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Oh yes, its a fine line between love and hate…

Did you ever notice that the one thing that really irks you about someone is the one thing that you love about them? Hahaha! So this kind of cracked me up when I realized this. So go ahead think about someone you care about. Think about the thing you love the most about them. Think about the thing you dislike the most – are they related?

Do you have a friend that you absolutely love for being so casual and laid back and not taking things too hard or serious and you feel so comfortable around them that you can say anything? Do they also annoy you when they are late, never make up their mind until last minute and its hard to pin them down for future plans? I’m THAT friend. I’m also laughing about being that friend right now! See, these are just opposite sides of the same coin!

Is your boyfriend or girlfriend super extroverted and so very social? Do you love that about them, is that what drew you in? However, does it frustrate you that it always seems like they are flirting or having a good time with someone else? I hear this one A LOT!

For me, I personally looked back on my romantic relationships and realized I absolutely loved when people make me feel like their #1 and only ONE – BUT that also drives me crazy because I couldn’t possibly have the time in the day to be anyone’s #1, and am still working on being #1 for myself, which by the way, would make all this conflictual stuff end if I just allowed me to be my own #1, but that’s a different story for another day.

Take a look, go through all your friendships, romantic relationships and see for yourself. When you see the opposites there, just laugh it off and it’ll dissipate the energy and that thing that is driving your crazy will be less likely to come up again, or if it does it’ll be less intense.



Earthoscope: March 25 – March 31

Hey everybody! So many of you asked for it, so here we go, here’s a peek into the future beautiful ones!

Monday March 25 – Today is definitely lighter, more room to breathe, you might feel like your ability to think clearly is coming back as that thick fog begins to fade, fade away. Today is a great day to take care of business, for the most part. The energy is not totally clear of roadblocks, but you might be able to get 2 of 3 things done that you set your mind to. That 1/3 will still be up in the air, to be resolved, later on this week into next week. If you followed the energy and used it to your advantage last week and took a step or two forward over the weekend, today may feel pretty light to you as the energy of what you have set forth begins to take on a denser form as it makes it way through the manifestation process for you.

Tuesday March 26 – The first half of the day could feel like a setback has occurred, you could feel resistant, or like something went retrograde up there in the heavens. Ground, breathe, repeat. Not much progress will be made, but if you have tasks take your time and stay present and you will get through them, and resist the temptation to push harder. The last half of the day that energy lifts. So let go, or better  yet, don’t hold on to anything from the first half of the day. Its a good night to get together with friends and enjoy some laughter. Kindness is in the air.

Wednesday March 27 – Its easy to be cheeky and sarcastic or have a huge personality today. Go with it have fun. You may not feel focused, like getting the work done, but your creativity is sparked. Do something creative and see if you can do it from start to finish. Play with art, paints, writing, creating a website or something fun and new. Let yourself unleash onto a medium and amaze yourself with either your creation or how you feel after, or heck, both! Tonight, continue the creativity, cook some dinner, relax watch TV, have fun. You may notice the tension builds up and things aren’t as wide open and free as in the morning.

Thursday March 28 – This is an interesting day. If you’ve done a lot of clearing work this day could be easy breezy, but you may notice in others exactly where their blocks are. If there is still an area that needs to be looked at, today will bring up what needs to be addressed. If something does come up, know that its doing so to be healed with the  planetary energies. Ground, breathe, take a look at it, let go of the thoughts, feelings, and emotions there and see what you can do to change the situation and bring it to healing. You may need to call a friend for assistance.

Friday March 29 – This is a day of manifestation! What you’ve been asking for, clearing, or working on could pop up today, most likely in an unexpected way. If you have been asking for something, say a relationship, you could get a sighting to show you its coming, or make a new acquaintance, or something else. If exactly what you have been asking for doesn’t show up, don’t worry, notice what did show up today for you. If you met someone new it could be the universe showing you that you are on your way to meeting that person you would like to be with. Know that this is the first manifestation into the physical of what you’ve been asking for and that its on its way. Keep your eyes open today and focus on gratitude to assist the energies in manifesting for you!

Saturday March 30 – This feels like a strange day, especially for communication. You may want to stay in, read a book, work on projects, keep it low-key with friends, family, loved ones. This isn’t necessarily an emotional day, but interaction with others or being around a lot of people could be strained and you could feel like you are on different planets. This is a great day to commune with the Earth, be outside, enjoy a park, go for a hike, etc.

