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You Get What You Deserve

Is that really true, you get what you deserve? No right? If it were true you’d probably already have what you were asking for. Do you ever feel like other people get stuff they may not or do not deserve? That can be a slippery slope when those thoughts arise – then we could go into judgement of that person and jealousy or other emotions arise. Do you ever think and wonder, Why? Why other people and not you? Why is it so easy for others to get what they want? You’ve done everything you were supposed to, you’re a good person, what about you?

So truth, do you believe that you only get what you deserve? What answer did you get? If you got a yes, read on my friend the info below may change that!

There is a lot of different advice out there that says you must believe that you deserve something. Like believe that you deserve that great relationship, or that money, etc. But, what if that was actually part of the problem? There’s no such thing as really deserving you see. The universe is an ask and you shall receive type of universe. One of the blocks that people run into while asking the universe for what they want is if they believe they and other people get what they deserve. (Check out my newsletter for this month, The April Challenge of Manifesting for another common area where people get stuck in receiving their manifestations – click here.) See, what is actually happening here is that you have to convince yourself you deserve something – because if you already believed you deserved it (and you got a yes to that question above), you would actually have it already.

So here-in lies the problem. When you have to convince yourself or to come a realization that you deserve something, yes you may get some of it, or if  you get all of it hurrah for you!!!, but for the majority of people they find it still won’t come and they get a boatload of frustration instead. Why? Well to have to convince yourself you deserve something, you are in fact convincing yourself of a lie. Even though it might work to some extent, there is a part of you that always knows when something is a lie. There really is no such thing as deserving. You ask and then the universe does its thing (the process of manifestation), and then you receive it or rather actualize it in your life. That’s it. That’s why some people just ask and stuff shows up, they may not have this particular block to receiving. Aside from your mind somewhat rejecting the lie of deserving, there’s another deeper issue that might be going on too.

Did anyone ever tell you that you were bad as a kid, or do you feel like you did bad things? If that’s a yes, then maybe some of you went on to act out some bad things because you thought you were truly bad. Now I ask you, are you truly, truly, truly a bad person? Did you murder someone, hurt someone badly and intentionally, or i don’t know, something that would in general society be considered bad? There is an interesting phenomenon, where people that are generally good, feel like they are bad and punish themselves for something. However, the ones that are truly bad don’t really stop to consider such a notion a good portion of the time. Of course none of this is 100% true in all cases, just something I’ve been noticing. See, the statement, “you get what you deserve” is usually used in the way of punishment, a wishing of ill upon someone that seemingly did something bad. I have noticed that people that believe “You get what you deserve” applies to them, generally also view themselves as bad and ares still punishing themselves in some way. You could be the nicest person anyone has ever met, but if you constantly heard you were bad as a kid you may have that hidden deep within you and subconsciously walk around being so very good (and maybe even getting walked on, or looked over, etc.) because you believed you were bad.

Ok, time to come out of the rabbit hole. So will you stop punishing yourself? If you say yes – make that declaration now to the universe.

Will you let go of any notion that you are a bad person? If yes – make that declaration now to the universe.

And finally – will you totally let go of the saying “You get what you deserve” as being true and expose it for the lie it truly is? Yes? Make that declaration.

Now ask that you undo everything that was created by buying into the “you get what you deserve” and for believing that it in any way was true or applied to you.

Ahhh, yes, take a breath and enjoy that peace and space you just created.



Where are all the good guys?

Hey beautiful readers! Do you know the #1 question people ask when they call me? I’ll give you a hint…people get embarrassed to ask me this!

OK,  if you said romance then you are right on! People ask me all the time, “Where is my man? When will I meet the one, or my guy, or heck … a normal guy? I think the universe hates me, what gives?!”  Every once in a while I get “Do you think he really loves me? Why isn’t he talking relationship – will I forever just be a friend“.  This last one is a tough one to answer because I know how painful it can be to really care for someone and you are not sure if they feel the same way. I can totally understand where these women are coming from and nobody really wants to be alone, especially when all their friends are getting married or coupled up!

This tends to be a sore subject if you’ve struggled in the romance department, and although I’m great at relaying spiritual advice, I  began wondering what the heck is going on with dating? Over the past few months I’ve noticed that around 90% of the questions I get are ALL about romance, which is quite a bit more than usual. Now, if you’ve ever spoken to me you probably know that once a question gets into my head I can’t stop until I find the answer! I will breathe, eat and sleep a topic until I get the information I need. So what the heck is going on with men and women and why does it feel like we are a different species altogether?

