Monthly Archives: March 2016

The Calling Within

I feel there’s been a distortion in the information about the masculine and the feminine.  Many years ago we were told to balance the masculine and the feminine energies within and that it was time to bring these things back into balance so that both were equally important. I always felt very resistant about doing that, and to be honest I skipped that part in all the classes and meditations I sat in, instructing me how to balance these with each other.  I knew I wanted to bring my lost femininity out since as an engineer I lived in my masculine primarily, but I didn’t know how, and this just didn’t feel right to me. What I’ve come to know now is that its about being who you truly are that will bring the entire world into balance.

If everyone that was truly masculine could feel comfortable to be that masculine and everyone that was truly feminine could feel comfortable to be that feminine and let it shine, the world would come into balance with these energies, and the feminine that has been long buried would rise up and these energies would be in harmony. This is what we are being called to do at this time. I’ve noticed a trend with clients that have worked on equalizing their masculine and feminine within. It appears like they have become neutralized and have a tough time attracting in a partner that is to their liking and the more feminine clients feel like that part of them is lost. They miss that spice and sensuality and fire of the feminine. I say let’s toss that concept of equalizing within ourselves out the window.

Do you feel like your true nature is more masculine or feminine? Work on bringing that out. Of course we are both of these and have both already working within, but you will notice that as you allow your feminine to rise again, your masculine side will be more focused as how to operate and help you, and even the masculine ones in your life will respond to you differently, perhaps in a way that you have longed for.  Have you ever been around a man that was so masculine you instantly felt more feminine and soft?

As you embrace your true nature, you will help to allow others to embrace theirs.

If you are more masculine deep down, allow that to shine forth and step into it. This is what we are being called to do. As you step into that, you will find that you feel calm and comfortable with your femininity and that people instantly and naturally look to you for leadership and direction. I believe this is the true and natural balance our souls have been longing for.

Of course this might be easier said than done, so I have some tips coming up for you soon on how to actually do this!

Lots of Love & Blessings,


A leap of faith…

How do you feel when someone tells you to just have faith? Or when you are guided to “take a leap of faith”? Is it scary? I used to think of faith as blind faith. It was as if I was being asked to just believe, even though I couldn’t see it, and to leap without regard for what may happen. So most of the time I would leap, then I’d step into this energy of hopefulness combined with trying to stay calm and open as I wait for it to happen. Well now I know that was completely working against me! This often left me in a state of perpetual waiting for something to happen.

Faith is actually KNOWING. It’s a true and strong belief in yourself, the outcome, or the universe/God/Spirit. It’s that feeling when you know you can definitely do this no matter what! You feel aligned and motivated and have this strong knowing that nothing is going to stop you. It can also be that feeling of just being able to let go completely and know things will work out because something bigger has it all in check. You’ll feel great about just letting go and not allowing any worry to creep up. If a feeling did creep up you wouldn’t ignore it, you would feel into it and see if there was something that needed to happen on your end. This is true faith.

Taking a leap of faith comes up in so many readings for people and it can be confusing as to how to do what you are being asked to do. It’s a strong belief in yourself and that things have a way of working out, especially when you release any fears and negative thoughts about things.

Love to you,