Sunday March 31 – 1. Make a list of everything you want to let go of.  2. Choose to really let it go with total ease. 3. Step into your power. 4. Act like you already have the you that you’d be if you let it all go. Today is a powerful day to get things done and make things happen. There is a lot of power and the energy of change to be pulled from the universe. If your intent is in alignment,  you can start new projects and move forward and deal with whatever pops up as you will have the strength and fortitude. If you are out of alignment and plans are not moving forward easily today – ask, What else is possible? What do I need to know here? What have I not been seeing? What can I now let go of that I have been unwilling to? How can I step into April with more of me, my power, love, gratitude, and my creativity – to create the life I know I deserve and have been asking for and waiting on?



Earthoscope: The Week of March 17-24

Yeah I made that word up. I wouldn’t normally blog about a horoscope for this upcoming week, but I am trying to eat my green St. Patty Day cupcakes and have guides yelling in my ear about what they’d like me to post. Apparently its an important week LOL! I know I have said that before in the last few blogs and newsletters about this equinox and the fact that Mercury is retrograde. So here is what we have to look forward to beautiful friends!

Sun 3/17 – A day to chill at home, relax, be with family, friends or loved ones. Lay back, relax, take a moment for you. Enjoy green cupcakes.

Mon-Tues 3/18-3/19 – The energy builds back up a little and there is still some resistance. Although we may not feel like we are pushing an enormous boulder up the highest mountain like in previous weeks, our days will not be flawless, but much smoother than the past few weeks. There is a hectic energy in the air that will be easy to get caught up in. Take a break, a breath, and thoughtfully go about your day in presence and awareness and if you get hit with that hectic energy, pause and think before you act. It will be too easy to say something you may regret or act in haste.

Wed 3/20 – A strangely powerful day. There is a energy building and building here, where you may notice it as heavy, or dense, or thick. Some people may react to it by getting sleepy, some may get anxious. If you feel either of these, take it and use this energy to build momentum on a future project. This is a great day to plan the future. Create a list of  3 things you would like to release over the equinox and a list of 3 things you’d like to do and create this year (through next spring), and another list of things you’d like to have in 5 years time. Map it out. Plan to take a step towards these goals this weekend.

Thurs 3/21 – A day where that energy that was building the day before turns into a higher pitch, a higher vibration and can cause anxiety, ADHD symptoms, restlessness, fatigue, the tendency to make rash decisions, change body image (talking huge makeover here), or play it safe inside the house. How to best use this energy? Sit in a meditative posture, clear your mind for a few minutes and totally relax your body, allow in these high frequency earth & cosmic energies – let it pour and wash through you, then recall the list of the 3 things you’d like to clear. Think about each one for a few minutes, ask this high frequency energy to dissolve it, move it through you, or to assist you in letting it go. Ask to let it go with ease if you are having trouble. Move on to the next until all 3 feel different to you. Suggested time for this would be about an hour, as you may need a quick nap after allowing in all these energies and releasing what does not serve you any longer.

Fri 3/22 – Late night Thursday or early Friday, sit with that list of things you’d like to create this year. Again, step into the meditative posture for a few minutes, pull in the earth and cosmic energies and let it flow through your body for several minutes until you feel comfortable and peaceful. Look over your list and one by one, see yourself having what you are asking for, ask for this earth and cosmic energy to dissolve any resistance from you having your goal. When it feels ok, step into the image and pull the energy through your body until you feel its flowing. This process should take about 15 minutes. If you’re unsure if you’ve done what was necessary, please know its more about the intention and know that these energies are here to assist you. If this is all new to you the guides are saying “you have to start somewhere!”. What better time than now?

Sat 3/23 – Magical Day! Take a breather, you survived and guess what? You were not at the effect of all that intense energy AND you used it to serve you and create more ease in your life now, and a greater future! Congratulations beautiful beings! Today, look at your list of goals and take a step in that direction. What simple thing can you today that would empower you and step into your goal and the better life you have been asking for?

Sun 3/24 – First part of the day feels like Saturday, so take another step towards another goal. What simple thing can you do today? This evening – prepare for the week ahead, it feels like its going to be fast paced and there will be little time to catch up on things.




I’ll just do it myself!