..And so my research began! The universe guided me to a few different people who were considered experts on the topic. I listened to them, read what they had to say, but really, I didn’t get what I was looking for until I found Mathew Hussey. He is a very engaging speaker and says things in a way that makes things click and makes you wonder, why didn’t I think of that before?! You may have seen him on Ready for Love as one of the 3 matchmakers that give dating advice if you caught that on NBC last night! I love his advice and found myself not only wiser in regards to relationships, but more confident in all areas of my life.

Mathew has a new book called Get The Guy, that just came out this week. It focuses on Finding the Guy, Getting the Guy, and Keeping the Guy. It covers all three areas, since inevitably once you’ve met a guy the next question I usually get is how do I get him, and then how do I keep him? One thing I notice when I get these questions is that we all tend to think we are the only ones with this specific issue. One thing I really learned from his work, as I could relate to all the dating scenarios he brought up, is that we are not alone! See, when I get a call and a woman asks, why won’t he commit to more – as in make me his girlfriend? The woman usually thinks its only her and that she is in a weird and unique situation. We may feel like we are alone especially if we are around women who have no trouble with dating, but it became so clear that the questions I was getting asked, he was also getting asked – and by thousands of women. There was really nothing unique about this situation, its actually a common thing that some people know how to get around and others didn’t learn. It just amazes me how much this info can help so many women to not only having more fulfilling dating lives, but also enhance their relationships and bring in tons of confidence in their lives!

Mathew said so many things that made me have aha moments! One crazy thing that blew me away is when he talks about guys being nervous to come over to you. I never knew that! I know I sound crazy. However, I have a gorgeous friend (you know who you are!) and I can’t even say I’ve seen anyone ever scared to approach her. However, Mathew points out what I have been noticing all along and just never understood. The ones that approach are not necessarily the right kind of guy for you, and he teaches how to have to choice in dating and where you are not only subject to the bravest of the brave that come over.

Ok I could go on and on about everything I learned…but hey see for yourself. Check out this ultra hilarious book trailer below!

Here’s the link to the Get The Guy book on Amazon USA:

Love & Kisses,

The Habit of Happy Hustling

I’m kind of a book addict. What I like to do is reach my hand up onto a bookshelf in a bookstore and see which book falls into my hand. Too bad I can’t choose men that way LOL!  I’ve been reading this book, Super Rich by Russell Simmons and this was how we found each other. After it first fell into my hand, I read the back cover and was quite intrigued as it talked about moving past your preconceived notions of what success is and how to reach abundance. Turning it over to look at the front cover and seeing the name Super Rich, and the fact that the book just radiates out a money energy, I was kind of shocked I would buy a book on being super rich. But alas, it had fallen into my hand and I knew I had to have it.

By the time I got to page 5 I had already had my mind blown when he explains even though the title of his book might suggest one would end up super rich, the book is not about how to obtain a mansion or a collection of beautiful luxury cars.  In the book he is actually encouraging you to strive for something much greater than material abundance. It’s about living in a state of consciousness where you’re able to see and allow the miracles of life to unfold right before your eyes. Its about the abundance of spirit and being connected to your highest self in a way very few people are able to. This is how one experiences the riches of life, and also that it can lead to material abundance and usually does, but is not the focus of the book.

Ok, now it makes sense why I got the book.

There’s a part in the book called The Happy Hustler. He basically talks about doing everything – every single thing – no matter how menial you think it is with a happy heart. To approach all of your work this way, with a smile, and the care you would give the most important task or do something that you loved. He suggests to blur and even remove the distinction of what success is and what failure is. So I thought to myself, “What if I spent an entire day like this? What if I approached everything I did with a smile, a happy heart, hustle, selflessness, dedication and drive, what would that be like?” And so last night I thought “ok tomorrow is the day to try this out. Let’s see what happens!” And so I easily fell asleep with a smile.

