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The Truth About Fear no one ever told you.

Recently I learned the following truth about fear. I learned what fear really was, and it blew my mind.


See I’ve always had these random repressed fears, most of which I didn’t know about until I was in a situation that made me fearful. Most of my life, like everybody else I had just learned to avoid fear. Over time these actions became unconscious. I was avoiding fearful situations and not even knowing why, or giving it second thought when I said No to something or just avoided things in general. I had a made an entire life pattern around safety and comfort. These things are big in my world, but I never questioned why until it started to become apparent this was not how everybody else lived. I just thought it was normal to say no to things that scared me or didn’t feel right, but I didn’t question why I was scared of something. I called it, “not liking it”, “not interested”, “not my thing”. Everything but scared.

To be clear, this is different from a phobia – those usually have trauma origins and many times connections or even origins in past lives.

A few years ago I learned that Fear was really Excitement. Uhh yeah, that never worked for me and I never understood why until now. Aside from the fact that its not true, but they are close in vibration as far as how they feel within and can be mistaken for one another at times, but it just never really felt like excitement to me.

So here’s the truth.

Fear is just your power. Its the place where you are lacking your power. It feels like your power stands outside of you. It comes up in all the situations where you feel powerless, have been powerless in the past, have memories of being powerless and just feel like you are lacking something. Fear is the absence of power. Your power. You’re actually fearing your power that is outside of you and having conscious or unconscious thoughts that its working against you. Sometimes we fear the unknown, but again, that is just the lack of your power and feeling like you can’t handle something.

Now, spiritually speaking, none of this is actually true. Nothing can be outside of you because we are all ONE. There is no separation. Your power can’t get away from you because it is essentially yours and can be called Home to you just as quickly and easily as you wish and feel worthy of that power that is already yours by acknowledging it. Essentially, fear is a reminder that you need to acknowledge that you are indeed powerful and call it home. That’s it. Fear is just a low vibration on the spectrum. If you were in a high vibration you’d automatically be in your power.

Knowledge is power. The key is to use this knowledge to switch into the higher vibration by claiming your power and fear dissolves.

Practice and play with this in a safe (non life-threatening) setting since we are used to reacting to fear for an entire lifetime certainly there will be some learning curve at first. Imagine, next time fear strikes and you are quickly and easily able to say “this is just my power coming back to me!”  instead of freezing up and actually getting excited.

If this seems obvious to you – good. The truth is usually pretty simple.