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Eliminating Boredom: From Survival Energy to Thrival Energy

Hi Everyone! This topic of boredom seems to be coming up a lot lately, so I thought I’d address it in a video while relaxing outside.

Thanks, enjoy!



Are you making this mistake with your positive thoughts?

Hi everybody! In this video we talk about the most overlooked energy that creates that 2 steps forward – 2 steps back feeling when you are trying to keep the faith and stay positive.




The 3 Main Blocks to Finding & Having Love

Hi Everybody! Check out this video I created for so many of you that ask me why its so difficult to find and have a love life, partner,  or soul mate. Hope you like it!



Faith is believing when common sense tells you not to

Two days ago I walked by my bookshelf and found myself reaching for a book, actually I think the book was reaching out to me as its energy seemed to leap off the shelf and light up my eyes. This book is an inspiring story about one woman’s journey through the darkness in search of the light, and is absolutely astounding!  Its Divinely Touched – Transform Your Life, by Mary Divine DiSano and Dr. Dave DiSano. Now, I personally know both Mary and Dave, but if I didn’t, after reading this book I would HAVE to meet her.  Its a very compelling story and you feel like you are right there with her on this journey, rooting for her all the way.

I opened the book and asked, “do you have a message for me?”. I sometimes do this to allow my guides and angels to communicate with me through other means such as books and songs, etc. I opened to page 134. In bold it said “Faith is believing when common sense tells you not to.”

My eyes were drawn to the print below that and strangely enough, out of the entire book I opened right to one of the pages that told of one of Mary’s visits with me. It was about me clearing a blockage in her abdomen using one of my sets of tuning forks to break up the stuck energy and raise her overall vibration.  Also, something I foretold that would be in her near future, yet at the time – well let’s just say its not so much that she didn’t believe me, she just had different plans.

Interestingly enough, this morning in a session I was blown away by something. Do you consider yourself analytical and believe that to be one of your BEST qualities? I know I did. I was a software engineer for many years and loved systems analysis and always thought I was great at analyzing. It actually made me feel powerful because if I thought and analyzed enough I’d get a good answer and a phenomenal result. However I had to let go of the analysis piece when I started to do healing work and let things just be and not limit it to what my mind can perceive,  this is how we let miracles in. Well through this session I came to realize even more deeply that by believing in analysis and really holding onto that energy, there was no room for the universe to gift us abundantly and out of left field so to speak! Everything that comes in from the universe has to come through common sense, thought, and a certain mind pattern. Now of course most of this is subconscious and probably limiting more than 99% of the possibilities that don’t match up with what the mind will allow. Imagine if we let this go, how many miracles can show up when we don’t need to invest ourselves in thinking, understanding, analyzing, and knowing about the “how”? The how is the universes job. We just need to know what we desire and our next steps, and take action if necessary.

So how does this tie together? Well, I always considered myself someone that has a lot of faith. Yet, do I? Do you? What I saw today was that I had faith in what I already knew, what I could analyze, what I could figure out, common sense and what I call fact. I had faith that if I was being of service or doing the right thing, then the universe would help me and bring me what I needed to survive. This I knew, that was my fact and where my faith was. Yet, how much abundance is in that? That’s more survival and getting by. I saw that I had little faith in the unknown. What if the universe is there to take care of me no matter what? Whether I’m being of service or not? What if the universe wants to gift us abundantly and in ways we couldn’t possibly fathom? I do believe this, yet if I’m also disbelieving it, well let’s just say I’m not going to get too far here, two steps forward and two steps back will be the order of the day. True faith is the part our minds can’t compute or analyze, its just a knowing, an infinite knowing from within. FAITH. Mary’s journey in the book is completely unknown to her, and yet in every moment she never stops believing in herself and the force of the universe, she never loses faith in the unknown. Now, that’s inspiring and quite courageous!

When I let go of the analytical part of me, I didn’t do the next step and open up to all that this possible whether I know if its possible or not. Well not until now. Do you consider yourself wonderful at analysis? Would you be willing to let that go when it comes to the workings of the universe and energy and let the miracles happen? If that’s a yes, awesome!

If you’d like to a read a nail-biting, page-turning,  inspiring story of love, faith, and courage and traveling from the darkness into the light – check out Divinely Touched here:

Love, Gratitude, and Kisses,

Help! I’m Broke(n) – An energetic healing for your broken parts

Hi Everybody!

Have you ever said “I’m Broke”? In this video we explore what those 2 powerful words of creation might have sparked in our lives. Check it out & enjoy!

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Well hurry up and love me back already!

So what does love mean to YOU? Love is a word that can mean multiple things to each person and two people can have totally different definitions or expressions of their love for one another. Love is wonderful, love is amazing, but do you also have some blocks around love and really receiving love from another person? Check out this video I created today and maybe it can clear up a few of those love blocks!

Enjoy amazing beings!



Say my name say my name…

Rather, say your name and Get into that Beautiful Body of Yours! This post is for those that tend to stray to the other side of the universe. Lure yourself back to your body.


Well, you have to be there to manifest and receive the stuff you are asking for! Also, it gives you more control in your life and things actually happen more easily for you, even though it might feel like the opposite. Many people leave their bodies (you can never lose your body, you are always connected) and stand just outside of it or end up far away when something stressful happens, or an abuse takes place, or feel overwhelmed and as though they don’t want to or just can’t handle what’s going on. However, when you are ready to change things, create a big shift, or handle the issues, the best thing you can do is come back to your body to not only create a change, but have ease with it and stay in your power. If you think you may stray from your body try this exercise and see if you feel a bit more present.



State of Infinite Oneness

Hey Everybody,

Did you know that there is a natural state of being of abundance, manifestation and oneness? Lots of things over time may have knocked you out of that state, a little or a lot if you’re like me! Stress, heart-breaks, worry, doubt, fear, guilt and so on can knock us out of that state and then we can’t seem to get back there. Over time we forget there ever was a natural state of infinite expression and our new set point tends to be survival mode. That wouldn’t be any of you would it? Let’s just say survival was my middle for a long while!

Here’s a video that walks you through getting into that natural state of being, that state where you are fully expanded and connected to your infinite self as well as to the Earth. This state is the total embodiment of your physical vessel, the connection to the Earth, as well as your Infinite Being and the Universe. This is our natural state of being. This is how we can easily create and receive in our lives, or clear out energy we no longer need, this is a state of total ease and awareness. Of course, as with any of these exercises, the more you practice the better. If you’ve been in survival mode for a while or feel so far from infinite expression it may take some practice, but the more you practice going into the state and setting your attention to do so, the more time you will naturally find yourself in this state.

If you have things you would like to clear, keep the list handy as you watch the video. If you have things you’d like to ask of the universe, keep that in mind. You can use this video to get you into that state to start off your day, to allow yourself to fall back into your natural state before bed, or if you are going to sit and ask the universe for what you desire or clear some blocks in your life and let some old baggage go once and for all, this is a great video to get you into that space. Over time you will stay in this state longer and longer. If you don’t feel much, its ok, eventually that will open up for you too and you will feel the subtle shifts of energy.