Uh, how many times have you said that? “Fine, I’ll just do it myself”, or “Surprise, surprise I’m all alone” (dripping with sarcasm of course), “Its just me, I don’t have anyone”. Not only am I super guilty of saying stuff like that but I hear it on the phone almost every single day from clients. I usually don’t have any words of wisdom to respond, except, “yep I know”.  There are a million different reasons why we could have found ourselves all alone without help in a particular area. Most of what I hear is in regards to someone to do healing work with, bouncing ideas off of, someone to assist with a project or providing the help with a particular medical issue, or feeling lonely and without a relationship. We all have some area in our life we could use a little help with right? Or even just a little validation that we’re on track, a kind word, or inspiration. I hear ya! Its human nature.

Being that I am notorious for the above comments the universe finally gave me wake up smack down. I had this entire list of things I wanted to accomplish and each day it grew more and more as an idea came to me. It could be something I wanted to create, something I wanted to energetically clear, a life change I wanted to make, or just an errand I had to run. However, this list intensely grew and grew, but what was I doing in my spare time? Napping. Crossing a thing of the list was a rare event that I pulled out the colored pastel chalks for. It was a grand celebration where the high of the completion lasted until I turned the page and saw all the rest of the to-dos.

So one faithful day I sat with my list and then I heard the message clear as day. So following the voice I did as he said. (Yes I follow voices.) I took a new sheet and wrote 2-3 things I felt I could accomplish and actually wanted to accomplish for the day. Work, grocery shop, create something interesting was what I wrote. On another sheet of paper, I made a list of the things the universe could accomplish for me. See, I hadn’t even taken into account that the universe could do this stuff. I know it does stuff and makes things happen, but I didn’t realize it could totally do these things from my list. Now here I listed things like energize me, inspire me, fill me with love, let my creativity flow and be so easy I don’t even have to think or struggle, have pizza waiting for me at my moms, etc. The list went on, but these are the types of things I was trying to do and spending time researching, looking, figuring out, wondering, contemplating, etc. It was actually taking up a lot of my day. So I listened to the voice and made my list. Then I ripped out the sheet of paper so I would forget about it and tucked it into an envelope. That was it.

The next day I actually woke up early, felt refreshed, felt passionate about life again, felt creative. I hadn’t felt this way in a really long time. “Could this have worked?”, I asked myself. I didn’t want to linger on that thought too long though as I wanted to get about my day and create 3 new tasks for the day. Plus, I really couldn’t even remember what was on my list for the universe. The next evening  I went over to my moms and they had bought pizza for everyone at work, and there were two slices waiting for me. 🙂 Now of course, some of the stuff on the list hasn’t happened yet. I know its about how much I let go and really hand it over and I’m sure I have some blocks with some of the things. So I have also been asking before falling asleep, “universe, assist me in clearing through these blocks.”

This is a very energetically magical time we are in. Things can show up super fast that we ask for. Time is speeding up. Huge blocks are being cleared away left and right. Astrologically as well – the stars are aligning to clear the path and let us fly instead of continuing to push that boulder up the hill. Why not take advantage of it? Try it, see what shows up for you!



Taking back permission

I had an interesting thought today. Try saying this out loud “I give my body permission to relax”, then take a deep breath and let your body just do its thing. Did you feel even the tiniest of discomfort leaving your body? If you did not, try again but this time let go of the reigns of your body just for a moment to allow it to relax, even if its just for this instance. Did you feel any relaxation? Most of you did right? I’ve been playing with this concept for a while and noticing what happens when I not only give my body permission but give myself permission to do something.

The other night I was in the shower getting for a date and I had the thought, should I be going out this late. I wasn’t planning on leaving the house until 10 since he was working until then. (If you’ve read previous blog posts you are well aware I’ve been passing out waaaay before 10.) So I thought to myself, well why not, its fine, I’ve been out much later than this without any issue. Then it occurred to me, what was I looking for here to feel better about this? Ahhh yes, I was waiting on permission. Now to be clear I was still going to go, but there was this nagging feeling, mostly unconscious – that if I weren’t so intensely paying attention to every thought, every energy shift and almost every breath I would’ve missed it. So this is what felt off. So I said, “my dear Vanessa you have permission to go out and have fun.” Suddenly I was fine and fired up to go out!

So how much of your life are you waiting on permission for. Are you waiting on permission to make more money, more than your partner? To eat ice cream for breakfast? To go out and date more? What if you gave yourself that permission. Permission is not just the ok – go ahead, because most of us have that conquered already. Permission is the ok – go ahead and have a blast! And while you are having a blast please feel no guilt since you aren’t doing anything bad or wrong. Yikes right?! Just writing that made me shudder. How much of not giving myself permission and going into guilt and “I better not or I shouldn’t” have I been doing unconsciously?

