh no this ice cream is fattening. Both are judgements and still create this locking and looping pattern around the body. While eating the salad with judgement you may say “great, no guilt with this”, but even that strengthens the guilt for when you eat something you don’t consider healthy.

This is why I eat with no judgement, who needs all that?! I’ve been really asking my body what it would like and how much it would like to eat. I definitely did not eat that entire lunch, I stopped when I felt like my body was happy, about a third of the plate. (Although I did polish off the fried cheese plate!)  I also eat salads and other fare people consider non-fattening regularly too with no judgement – I make sure I don’t think – oh wow I made a good choice today. Instead, anything my body desires to have is a good choice. What if that is really how it can be? Would you be willing to have that?

I have noticed since that, that without the constant conscious and unconscious barrage of judgement around food, I have felt more peaceful and confident with my body. The struggle with it has lessened tremendously. It feels happy. I don’t need to tell you that a happy body creates so much more ease in life, so this is one easy and indulgently satisfying way that I do that. After having the most fattening thing on the menu, we went shopping. Yes, now tell me really, after indulging in a lunch like this, who would actually want to go shopping? Can you imagine? Normally I would feel bloated, tired, guilty, bad, and all sorts of other things. But I didn’t! Me and the delightfully happy body went shopping and had a blast. Even tried on a couple bathing suits. Now that’s different!

Would you dedicate Valentines Day to your body and show it some love in your own way? Happy Valentines Day!

V Day Kisses!


Now is not the time

“Now is NOT the time to choose that.” ~ Roy Burns III

Anyone else notice the weird intense energy that has been hanging around since Friday, wreaking havoc all over the place? If you are in the northeast it came in the form of a snow piles so high you couldn’t open your door. For others it has been people acting very strangely in relationships, such as pulling away, pushing you away, taking a million steps back, stopping energy, breaking up, etc. I’ve gotten so many calls and questions about peoples relationships this week its wild – especially since its only Tuesday! For others its like a confusion, deep sadness, depression, can’t see the path ahead-type of energy. If you have avoided all of this – YAY for you – I was not one of the lucky ones, but still that’s spectacular and I applaud you, tell me your secret! If not I’d like to offer some words of comfort & perhaps hope.

This energy has been creeping in since late Thursday, peaked Saturday evening and started to descend Sunday night, however it’ll take about 9 more days before we can clear the debris and see where we are. Whatever reaction and major life change you would like to go into and choose – “Now is NOT the time to choose that!”. If you want to push someone away and shut them out – “Now is not the time”. If you want to break up “Now is not the time to choose that”. Move out of the northeast “Now is not the time” to make that decision. I’m not suggesting you don’t choose that AT ALL, but take some time to calm down and really think about what you would like instead of going into the reactive mode. If you can, see if you can wait a few more days so that you can have a bit more clarity, if its something you need to choose right away or your intuition is telling you to choose right away or its a dangerous situation of course – that’s different, take a few deep breaths and ask “what is my future going to be like if I choose this?”.

The relationship advice I’ve been offering to clients is this: Step into your power. Has your relationship been unbalanced? Have you been giving up YOU? Have you been hanging on their every word hoping that they will feel the same about you? Take all that energy, all the thoughts feelings and emotions about that person and throw it into the recycle bin. Take your power here. I have a tendency to use the “bad stuff” in life that happens and turn it into something positive and empowering for me and my clients. If you do that, throw all that to the side and take your power, you are actually giving the person room to come to you and want to spend more time with you and to share their feelings with you. Its as if when you are holding onto that energy there is no room for them to come to you because your hands are already full. That, plus the energy that is going on right now could make for some relationship troubles. So toss that energy – no matter who its for, relationship, family, etc. and step into your power. If you were being you, how would be in this situation?

I’m seeing that in about 9 days the dust will settle and we can reassess more clearly where we are and where we can go from here. These things that are happening can feel like a setback right now, but when the dust settles I feel like we may realize we are further along than we thought, especially if we use this time to step into more and having our power.




Dream on fellow Psychics!

Did you know that you are more psychic if you take a nap during the day? Well…this might not be fact, but for me and most of the clients I’ve recommended this to its worked out! When I was a teenager and even in my twenties I would practice my psychic skills by hopping into the bed and taking an afternoon nap. I didn’t start out intending to take a nap of course, but it usually ended up that way. Something about slowing down those brain waves that makes one sleepy!

