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Having Faith. When you know, you just know.

People often ask me about faith. It usually doesn’t come as a direct question, since most people have a sense of faith or already have touched upon it, or even ridden its waves of divinity. It tends to come as “Why should i have faith? I’ve trusted in the universe before and nothing happened.” or “Well, I’ll have faith, we’ll see..” and they watch and wait for the universe to either fulfill their dream or pull the rug out from under as usual. However, that’s not actually faith in the divine. That’s faith in mistrust of the universe, or faith in darkness, negativity, or the universe conspiring against you. Faith is not a we’ll-see attitude, nor does it have room for the slightest doubt, not even a drop. The easiest way for me to talk about faith is through a story.

In 2005 I was growing very tired of my job. I mean I loved it, I felt I was good at it, there were nice people, there was room to grow, there was support, there was money and great vacations. I mean, lots of good stuff here. However, I knew once I started growing tired that it would be time to move on. I always knew I would do something else, and that work was temporary, but never knew what or when a new beginning would strike.

I had no clue what else I could be good at besides what I went to college to do. I also knew I was blessed to have such a great job in software engineering. However, there was always this knowing that it wasn’t for me. That something totally different and unique would be my calling. After 7 years in the field I started to get this inkling it was time to go. I grew tired of going in to work, but mostly it felt like I lost my passion for it. As I paid attention to this feeling, it grew louder and louder. I felt like an entire life change was ahead, but I still didn’t know what. Finally I felt like I needed to make a first move. So I gave my notice that I was leaving.

Well, it was an interesting reaction from people when I explained I didn’t know what I was leaving a great job for. Yet, I was unmoved. It didn’t bother me at all whatever they might have thought or said among themselves. I figured they thought I was crazy, and I am probably am. Yet I stood firm. As I drove home a little bit of panic set in, as I drove to the house I had a mortgage on. Oh yes, bills. What would happen to me? Yet, I still couldn’t even go into a full-fledged panic or freak out. I was unusually calm for once in my life. When I arrived home that night I said, “God, please show me what career I am to do, what job I am to do, or what I am to do next. PLEASE!”. I left it at that.

I went to work the next day and the analytical brain was starting to kick in, like – “Vanessa, you better start to think about what it is you want to do already. Stop wasting time!” I made it through the day and I knew no matter what thoughts arose I was doing the right thing. It felt like a cross between intuition and trust that I would make it. I didn’t know at the time I was riding on full-fledged faith here. I just knew that I needed to trust this. I’m not the most decisive person (which frustrates the heck out of my friends lol sorry!), so when I know something, I know that I know that I know!

I arrived home and when I opened the mailbox there was one piece of mail. It was a postcard. It said “Become a healer! Learn Qi Gong and heal yourself and others!”. And there you have it. I saw that and without a doubt I just knew that was the next thing. I knew I was born to be a healer, I just never knew it could be a job. It was scary to think about since back then it was the most difficult field to do well in, but there was no doubt in mind this is what God wanted me to do. So this is where I started. I learned everything I could in workshops, classes, books, home courses and schools – that’s how much passion I had. That was also another sign that this was for me. God speaks to us in feelings, and in that moment my faith was to just pay attention and listen and follow the trail home.

I tell that story when people ask me about faith because its not about having faith, its about having knowing. Just knowing you are taken care of. Knowing the universe is conspiring to please you. Knowing everything is happening for your good. If we have any doubts at all, that’s not true knowing. There is no room for doubt in faith. There is no space for prove-it-to-me, or disbelief. This also wasn’t blind faith, although it may appear that way on the surface. I always knew there was more. I could feel it. When you know you just know. I tell clients that if there is something you need to have faith about and have trouble getting there, ask yourself, what do you know about this. Forget the word faith, and tune into what you know beyond a shadow of a doubt. Tune into your feelings. Go from there.


Effortless Slumber: Goodnight Insomnia

I’m not usually someone that suffers insomnia. In the last 5 years I feel like I am now one of those lucky people that can fall asleep in all of those places where I used to covet the sleep that others indulged in, such as on a plane, car, friends couch, anywhere it suited them. Yet, every so often something happens where even though my body is exhausted and I’ve dragged and loaded her into the bed, I lay awake mind a-buzz with all kinds of things that have no matter in daily life. What the heck is that I wondered? And why today when I have to be up in 4 hours?

As someone that likes to use time to figure stuff out, this was the perfection in the imperfection. So let me precede with this: we know not to do caffeine late in the day and a bit of exercise helps you get to sleep. Standard advice. Taking those into account I asked, why won’t my mind stop racing? It’s one of those things where your mind is racing and its hard to break out of it on your own unless you are a mind-ninja, however, I ripped myself away from my bubbling thoughts long enough to take action.

1. Say, “I am now willing to feel all these feelings.” Then relax, and put your point of focus on your body. Feel your body. Feel the feelings (not emotions), the body sensations that your body would be feeling had you not been in your head. When we don’t connect the feelings into the body, they stay in the head, trapped as winding thoughts with no resolution. When we feel them, they instantly become integrated as part of us and become automatic. The head becomes free.

2. Ground. Duh. Yes, you may say duh to yourself too since its so simple and such a common practice. However, this doesn’t easily occur to someone whose mind is racing through the solar system.

3. This is usually where I fall asleep. However, if you find your mind racing again, go back to step 1. Really let yourself relax and ask why you are resisting any of these feelings. How did you feel about something that happened that day? Does something need to be acknowledged by you?

Happy zzzzz’s…..


The Red Tent Revival!

I have a secret to share…

It’s a secret that will turn you on, light you up, and rock your world in all kinds of ways…

It’s a secret that harkens back to more than 5,000 years ago when the feminine was worshiped, respected and celebrated…

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Ready for it?!

You’ll find it here in this video.

I attended this last year and it was absolutely amazing. I learned tons of new stuff that I didn’t even know was out there and it helped me to ground into my femininity more. This is why I’ve decided to take part in supporting this event this year. I hope you check it out. 🙂


Kristin Sweeting Morelli, is the red hot woman who is pioneering this movement. She seriously likes to shake things up and break down barriers for women around the world…

And so, she has put together an EPIC (and totally free) 5-day online festival where we’ll revive EVERYTHING it means to be a woman.

It’s called the Red Tent Revival… and it’s happening soon.

I’ve gotten a sneak peek and it’s a WOW! I’ve never seen or heard of anything like it. It’s already changing my life and the lives of tens of thousands of other women in 167 countries and counting…

Inside the Red Tent, you’ll get to learn from an extraordinary group of contributors too… television stars, best-selling authors, world-famous dancers, MDs, and PhDs who will be sharing their wisdom and having us move our bodies. Mmm… so good!

Want to come?! (You can take part from the comfort of your living room!)

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Women’s Awakening and Empowerment Movies

Ok, so you probably already know I have this life-long passion about all things that have to do with Female Empowerment. Seriously, I was 12 and hooked on reading about women’s suffrage and sharing to others about how we could build off of that and what would be next. It was disappointing that at that age there was not much interest in that topic as you can guess, but it just blew me away that we were not at the very least equal in our rights and pay. Female empowerment has always just been my thing even before then, actually as early as I can remember. So when I came across this movie list that supports female awakening & empowerment I started to watch them one by one and I’m so excited I had to share!
Check it out: 85 Women’s Awakening and Empowerment Movies