“So how about this?”, I thought to myself. I’m asking who did I give permission over me to in all the various areas of my life. I came up with a list of my parents and authority figures and teachers. I didn’t name them specifically but had a list in general. Then I visualized all of them in front of me and I said to them all, “Ok, I’ve got it from here. I’m taking my permission back. You are no longer in charge of that area of my life.” Most of them left or disappeared from my vision when I said it once, but for a couple I kept repeating it and reassuring them I had this and stepping into a greater authority role in my life, then in moments the entire image disappeared.  Then I took out another mental sheet of paper and permanently signed my permission slip to do ANYTHING I desire, ever, for eternity, guilt free. Yep, guilt free.

So what did this change? I don’t know all the details yet, but I am feeling more creative, more free, more open, more myself. And since I’ve let go out of the reigns of my body where I don’t have to give it permission to relax before it’ll relax, well I wonder how it may change and look and feel differently now. See the body is always trying to right itself, so if there is a stuck energy or a negative energy, now it can just naturally let it go without waiting on us to give it that permission or to clear out the energy. That’s a huge start if you ask me!

So much of this was unconscious that it will show up in time and in so many different ways. I’m guessing it’ll make for a way more fun and free and happy though! Want some too? Sign that permission slip!




Magical March

On March 3 the guides paid me a li’l visit. “Did you know this is a magical month?”, they said. Shocked, surprised and somewhat startled, I responded “um, say what again?” So far it kinda hurts. Actually its been a rocky road for a couple months now. Its been exhausting, I feel like I can barely open my eyes in the morning, its difficult to keep them open during the day, and my entire personal life has changed a thousand fold. So “come again?” please. “The foundation you have built your limitations on have crumbled. You are to shed the pieces and move forward with all of your infinite energy and potency intact. There is work to do. The foundation has crumbled. It is time to step to out, break the cocoon around you and fly into the new earth.” If you are familiar with tarot, its the Tower card. BUT…no matter how bad life it feels, its truly not bad because something built from consciousness can never be destroyed and wouldn’t crumble, only unconsciousness. So what feels like painful feelings is the limitation lifting away, only the limitation can crumble. Believing it was never a limitation to begin with is probably what hurts the most actually.

“It is time. Time to step out. Break the cocoon. Shine your light. You are free. Wake up.” These were the last words before they left. “Lightworkers, take heed. It is time for you to be seen. Break through what has been keeping you invisible. Let it dissolve. It is time.”

If you are a Lightworker – have you felt like you have gone unnoticed, unseen, like you were here invisibly doing your work? You are right! You have been. The message I got was to use this time to break through, shed the invisibility spells, shields, etc. Break out of the cocoon or that protective egg around you. You are no longer required to remain hidden as was required in so many lifetimes, and its definitely not to your benefit to do so. It is time to step forth into the world in a different way. There’s a lot of magic this month to help you do that. I am hearing that each day this month is very powerful and so full of magic that your life can change with every breath and every moment, but we also have some very potent & magical days coming next week  and the week after (March 10-23). Use these days to break yourself out of hiding, to be seen, to get your voice and your work out there. I am hearing that your guides will be working with you when you ask this process to begin.

Cracking away at this eggshell ~



The power has been within you all along

Yesterday we did our first Mediumship telecall and it became very clear to me – all those people or events in your life that seem to make you fall on your face? Yep those. Or the ones that feel like the rug got pulled out from under you, what if they are really there to deliver you your power?

What are you unwilling to claim, own,  or acknowledge about you, that if you did, people would stop using it against you?

See, the universe is always trying to return to consciousness. So if there is a place where you are giving yourself up and not having your power, well the universe will eventually take it down, have it fall apart, or look for a million ways to deliver your power (aka you) back to you. Yes, deliver you back to you. You are infinite being, you are everything, every energy, you are a drop in the ocean. One drop of water in the ocean still contains everything the other drops have to make up that ocean. You have the universe within you.  You are infinite being, a beautiful drop of the universe. This is the oneness with which we all are.

So if you are not having some part of you, the universe tries and tries to give you back to you. That energy can come in a multitude of ways. Let’s say for example you are someone that is unwilling to speak up or be loud. You probably notice everywhere you go there are a million and one screaming babies or loud noises. So much so that you’d probably rather stay home or stick to your routine that doesn’t involve loud things. That’s just one example. If you claimed owned and acknowledged that yes you can be loud and would be willing to be loud since you are infinite being that is ALL things and energies, those loud notices wouldn’t matter much to you in your universe, or you wouldn’t even notice it if/when it came up, and it’d actually be more rare.

