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11/23 A NEW You

Today is the birth of New You. Did you spend your day yesterday feeling & seeing what you would like to create? I spent it mostly in meditation and silence, and watched as the physical and the spiritual realms collided. I could see where I was refusing to let my life collide. I’ve been being the 11, but not the 22. The 11 is the divinity, the seer, the spiritual. The 22 is the perfect blend of the divinity and physical living as one. The fear was that if the divinity collided, it would not be divine anymore.

Its been a while since I sat and watched and did nothing. I’m always doing something lately, or too tired from doing that particular something and forced to rest – which is still making time to do something from that perspective.

My lesson yesterday was that doing nothing is equally as generative and important as doing something. Just like how one’s muscles rebuild on that day off from working out. We all know this, but what I saw was that I always needed a reason to rest. When I feel good I never rest. 

Rest always comes from a reason. Usually from feeling not so good.

Today I see the value of total rest. No thinking, no planning, no clearing, no tiresome movements, just watching the universe do its thing and speak to me. Not easy, yet totally liberating. Perhaps this is how the divine lives equally among the physical.

Loving you,


Why Everyone Needs a Clear Quartz Crystal

I collect crystals like I collect shoes…and purses and coffee mugs.  Its true, when I moved I gave away over 50 pairs of shoes. Why? Well perhaps to make room for all my crystals. If you’ve had a healing session with me you know I will put different crystals over different parts of your body, and if you’ve ever opened your eyes during a session you may have thought I looked like a lunatic as I waved my double terminated clear quartz over certain parts of your body and auric field as I pulled random things that definitely should not be there from your energy. I make faces too as I see what is coming out of your body, so hopefully you kept your eyes closed!

Why do I always use crystals? Well they make life easier and it can take the healing deeper. I’m all about getting more out of one session and clearing and re-energizing your body to the maximum in a session. For example, I can just put a rose quartz on your heart chakra or in your hands, do a couple things to awaken the energy, and the healing begins on its own. If you love the glorious nature of crystals I’m sure you’ve tried this yourself too, and know what a powerful healing tool they can be.

Why do you need your very own quartz crystal? So many reasons, its aesthetically pleasing, healing and protective, and a powerful transmitter of energy, but the main one is that it is like this amazing little helper carrying out your wishes even when you are not focused on it. You just give it a job and it does it, all day, every day. How awesome is that? All you have to do is program it, clear it every so often, then re-strengthen its program every so often. Pretty easy right? You can have it do all kinds of things such as, asking for protection, healing your body, helping you with confidence, clearing up trapped emotions, losing weight, building strength, finding a relationship, helping your current relationship – pretty much anything you can think up it’ll help you do.

  • Get yourself a beautiful piece of clear quartz. You can get smokey quartz or rose quartz or other types, but I suggest clear quartz for this since they are clear and don’t necessarily have too much specific properties on their own. For example, smokey quartz is great for clearing away energy. I tend to use this in a finely pointed version to do psychic surgeries and clear away negative energy at the same time. So choose one that meets the needs of what you want it to do for you.
  • Cleanse your crystal. You can use Reiki symbols to clear it, bury it in a dry bowl of sea salt,  put it in a bag and bury it in the sand or soil for a few days, leave it to cleanse under the sunlight or moonlight, or clear it with your mind or your own healing abilities.
  • Sit with your crystal, clear your mind and meditate for a few minutes so you are in a scared space and very present with your crystal. Ask it to carry out your wishes for you. Talk to it as if you know its hearing you and there for you. Send it love and gratitude. Close the session and put it in a space where you can see it everyday.

That’s it, really easy right? Every so often, give the crystal thanks, give it a clearing, and ask it to carry out its function again or give it a little reminder. Now you have this amazing little helper that is there for you 24/7 and assisting you along your path.

A couple side notes – if your crystal chips or breaks, that is the intensity of the negative energy it absorbed for you. Also, its important to keep it clear so that it can do its job effectively. If you already have a quartz and its not programmed to do a job, it could just be absorbing negative energies or may have already been programmed along the way, meaning before you got your hands on it. If this is the case its important to at least clear it since its been long overdue!

Enjoy your Quartz!

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