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Understanding Curses Tip #2


One of the most common curses is an evil eye curse. This one can be very subtle and doesn’t always happen in your presence, like when someone sees a picture of you and your energy becomes affected by their intense emotions towards you.  You may have an evil eye curse if you find yourself constantly dehydrated, even if you are drinking more water.  When I moved from CT to FL I found myself drinking 9 – 10 glasses of water a day and I didn’t know what was going on. I still would feel dehydrated, but not necessarily thirsty, and my skin felt dry and my body felt like it needed more water. No matter how much I drank nothing changed, and I assumed it was the heat for a long time. One day I came across a really powerful way to clear evil eye curses and when I cleared them from myself, everything shifted back to normal and my life had fluidity and movement again and my body felt great. When I clear these with clients they can feel the shift immediately and almost always identify with that feeling of being dehydrated. If you are wondering how you can protect yourself from these, read on!

Most of us are born with an energetic universal shield intact. Once you know this you can just say, “shields up!” when you sense you might be in a situation where this could happen, or even take a moment and connect to your pictures and say the same statement to have further protection for your images.

This may not be 100% effective for everyone, as some people have issues with their shield being intact or going up due to other reasons too large to get into here at least right now. Also, I’ve noticed that evil eye jewelry and charms have been very helpful in protecting from this specific type of curse. Essentially though, the best thing to do is continue your healing work and taking the path to becoming a fully whole and aware person which will prevent any attacks to begin with as well as provide strong protection if necessary. Until then, shields up!

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Curses and Psychic Protection Tip #1

In the spirit of Halloween, I thought it’d be fun to do some posts on curses and psychic protection this week. I have a few tips on how to know if you are being cursed or already have been that I’ll be sharing in several posts.

Tip #1 : If you listen carefully to how people say things you can tell if the energy being directed at you is light, or if they are attempting unconsciously or not, to push an energy at you to lock you up, to have you feel less than, or stick and block up some area of your life. Sometimes you can just hear the jealousy, hate or control in someone’s voice. However, other times their voice will be light and even soft, but notice how you feel. Do you feel better, lighter, happy after what was said? Even if it was something harsh, but they told you the truth, there’s a feeling of freedom and alignment with your true and higher self in that. If not, it could be curse energy or some subtle psychic attack being sent towards you.

Yesterday I was out and a female said to me, “Look at you sexy!” in a sweet thoughtful voice. Yet I immediately felt like covering up, even with jeans and a sweater on, I became uncomfortable and wanted cover. The true energy she was sending was jealousy and it reads in the energy as black magic curses and evil eye curses. We’ll get more into that later this week as well as how people can do this to each other and some ideas on nipping it in the bud. Hope you enjoyed this for now! Awareness is key to prevention.

Oct 12th & 13th: Getting our mojo back!

We are FINALLY through a shadow period that began on the equinox last month. It’s been a really quiet few weeks with lots of introspection, physical tiredness, and integration. Today is a day of emergence and we’re getting our mojo back! Are you feeling like yourself again? Tomorrow the 13th will be even more powerful day of alignment with all that you truly are. We are emerging from specific healing energies from the Sept equinox and some from the June solstice time period as well. We have the energy and vibration available to us to now to feel stronger than we’ve felt in a very long time. Think back to a time when money was flowing, or relationships came easy or synchronously, or you just felt healthy and happy in your body. This is available to you again right now. Claim it! 🌟Sometimes just knowing it’s easy available is exactly what we need to align to it.
Love and Blessings