See in every moment the universe is trying to right itself, fill in the gaps – picture a gap in the ocean, it’d be filled immediately. This is what the universe is doing, delivering you an energy back to you. Its you. Its also your power. How do I know its a power? Well it can be used to against you, to make you feel at the effect of it, or powerless. That’s how I know. AND also because YOU ARE POWERFUL! Like where this is going?

So what’s going on your life that you can claim, own and acknowledge? Is there is someone in your life you feel powerless around or at the effect of? Will you claim own and acknowledge that in some way you are not stepping into your power? Demand your power here. This is new to a lot of people so it may not happen overnight. When I work with people over the phone we clear the blocks to this so it can happen in a matter of minutes to a couple days, depending. In any event, whether we ever speak on the phone or not, your power is yours and will eventually come back to you block or no block. Keep demanding, allowing, stepping into it. Once you proclaim and really demand to have it, the universe then does a rerouting and tries a different way to get it back to you, an easier way. However, if you try to keep the blocks in place, the universe has to go about a stronger means to knock away those blocks and that is usually when we feel like things are falling apart.

Let’s do it the easy way if you like. Take that power. When you have all of your power that person can disappear from your life in some way, or you can find yourself getting along pretty easily with them, or they don’t even cause a blip on your radar, never mind an emotional reaction like in the past. You’ve picked up and claimed all of your power, so they’re not there outside your house, picking up your abandoned power from your yard, shaping it into snowballs and throwing it at you anymore. There’s nothing to throw, nothing for them to take.

Would you be willing to start to see every disempowering situation as the universe delivering to you what is yours? Claim, own, and acknowledge, as an infinite being that power that is being delivered is yours. Be willing to take it and have it.

This will change your life. Its changed mine and tons of other clients.

Enjoy sweet infinite beings 🙂



Spirit Communication, is it really People Communication?

Well the first Mediumship class is well underway! Its called Spirit Communication Level 1 and this weeks topic was “No More Hiding Under the Covers!”. One of the many brilliant things that came into the light during class was that we have a very similar experience with spirits that we do with people. Essentially spirits are people – just people without bodies. We have our good ones, bad ones, quiet ones, funny ones, spiritual ones, etc. People don’t change too much when they leave their body and become solely a spirit – just like us there are experiences that will give them room to change if they wish and they also have assistance to learn and grow if they’d like as well, just like we do.

Primarily the difference here is that they don’t have a body like we do, and we talk out loud to people but we can communicate telepathically and much quicker with spirits. They do not have a sense of time so we can get the downloads very quickly and have super speedy conversations.

One person asked about spirits that say mean things and bother them. Interesting topic – because well let’s face it – its kind of creepy and aren’t you glad you don’t have THAT happening? My response here is this though – regardless of what this spirit is saying, how much its annoying you or you are feeling hurt and frustrated – how much of that has happened to you in your life with people – the ones in bodies?

Now, I didn’t get the sense that it was still happening to this person, just the clear sense that she allowed people to tell her how bad and wrong and stupid and slow and whatever else (I’m sure the list continues) she was or is – in the past. And even though she has probably moved on from these people as she is someone that has done a ton of self-work and growth and wouldn’t let someone do that to her now, the tape in the back of her mind (aka the subconscious) keeps a-playing. “You’re bad you’re wrong you’re stupid blah blah blah”.

Now the interesting thing here is this: If she destroyed that tape – a spirit/ghost/entity whatever you would like to call this disembodied being – could never come in and hit the play button on that tape. Essentially that is all its doing. Hitting the play button on whatever we have going on.

Most people do not like dealing with disembodied beings AT ALL – usually because of the few that like to search for (and usually find and hit) the PLAY button on our tapes. I can’t blame them, I myself have felt that way most of my life and avoided doing anything with these beings. However, somewhat recently I’ve changed my tune here. I’ve tuned into a different perspective that is a bit more enlightening to me and easier on my life.  Especially since someone that is technically a medium/channel cannot successfully ignore all the disembodied beings around oneself – there are always a few that break through – or one day the entire wall comes tumbling down and there they are and you have to deal with it in some way at some point.

My perspective shift is this: I am grateful that these few that hit the play button are pointing out all the unconscious tapes I’m still playing. If you know me you know that I have spent a considerable amount of time and money clearing any kind of tapes, negative thoughts, old behaviors, etc. etc. etc. For me its the subconscious stuff that kind of sticks me. The stuff I can’t see day to day to say – ok let me take a few moments and change this and change my life. These playful and sometimes annoying beings that most people refuse to do mediumship or open up their gift further in order to avoid, actually provide a service.