We tend to be so busy during the day that we don’t get a chance to be aware of what is going on in the psychic realms or if our guides and angels are trying to get a message to us. Usually at night or in our dreams is a great opportunity for them, but let’s face it – we are passed out and drooling and exhausted from our day most likely. So, if you feel like you are most psychic at night, like you see visions or hear voices, etc. but you end up just passing out because you are so tired and can’t remember a thing in the morning, this might work great for you too! Or, if you’d just like to get some practice with developing your psychic ability this is a great and easy way to start.

Step 1: Hop into bed, get comfortable.

Step 2: Ask a question – like – what does my guide want me to know? Or something else.

Step 3: Let your mind wander and just relax. Hold no expectations.

Step 4: Wake up or allow yourself to come back to normal and assess anything you remember.

Oh, and definitely set an alarm if necessary. I was never one for alarms, but I noticed that sometimes I went so deep into a trance state or I was off doing something in the psychic realms that hours went by quite easily. Sometimes I would remember everything, sometimes nothing. These are the times though that I have had the most vivid connection with guides and angels, where I could hear them talk to me out loud, feel their touch, see their faces. It was quite magnificent!

On that note, its nap time!




Lioness of the Night

Has anyone ever asked you if you were a night person or a daytime person? I remember getting asked that many years ago as a little girl. I also remember abruptly answering “NIGHTIME!”, most likely because I didn’t stay up really late and it seemed so mysterious and it seemed like people were out having loads of fun at night at clubs, bars, etc, all the places I knew nothing about. Fast forward to adulthood and I could not wake up at 6am, for the life of me, to get to work.

The other day a friend of mine was saying how his girlfriend would not discuss matters concerning their sex life during the day, it was only allowed to happen at night. During the night they could only discuss their sex life and could not discuss other aspects of the relationship. Interesting how we learn to categorize and separate things. For me at night, I get bolder, way more fun, crazier, wilder, juuuuuust as I’m about to fall asleep. During the day I’m focused on work and errands. So when do I get to have the fun and the wild and the crazy??? Apparently in my dreams. Can you relate to that? Do you feel like you perk up at night or finally feel a sense of freedom, only to have to brush your teeth and go to bed?

Are you ready to change that along with me? Here’s a little energy magic:

Everything that creates you as either a night owl or a day person or anything else you might be calling that, will you allow that to clear and dissolve away totally now? (Say yes out loud if you would).

Everything you have associated & categorized night behavior with, will you allow that to clear totally? (Say yes out loud if you would like to.)

Everything you have associated & categorized daytime behavior with, will you allow that to clear totally? (Say yes out loud if you’d like)

Everything that doesn’t allow you to choose from all aspects of you, that works for you, anytime – day or night, will you allow that to clear? (Say yes out loud if you’d like.)

Great! If you said yes, you got the clearing download. If you find yourself going into a wide-eyed-bushy-tailed kind of mood right before bed, say “I choose to use this energy during the day to make for a better day tomorrow!”, or if you are at work and feel like swinging back a margarita say “Universe, how can I use this fun party mood to bring more life and fun to my work?” and this will allow the energy to show up differently, and in a way that works for you and the workplace – it could be that everyone feels energized and laughs a bit more and the day flies by faster. How does it get any better than this?

~V Kisses

Making Money: Definitely Don’t Do This Tip #2

Would you like to know another widely unknown energy secret? One that could possibly make you money while you sleep? You are here so I’m thinking you are someone who knows things don’t have to be so hard and it actually could be a lot easier if you just had the right info. I know, I think the same exact way, which is what lead me to searching and discovering how to use energy in a way that makes life a whole lot easier!


1. As you climb into your bed, say “body, you are allowed to have a restful night of sleep”.

2. Then say “What can I be or do in my sleep that will make me money now and in the future?” (You are asking a question, but not waiting or looking for an answer here.)

What will happen is that while you are sleeping, you and the universe will conspire to align things to bring you and make you money. AND since sleep is the one time where you are usually way more open to receiving and have much less walls and blocks to receiving up, you will be able to orchestrate things a lot easier.

The next day when you wake up, you may notice different things happening, different people or possibilities showing up, or it just may be a slight change in your mood. No matter how huge or slight the change may feel to you, just remember you are orchestrating things a bit different and something that feels so slight, might actually be a huge change in the energy world, which means a HUGE change that shows up in the future. So keep going, ask every night and know that things are changing exactly as they need to and that you are part of the process to making that happen. GO YOU for taking the initiative to having more!

And DEFINITELY DON”T use this for other areas of your life by saying something like this:

“What can I be or do in my sleep to make for a better tomorrow?” or “What can I be or do in my sleep to have more ease with …?”