Wake up: Is that really a weedwacker RIGHT OUTSIDE MY WINDOW? Yep it was. This is how I woke up, definitely not birds chirping or the soothing sounds of a water fall – that would be what would make me smile. I recalled I needed to smile, so I did and realized my face was grimaced like I was watching someone dissect an animal – ugh high school memories. As I drank my coffee I noticed I didn’t have the “ugh need to crawl back in bed” feeling I usually have. So I stayed present and drank my coffee and really tasted it vs. just drinking it like a shot to hurry up and get it in my body so the day can commence. I actually felt slightly more happy (I’m a little grumpy in the morning, or so I’ve been accused.) Hmmm..ok. I noticed I immediately got up and started to do some tasks. Usually I would sit and daydream or journal for a while, but I actually felt like doing something.

Early Afternoon: Time to pay the bills. Now normally this is a task no one really enjoys. Instead I smiled and paid several bills, stayed focused and present, did each one with awareness and total care. I actually felt no emotion about saying goodbye to sweet money. As a matter of fact, I blessed each payment and asked it to come back to me. Then I even sorted through receipts and did some accounting.  This kind of stuff I consider boring and would put off til receipts were falling on my head or I absolutely had to take care of this. Alright, something was working. Usually the coffee doesn’t even kick in by now so I knew it wasn’t that. I even made a healthy lunch and ate with total presence and joy. The salad I usually have even tasted better. Ok a little better, not super duper better though but I actually remembered to taste it this time. Usually I would need something very spicy or rich before my taste buds woke up, but they seemed to be awake today.

Afternoon – evening: Easy breezy did some phone sessions. Well to be honest, most of the time this is how I approach my work – with dedication, smiles, joy, and presence. Its easy because I love what I do and love to work with people.

Late Evening: Here we are. Normally I’d be napping and reading or thinking about all the things I actually should be doing but have been avoiding for centuries. I’m actually smiling as I type this, have a lot of energy left and feel like my usual black cloud is not hovering over my head – it might be nearby who knows – but at least its not lurking over me.

So that was my fun experiment. I realized I don’t need things like birds chirping and waterfalls to make me happy. I keep waiting on something to show up to make me happy. What I realized is, I make me happy. Its a choice. Actually its more like a mindset, a habit if you will. I’m unfortunately trained to be unhappy til something comes along to change that. What I’ve been waiting for all along was me! Try it out and see!

Some tips: The best time to set your intention to do this is before bed like I did, then you can sleep and release some blocks to doing this and being in this energy the next day and it’ll be a bit easier. You will probably wake up like, uh, am I really going to do this? But then say yes! The best time to restate your intention is when you first wake up and are still kind of in the sleep zone. This way the message goes directly to your subconscious. Then take your time and be present with everything you do, remind yourself to smile and that everything you do is essentially for you in one way or another and can be an opportunity to be happy. So many people, when you ask them what they really want, say: Just to finally be happy! What if happiness is just a habit?

Affirmation for you beautiful ones: Today I approach everything I do with a smile, a happy heart, hustle, selflessness, dedication, and drive. I wonder how happy I can be today?


Earthoscope: April 1 – 7, 2013

Dare I say it? I think we may have some movement forward this week!

Monday April 1 – Sunday April 7: Most of the week feels much lighter, like a breath of fresh air as you get to stretch your legs and walk a few steps forward. The energy for the week feels pretty light, low-key – so definitely you can make it what you wish. If you feel like hanging out with friends, having fun, having a playful week, or working on some projects, its pretty much yours to have.

Much of the week feels like this except for the following days where there is a bit more intense energy in the atmosphere.

Wednesday April 3:  This is a high energy day where your manifestations can start to appear. No matter how small, notice what shows up for you, even if its just a feeling. This will give you a physical awareness of what you have been actually asking for. If its not something you want, this is a great day to refine what you are asking for, or clean up those subconscious recordings that may be playing louder than what you have been asking for.

Saturday April 6: This could be a day where you are feeling a bit on the sensitive side and others words or actions can feel really harsh. Start your morning off grounded and get in tune with your higher being. If something throws you off during the day reconnect with your being and the earth. Watch out for others emotions today. The energy for this is especially high in the evening hours where conflict can easily arise, or the night can take a bit of an unexpected turn. Knowing this, you can stay in the flow as much as possible.

Sunday April 7: From the afternoon into the evening there is a high energy of renewed hope. This is a day for high vibes – use it towards your manifestations. Daydream, visualize, draw or write out what you’d like your life or a part of it to FEEL and to BE like in a year from now. Bask in that energy for as long as you like!

Kisses and kisses and more kisses,