With that perspective shift, I can have gratitude and change the tape, I like to yank it out and toss it far away. Who’s with me? lol And not only does this provide a space of being able to the medium/channel that we are naturally born to be, but I have noticed it makes the dealings with people far easier, since the tape is not playing in the background with them too. For those that are mediums and channels, there is an enormous amount of power waiting for you when you step into your gifts and start to look at this subject. Dealing with the entities in your life has tremendous crossover in your dealings with people and is a boatload of power just waiting for you to step into.

Wanna grab your power? Check out the class we have going on right now by clicking the “V” in the corner of the page and looking under classes for more info!

Spirit Kisses,


P.S. Yes I am aware I’ve said tapes and have dated myself. I could say MP3, or recording, but it doesn’t have that same effect as “tape”. A subconscious tape playing somehow scares me more than a subconscious digital recording. Plus the thrill of ripping that tape apart is there. Kind of like the old days when we used to be able to slam the phone down instead of hitting END. LOL Go figure. At least I didn’t say record.

Its baaaack! Mercury Rx time.

Have you ever heard of Murphys Law? Its like this:  “if something can go wrong it will.” This is what Mercury Retrograde time is like for a lot of people, especially Virgos and Geminis.

Do you feel like the universe has it out for you? Check to see if its Mercury Retrograde.

There’s usually one cycle out of the 3 or 4x during a year that can bring us to our knees. I’ve had some particularly bad retrograde periods, everything from trapped outside in a blizzard for 14 hours to, oh wait, getting trapped in a blizzard for 8 hours far from home with my car in the middle of a hill – sideways. Yes it happened twice.

For some reason the one around this time of year really get me, except there is no blizzard now that I am FL, but I am also careful to not say that one too loud and jinx myself. I have many more stories about myself and fellow Virgos and Geminis, but I will spare you.

Mercury Retrograde is an astrological event that happens 3 (sometimes 4) times a year. It travels along its merry path then there’s a period where it appears to go backwards for 3-4 weeks. However, the days leading up to the 3-4 weeks and after those weeks can usually be counted as well since it appears that the planet has stopped or slowed its course. Now Mercury isn’t really going backwards, but it just appears that way, sort of like an optical illusion. Too bad the disturbances it can cause can feel all too real! This year the first one is February 23 – March 17.

What this means is the following:

Mercury rules electronics and communications and that’s what usually goes haywire. Many people have issues with their cars, machinery, cell phones, computers, travel plans, legal documents, communication between colleagues, friends, and loved ones all tend to get disrupted.

Usually the astrological advice is this:

Get the needed repairs to your car, machinery, etc before the retrograde. Do not sign legal papers or start new projects during this time. I wish I could say don’t buy the hype – but my cell phone is frozen and I had to restart my computer 4x before I could type this and my hairdresser put in the wrong hair color, and the day is still young.

Many people see Mercury Retrograde as a positive event because its about slowing down and catching up on certain things such as paperwork, reflecting on your past few weeks, following-up on anything already started, letting go of electronics and communicating face to face instead, surrendering, and best of all your intuition is very high at this time.

If you didn’t know about Mercury Retrograde this isn’t meant to scare you. Just sometimes we need a little preparation. Now is the time to be patient, think things through, give yourself extra time traveling, be more clear in your communication, reflect on your accomplishments and successes and what you would like to change and go forward with after this period is over.

For me personally its been a difficult time during Mercury Rx , but it has really gotten better over the years as I’ve been more present in the moment and have become more in flow with the universe. There might be upsets but its ok. This too shall pass and what can we take away from this?

The way I see it is this, if the universe goes to such great lengths to stop me – I’m not where its most beneficial for me to be or now is not the time for this. I breathe and do something else. Over the years I have started to see life in general this way. If something is very difficult and not flowing I stop and review if this is really where I am supposed to be or what I should be doing. Most of the time I realize I want to change my mind.

This year I am willing to be present in the moment and slow things or redirect them if necessary. I’ll let myself change my mind 100x and it’ll be ok. And I will totally let go of the thought that the universe and certain planets are out to get me.

Care to join me?

If that’s a YES, ok – take a deep breath and let it all go. Know that the universe is here to support you. Will you allow its support fully no matter what it looks like or feels like?  🙂

Love & Mucho Gratitude and Kisses,