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Head vs. Heart – Moving Beyond the Eternal Struggle for Power

Whether it be after a first date with someone you really like, or a job interview, or some type of lead that you have been asking for and waiting for – why do seemingly wonderful opportunities just keep fizzling away for you, or not even show up?

Your logical mind says it’ll never happen. It won’t work! It may even give you an entire list of reasons why it won’t work. It’ll show you the scenario in your head over and over again. Your emotions want you to feel that ANYTHING CAN HAPPEN! Anything is possible! You want to get really excited, you want to start planning for the future. You may even feel like your time has come, but you hold back – because the mind is warning you and you don’t want to get carried away. So which one do you follow?

Whose right?

Both and none actually! Its your next step that makes all the difference!

  • Listen to your mind, acknowledge it makes a valid points. See the different scenarios it’ll play out for you. Let it run wild, for a limited amount of time. Then say enough, and let that go. The mind has important messages to share, even if it seems to always give you the worst case scenario. It might be trying to protect you from something similar that has happened in the past, or it may be giving you an awareness of the future and how this might turn out.

Many people manifest opportunities or possibilities, but they never seem to work out. The opportunities fizzle away. They seem to be unable to move past a certain point with things. It seems like the dream job is showing up, or the dream partner is showing up, but then it all just disappears as fast it came. So many people ask me WHY? What are they doing wrong? Why won’t the universe deliver what they have asked for? They have waited forever!

Having been there, done that a million + times, I now have an answer. The tendency is to stop after the first point, for many people. This is where we stop our energy and wait for the next thing to happen. However, the key is to keep moving. There is an energy that created all of this to begin with. If you stop there you have now stopped the energy from moving and it’ll feel like you are going back to the starting point over and over.

Let’s move on to the next point and keep that energy flowing. Our emotions are our bridge to the body.

  • Feel all those emotions. Let them run wild, even if its a total contraction to what your mind just showed you. Feel the giddiness and the excitement from your date, even though the mind showed you that he might not call you back. Feel the excitement of your interview, the nerves, the worry, even if your mind is saying its ok, you did fine. It’s key to feel all of your emotions, no matter what they are.

This is a hard one for many people because they feel like if they “give in” to the emotions they are going to get invested, then will be really disappointed when it doesn’t work out and feel as though they should have listened to their head and stopped there. Now I’m not telling you it will work out, I’m saying feel it anyway. If this one opportunity doesn’t work out – you would have moved the energy ahead enough for something else to come along that you can go further with.

Emotions are vital to our well-being. If we just listen to our head, then we are ignoring the body and repressing emotions. We are making our body invalid and setting ourselves up for anything from anxiety (at seemingly random times) to disease. So how do we get out of those emotions – they seem like they can run forever. For example if you are anxious and let yourself feel it, it can seem like you are anxious all day or for days! Let’s move on to the next points.

  • Get in tune with your body. Center yourself. Allow your emotions from an observer perspective. Know that you are going to allow and watch the emotions without any attachment or judgement. Know that you are watching it, being there for yourself – and of course what you observe from this perspective tends to disappear when its been fully expressed. This is where we can just observe something and melt away blocks, blocks that say – “I’m afraid to try”, “I’m afraid to fail”, and so on. So after a period of time you may feel most of those emotions dissipating.

And finally…

  • Do some form of conscious movement. It’s better to get a feel for what your body wants to do – whether it be tai chi or a run, dancing, cleaning the house, etc. However, if you are bit out of tune with your body due to repressing emotions in the past, you may not get a sense of what would be most beneficial. At this point, any movement is good. Through the conscious movement you are moving the emotions out of your body. You should start to feel a sense of peace and like you are ready for the next step, which should show up in your reality naturally at this point.

This is where the energy has moved far enough for the universe to bring you the next thing. The next thing that takes you further, if not all the way to what you desire. This is how we are meant to naturally move through life.

