Curses and Psychic Protection Tip #1

In the spirit of Halloween, I thought it’d be fun to do some posts on curses and psychic protection this week. I have a few tips on how to know if you are being cursed or already have been that I’ll be sharing in several posts.

Tip #1 : If you listen carefully to how people say things you can tell if the energy being directed at you is light, or if they are attempting unconsciously or not, to push an energy at you to lock you up, to have you feel less than, or stick and block up some area of your life. Sometimes you can just hear the jealousy, hate or control in someone’s voice. However, other times their voice will be light and even soft, but notice how you feel. Do you feel better, lighter, happy after what was said? Even if it was something harsh, but they told you the truth, there’s a feeling of freedom and alignment with your true and higher self in that. If not, it could be curse energy or some subtle psychic attack being sent towards you.

Yesterday I was out and a female said to me, “Look at you sexy!” in a sweet thoughtful voice. Yet I immediately felt like covering up, even with jeans and a sweater on, I became uncomfortable and wanted cover. The true energy she was sending was jealousy and it reads in the energy as black magic curses and evil eye curses. We’ll get more into that later this week as well as how people can do this to each other and some ideas on nipping it in the bud. Hope you enjoyed this for now! Awareness is key to prevention.