Loving your mind, body and soul,


Money and The $anta Claus Syndrome

Millions. Want to have millions of dollars? No you don’t, because if you truly wanted it you’d have it already. Ouch! Ok, just repeating back to you what I’ve been hearing all along in the self-help and the metaphysical world of manifestation and transformation. How does it feel to know you really don’t want something even though you think you do? I’ve noticed most people fall into an abyss of hopelessness at times, but mostly frustration when this is said and not followed up by a deeper explanation.

Perhaps this has been said to you, or you’ve read and heard this as well in its other forms, as in “You’re just not willing to receive yet.”, or “Choose it, its up to you.”, or  “When the time is right it’ll show up.” Now, let me just add that – this is true, to an extent. Let’s take this a bit further so you can get to the other side with this most frustrating statement.

Here are some steps to get you through the process! Please note this is not overnight and each of these steps take time if you truly would like to generate something in your life. With some things you may be able to work your magic and go through each step in 1-3 days.

1. Really acknowledge what it is you truly desire, allow yourself to want it, desperately want it.

2. Give yourself permission to have it. Picture yourself having it and owning it. Imagine what that would be like.

3. Act like its yours already. This is more of a feeling/emotion rather than an actual physical act. So what would it feel like to be rich? Step into that feeling. In no way do I mean go out and spend money like you are rich, because you are not rich yet! Ooops, sorry for another harsh reminder! Anywhoo…you can apply this to other things of course, what would it feel like to be in a relationship? Or have your dream job?

4. If step #3 brought up any type of bad feelings for you, this is a biggie as why what you want is not showing up. Take note of what brought up the negative feelings and images and let that go, clear that energy.

5. All the images and visions you created in step #2, let all that stuff go and clear that energy. That step was vital to helping you cross the threshold into the true feelings of actually having what you desire, but if you hold on to it, it will be a limitation and may block what you want to show up – or just limit how and under what circumstances it shows up for you.

6. Really acknowledge that you’ve come this far! Most people don’t even get to or past step 1. I’ve found that the deepest desires in many clients are hidden deep down and never expressed, like you did in step #1. Its sort of a secret desire that they know about but don’t fully acknowledge. When the feelings come up they push it down, push it away, or tell themselves it can never be, and unfortunately it remains a fantasy and never an actual goal.

7. Act! What do you need to do here? Take a step ahead towards your goal, now that its real and a lot of the blockages around you having it has been cleared. Is it time to meet people in a different way than before if you’d like a relationship? Do you need a lottery ticket? Feel compelled to look for a higher paying job? Whatever your goal take a step. This gets the energy moving faster.

8. Acknowledge that if you did step #7, again you’ve gone a lot further than most people. Much of the time people tend to sit and wait for something to show up. If we take it a step further we work to clear the energy – but even then we have a habit of waiting until all the energy is clear and believe that whatever we are asking for should just show up now. If it does, awesome!

9. At this point there is some progress. You may feel very different. You may be meeting more people if you are looking for a relationship. If you are asking for money perhaps a job opportunity shows up, or you may just feel very motivated and have more energy. Let’s take it further, again look at what is holding you back from having what you desire. Ask what are all the reasons why what you are asking for is not showing up. Clear that. Take another action. Keep this on repeat until you get what you are looking for. Don’t give up, you are working your way there!

So next time someone tells you that you must not really want something to change, clear, heal or show up, check where you are on this chart. Much of the time people find that they are at #1 or #2 and don’t know what to do next or to do to “really want” that thing.

As promised in a previous blog post I had said that I would explain what I call the Santa Claus Syndrome in more detail. The Santa Claus Syndrome is when we finally do step #1 and then wait and wait and wait and wonder why what we desire has not shown up. This is usually due to a belief that this is all it takes. Now, this isn’t totally off – some things for some people can just show up by wanting it enough. This possibly has happened to everybody at some point with at least one thing.

Also, the Santa Claus Syndrome can rear its head when we do more work at times. For example, we desire something and keep clearing energy blockages and clearing  and clearing and clearing, fully expecting that when we clear enough it will show up. Again, it may – and how wonderful that would be. But if it doesn’t, let this be your backup plan!